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  1. Sad..
    This is the first review I’ve ever done an an app I’ve gotten. Honestly, I love love love this game. But I just got a new phone since my old one broke, and had to transfer everything. I used the same email for my purchases as normal, but went I went to re-download this game, and all my progress was GONE. I worked so hard and spent so much money to get where I was. Now I have to start over, and I’m upset.. So word of advice, don’t delete the app unless you want to start over. Still trying to see if I can get my progress back.
  2. ❤️Love This App❤️
    It's so much fun and there are so many boys to choose from. I really feel involved in the story. It looks nice and is easy to use.
  3. Pretty good
    I love this game and art and story lines, but I wish there were more interactions with the characters because to me it feels like I’m not the one directly interacting with them, more like the girl in the story. Overall a good game but I wish there were more choices to make in the episodes.
  4. Overall Great, A Suggestion
    Overall, this app is full of amazing stories, I recommend Joel's story, and I really don't like the fact that the waiting time FOR 1 TICKET is 4 hours. If you want someone to actually keep the app, make it at the most 1 hour and 30 minutes, I have only kept this app because I have other things I can do, and I'm pretty patient. I got this app a month ago, but I'm still not finished with Joel's story, which is my first and only one I've read, it's good so far though. My suggestions for the creator of his app is to shorten the waiting time for 1 ticket to about an 1 or 1 and a half hours. If you are interested in getting this app, you'd better get it because all of the other romance and manga apps I've gotten are terrible and boring, so I'd say this the best of them all.
  5. Tickets too long...
    The game is okay, but I mostly don't like that you have to wait FOUR hours for ONE ticket!
  6. Love it soooooooooooooooooo much
    It’s so cute and I love the story’s so far. I hope more sequels come out soon. Overall the game is cute and easy to use!!!!!!! :3
  7. Ehhh
    I love the storyline I played two routes so far. Yukia and klaus I love them and I will play more but I wish we had options to use lune for the special scenes to. not all of us have large bank accounts that are open to waste on games u should put in an option to use lunes but make it higher so u really have to work to get that scene. I'll put the time and effort in for it but I will not waste hard earn money on this when I have bills and a kid to take care of.
  8. This bug is not okay
    This game was really fantastic but lately there has been a bad bug where if my story tickets are full and I only use 1 and only read that one part, it acts like I used all 5. This is really making me want to stop playing at all. Seeing as you have to wait so long for tickets and the bug makes it so that you wait that long for just one. Also I wouldn't have to put this as a rating if they had some sort of service.
  9. I want more
    I don’t know why but I really want to have storylines that make the MC becomes buddies with the three teachers. I really want a romantic story with Conrad Schuyler.
  10. I LOVE IT
    I'm a huge otome games fan, but i rarely find a good otome game app then I stumbled upon this one, played 3 routes so far, the story is fun, the way characters were built is amazing, the art is beautiful, it's one of the reasons i'm sooooo in love with this game, it's amazing, I recommend it ❤️
  11. I love this game more that the others but...
    I wish that there was like a continuous story like in destiny ninja and DN2 I wanna know what happens with the MC like does she become a professor or something or is she like teaching students I'm not sure but I want to read more of this
  12. Love it:)
    It's adorable. Definitely has a more chauvinistic spin to most of the "boyfriends" but the storylines are generally sweet. There's not a ton of direction in the beginning so it takes a while to get accustomed. Took me about a month to figure out how to access the quests and to figure it how the wardrobe affects in game (honestly, I'm still kinda figuring that part out). Been playing it for months now though and it's fun. I stumble along figuring out the game just like the character representing some does in the storyline so it's kinda silly but fun that way.
  13. The app doesn't work
    When I try opening the story it tells check the network and goes all black and that has been happening for a week
  14. Avatar backgrounds
    Hey what's the deal?! When get stuff to decorate with, there are more backgrounds for the stupid garden than the stupid room. I just received a background that is my avatar's dorm room and it's for the garden. The background should be for the room not garden. Give us more beautiful backgrounds for our room not garden. Plus the game needs maintenance work. It freezes up in the middle of the story and I have start over to get it to work right.
  15. Problems
    Hello, I have been playing this game for a few years now and like other reviews I have read, I am also having issues. I am able to do extra curricular and make a date just fine, but when it comes to reading the story I am having problems. It keeps telling me it can't bring up the image or can't connect to the server. I don't like having to reload a page close to twenty times. Sometimes they will start up, but then half way through, the next page stops loading. I just want to be able to play the game again.
  16. Like it but not great
    I liked to play it to pass the time but I didn't like the girl and the guys are pretty much the same in every shall we date? game I played but the art in it is pretty good and I like the soundtrack to and the wizard style
  17. Fair play?
    I've had this game for a few years, and it's still just as good as when I first got it. Edit: I'm having trouble with the Klaus story loading. The whole App overall seems to have a slight problem, but it seems every time I try to read the story it doesn't load. I can do everything else beside read the Klaus story.
  18. Check My Network Connection?
    I absolutely adore this game and have been playing it for the last two years or so, but just yesterday it started acting weird. The homepage takes forever to load and doesn't seem to be doing it properly as it never really finishes and it won't let me read the story, telling me to check my network connection on both of my devices. I even shut wifi off my phone and just used my data, a general fix all for that kinda stuff, and it said the exact same thing. Is this possibly a malfunction? If so I sure hope that it gets fixed quickly!
  19. Malfunction?
    So I downloaded this game again with intentions to finally play it through, but now it won't load anything? I never finished the prologue so it keeps automatically trying to make me play it but won't actually load. It'll tell me to check the network connection but my network is fine. All the other games work without problem. It'd be nice if they could possibly fix it? I love all there other games I really wanna play this one.
  20. It's ok but...
    I love the storylines but waiting times for tickets to refresh is way to long and the fact the Siguard doesn't even have a Make a Date option is ridiculous. And no offense but for those of us that can't spend actual money on the game, you could at least have better options for getting items and such. Also, back to back events is way to over barring. But love the game, just wish I didn't have to wait so long for more story tickets


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