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    Yes, just yes. Buy it now. This is one of the few good games on mobile.
  2. Hi Team17 one thing
    Hi Team17 I'd like to say that guard in banned camp were bugged for me cuz the guards were raising my heat when it was breakfast time. I did nothing wrong and like I have to stay in one spot. The game thinks I'm outside the breakfast zone when I move a tile. Overall this is a great game thanks Team17 have a great day ;)
  3. Game crash
    I just bought this game and i was very excited to play it on IOS but it won't even load ..
  4. Good game
    This game is great but its need more levels to escape from and most of the levels should have vents in them and the vents should lead you out side to escape from. But it's a great game
  5. It's a great game but...
    I mean it's a very good game with awesome controls, story, and all that. But, when playing the game on different devices, you could search a level to play instead of the few levels they give you on the mobile version. So I give it 4 stars. I'm very sorry developer I really do love the game it's just that I wish there were more levels. You don't have to change anything for me.
  6. Just rating
    I only review so I could rate 5 stars
  7. Great game!
    I adore this game, it's addicting, and it never gets old. Also, I heard that The Escapists 2 is coming out! I watched the trailer, and it looks AWESOME. Great job Team 17!
  8. Great! But it's now unplayable for me
    This game is really fun. I enjoy it a lot but it has some problems. When I play, for some reason when you go into a cell with a hole under a desk and rest, if you move forward and press a, your stuck! The a option is gone. Plus, when I updated this game, Alcatraz and the other prisons are unplayable! It just says press to start, automatically puts me into a prison and then freezes. Before this I went to the roll call area and it just crashed! Please fix this.
  9. Great game
    Great pc port could have better controls
  10. Wish is had more content.
    This is by far one of my favorite games. I just wish that there were more prisons. I've beaten all 7 several times now, and it gets very boring. Please add more.
  11. Love the game but
    I have loved this game when it first came out on App Store and I still love it today.I know you guys have recently added Alcatraz in the game but is there a possibility to add in the a team prison to the game?
    This is a great app. However I have some suggestions. Number one, I know you can do favors for other people, but can you make it so, you can ask favors of other people as well!! Plz!! Also, I wish you could chat with other people even if they're just computers! That would be great!! Otherwise, I think this game is perfect.
  13. Update
    I was actually really looking forward to an update that supported gamepads, because I have this Logitech controller that would be great with this. However, I was having some problems with the dpad. Whenever I press down or left it opens up the pause menu, and I'm not sure why.
  14. Where's the comb!!!????
    In the new prison I've been doing good I found the guard who had the red key made a mould but I can't find a comb!! I really want to escape but I can't find a single comb and I need it to make molten plastic I don't know if it's a glitch but it's so annoying please pretty please can you fix this bug/glitch so I can play the new extra and escape thank you
  15. The Escapists
    Add an titanic Escapists with two days to prepare for the iceberg.
  16. This is great but
    I live this game but you should add a feature like the computer version where you can create your own prison
  17. Great Game but...
    It needs to have more prisons and let people create their own prisons so other people can play so ya in next update think about it pls.
  18. Such a good game
    Download it if you don't you are a terrible person.
  19. Gr8
    The game is meant to be played on computers and consoles which I have and the IOS version just makes the fun even more places!
  20. I want to make prisons It will make this game better
    I want to make prisons it so cool if u add that please add it


What`s new

•Fixed an issue on London Tower with the electric fence.
•Fixed a crash on Escape Team when reaching evening free period.
•Fixed an issue where you would gain heat from guards for incorrect reasons.
•Minor bug fixes and optimizations