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Key Findings78% of “Top Overall” ranked apps on Android and 55% on iOS, have implemented at least one In App Advertising SDK, which seems to become a must-have component of any mobile app monetization stack.

Cheetah Mobile leads the Growth rate chart with 122.72% Growth during Q4, delivering unrivaled scale and impressive retention on Android, followed by Avocarrot with 81.96% and Supersonic (by Ironsource) with 79.45%.  

Admob dominates with 83.1% of the Android market share and 78% iOS market share globally, followed by Chartboost with 25% SOV on Android and 35% on iOS. Facebook Audience Network is close behind with 24% SOV but on iOS it’s only at 8th place with 6.5% SOV.

When isolating Android apps with over 10 million installs, we see a tighter race with AppsFlyer still leading the pack, although by a smaller margin with 35% of the market, followed by Adjust with 29% and Tune with 22%.

The distribution of the monetization SDKs is very different on each platform, AppLovin is very popular on iOS (20%) but on Android they drop to just 12% SOV while StartApp figures on Android surpass iOS with 19% on Android and 5% SOV on iOS.


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