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  1. Coming soon
    When will the coming soon place be done?!
  2. Nice game
    This is a cool game but I don't understand why they but regular money and the pet points?
  3. Awesome game
    Very addicting and fun to play :)
  4. Great game
    I love it, but the customers get angry fast
  5. Love it
    I love this game. The style and gameplay is very similar to Hello Kitty Café, another game I totally adore. I have complaints about this game, aside from it's a little addictive, but I've been looking for an iOS game that would actually keep my attention. Nicely done.
  6. Okay
    Every time I open it up it goes back to my home screen and freezes in the tap to start page
  7. Pretty pet tycoon
    I'v been looking for a game like this. It's super duper fun .Also I love it.
  8. Awesome
    This game is awesome but you can hardly get any pet points that drives me crazy every thing els is awesome
  9. Pretty Pet Tycoon
    This is a really fun game. The moment I started playing it I became addicted.
  10. Pet
    I like this one out of all of the pet games!!!
  11. Coolio
    Awesome game! Ill never get anything done now...
  12. fUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    It's an awesome game u can earn pet points so easily by just watching videos
  13. Good game but be warned
    Game is same as Diner dash just different plot. They make money off in app purchases. Problem once you delete your app or download it to another device... U cannot redeem your in app purchases so you have to buy again. Or if you had to restore your device software. So if you get invested into the game that's what could happen.
  14. Too many bugs
    I love this game but it lags and isn't smooth.. And then taps random things when you're dragging :/ thought it was my phone but this doesn't happen in HelloKitty Carnival.. I only gave it a 2 because of that.
  15. Love it
    I love it I love to play it and I like the farm game keep making more
  16. Awsome
    It is ok but the guys don't have to be so much make it cheaper .... But still AWSOME
  17. Cool!
    But,I had 5 pet points when I watched 5 videos to get 25 more,but when I went back when I was done,it still said I had 5,and I wish not as many things cost pet points
  18. What to say
    This game has a few glitches about every other level and customers come to fast and leave to fast for my eyes so It's a 3 star game but nothing like 5 star
  19. Pretty pet salon
    Love this game I play it all the time!
  20. Love!!
    Love this game. Waiting for an update. Would also like to see a way to get more per points via challenges in the game as oppose to having to purchase them.