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  1. The voice mode is bad
    Voice mode accepts wrong answers and says my right answers are wrong.
  2. The game
    This app is really good for if your board and want to play
  3. Voice button
    Love the game but the voice mode button doesn't work well. Sometimes won't ding at all causes extra misses. Disappointed
  4. Logos
    What happened to the logos category? It's gone. My two year old loves playing it... just cracks me up that she knows the playboy and tinder logo
  5. Great game, but app needs work
    Why do I have to do the instructions every single time I play? I can't click anything other than what the game wants me to click. How do you turn off the instructions? Super frustrating, but the game itself is fun.
  6. Beautiful
    this is a very beautiful game I like it a lot I always play with my friends family and cousins and it's very fun like we played all the time so thank you to who made it.
  7. ???
    Why don't I have the Niall Horan version? #iwanttheniallhoranversion
  8. This is amazing!!
    I love this game because it has so much fun modes!!
  9. Awesome Game
    Initially, I downloaded the app only to win a trip to Ellen show. Now I am thinking, why I didn't download this game long time ago. I will try all ellen's games in the market. Thank you Ellen and the people who helped creating these games.
  10. Not enough time
    You should make the game a little longer. 20 seconds is not enough time.
  11. Ellen!!!!
    I love this game!!!!! Ellen if you ever read this my name is Lisa Gonzalez...please get me on your show! I'll do anything for you, I'll clean the stage, the bathrooms, shine your shoes, whatever I can I don't care I just want to be a guest and hug you and tell you how much I adore you and charish you ❤️ PLEASE! My life will be THAT much better with an actual YOU hug in it , if that makes any sense lol ok bye love you
  12. Ok
    Would be better if the buzzer worked a little better. My answers are right, but it still says it wrong.
  13. Stops with time remaining
    I like the game but a lot of times the game would stop even though I have 8-12 seconds left. Very annoying
  14. Needs work
    I like the concept of the game......but this app needs work. It is next to impossible to get all 20 right in multiple choice because of VERY short time allotted. Also, the voice option doesn't understand you very well. Disappointed and deleting from phone.
  15. Good and fun game but theres a problem with voice mode
    Voice mode usually marks a lot of the names I've said wrong, although I'm sure that's the exact name of the actor.
  16. Lots of bugs in voice mode
    This is a great game in theory but there are too many bugs in voice mode. I articulate the names clearly and it says I am wrong. I say names wrong and it says that they are correct. It is a fun game when it works correctly. Gets extremely frustrating when you say the name correctly and it beeps you are wrong. For example I tested the Bill Murray by saying Mike Murray on multiple games and it said I was correct each time. Same for David Lascher under 90's stars I said David Gallagher and it said correct.
    This game is so addicting and amazing!! If you love Ellen you will love playing the game!! I really want tickets to the show ;)
  18. ba da bap ba baaaaaa, I'm lovin it
    I've always been a celeb wiz so this is the game for me! I'm getting better at it, but I think for 20 celebs/round each round should be like 25-30 seconds. It's also a terrific distraction from the research paper I'm supposed to be writing, so that's another plus. Probably my favorite app since Heads Up came out. Thanks!!!!
    I love this app so very much! I have kind of a weird celebrity fetish, maybe cause I wanna be one lol! I am an aspiring actress and so I love watching ET and all the new celebrities on Ellen, so getting to play a game where I get to guess such talented, amazing people is really fun! Thanks for giving me something to do during school when I finished my work and wanna be entertained! Maybe one day I'll be lucky enough to be in the actress' section❤ Thanks Ellen! Love you and this game!
  20. Thanks Ellen!!
    Tryna help Ellen out with these reviews, they're not lookin so hot right now..


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