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  1. Update or remake
    One of the very first apps I ever got. You should update the graphics for the iphone 5 or make a similar app. I would love to play it and enjoy it again You did a great job in this.
  2. Simply beautiful!
    I love this game so very much!
  3. Too Bright
    I used to play for hours but now it's too bright to see anything. Love, love the soothing music though.
  4. Great game to buy and KEEP
    this was the first game i ever bought for the touch about two or three yrs ago and i still have it. U won't play it every day but when the mood strikes u u will play and play and play. Chill soundtrack, relaxing gameplay, just plain fun.
  5. What am I looking at?
    This app would be great, except it's too bright to see anything.
  6. Old version was better
    I haven't played this since it first came out, and I have to say I'm not liking the purple pastel squares much ha. Also wasn't it rings before, as opposed to a cloud? And that soothing music is just an apple loop on repeat. At least throw a few more loops together in GarageBand to make a full song
  7. Hmm
    I liked this app but now I can't even see it it's too bright
  8. Very disappointing
    the smooth arcs of color I saw in the promo image are nowhere to be found. The bursts are instead large white circles that merely blot out the "comets," and what's worse they refuse to disappear from one level to the next, so that after about a few levels it's just a field of blinding white while the dots are barel visible. Totally unplayable
  9. simple and relaxing
    Good if you want a free version of boomshine.. but I find the messages after you lose very frustrating when I just want to relax. Otherwise it's a very simple and fun game.
  10. no strategy
    there's no skill or strategy to this, just replay a the level a few times and you'll pass
  11. Nice app
    All stars & 464 :) this is a cute,nice and slightly addictive app. But not enough levels. Addititional levels and a couple of surprises would be nice.
  12. Addicting & Relaxing
    Scored 411 all gold stars. I do not know how many hours it took me but it was fun. More levels would be great.
  13. Don't waste 99 cents
    Zero skill. Just have to hope for a lucky pattern of stars. The music is just loops from garage band
  14. Great!!!
    Great game! Keep the good work, more levels please!
  15. Amazing
    More levels please. Classic and onther whatever. More levels!!!
  16. Simple, attractive, fun
    There is some skill to deciding where to start the reaction but other than that it is much like a slot machine: some luck is involved. Full of eyecandy and satisfying sounds. Overall it is very simple and fun - I keep playing trying to get a higher score.
  17. Great game
    Very fun. Focuses on quantity. Unlike chainrxn where the bigger the chain the higher the score (also a fun game). Music is nice. A nice relaxing game overall.
  18. No Skill Involved
    This game is not like other chain reaction games because the stars that show up are completely random and don't show up often enough for you to complete the goals. You have no control over this so it's a hit or miss situation. Pretty lame. I deleted this app in five minutes.
  19. Outstanding!
    The game couldn't be any simpler but I cannot stop playing. Can a game be frustrating and relaxing at the same time? This one is, but frustrating in the best kind of way. The word addictive is overused in game reviews but, for me, it's completely valid to use here. Everything about Rubehouse, with the possible exception of its name, is simply brilliant.
  20. Relaxing.
    Enjoying this game. Music and sounds are great. I'm not a huge fan of the background. It's pretty distracting. I would think a more water/liquid based background would fit better. Expecially with the calming music and feel of the game.


What`s new

* Fixed graphics problems on the iPhone 4