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  1. Love game but hate Rancid the Raccoon
    Love the game but hate that you can only play for a short time unless you want to pay for more lives. The time to play seems to be getting shorter. Very frustrating when I want to play and in 10 minutes time to play is over. HATE Rancid the Raccoon levels. They make no sense. No clue how to play this level and just have to play until it somehow is successful.
  2. JJ
    Love the game but why make it harder I’ve had a stroke and it stresses me out too play the same level for days or weeks to go the the next level I used to spend money on this game but never again when I play the same level over and over wait that may be the reason I can’t complete a level that I don’t spend money now.very unhappy
  3. Opinion
    Luv this game. U should b able to take the moves with u into next round for bounds rounds. Need more lives always
  4. Gets super lame
    It's fun at first but once you get to the higher levels, it's almost impossible not to spend money on this app and FREQUENTLY. they took away the special green levels where you can collect animals and get rewarded in power ups so you didn't have to spend money. So now, if you want to continue playing, expect to spend a ton of cash. Not worth it. They should put more effort into making it fun for their players instead of making it just another addicting way to throw away cash.
  5. Fun but had to uninstall
    This game is fun but I don't get the point of the road blocks. I ended up just uninstalling it because I'm not paying to play and who wants to wait three days to play again. No thanks. I'll find something else to play.
  6. Off the chain!!! Totes!!!
    Having fun wasting my time on this game!!!
  7. Ruined
    They took a fun game and absolutely ruined it. No way you're getting past the snowball challenges in the higher levels. What once was a very relaxing and fun game is now just frustrating. Sorry to have to delete it. Will find another relaxing game but certainly not from "King" games!
  8. Frustrated
    Love playing this game. I have made it to level 751. Every time I try to play I may get to make one move then it turns off. HELP
  9. Happy smiley faces! But the game is expensive
    I think I'm done with this game for good. There is no possible way to get past the level I'm on without spending money. I've already spent as much as I'm going too. So long Farm Hero Saga! Your cute but not that cute. Who can be resist? Cutest breakfast companions anyone could ask for ! Of course the more you level up the more difficult the game becomes and it is never more obvious then in the challenges. At the last level you can actually see the board change to keep you from your goal so there is no choice but to spend $$ to keep going. I always feel like I've been ripped off after participating in the challenges. :(
  10. Great but wait for next chapter thing needs to go
    Th chapter thing that you have to wait for the next episode needs to go you removed it on some games but now for these other games. Also there’s you bug needed fix and that is sometimes there’s no sound in levels and I have to restart the game.
  11. Addicting Game!
    I used to enjoy this game, however the levels have become almost impossible to beat (esp higher levels)! The biggest disappointment... Choo Choo Challenge, as when you finally get past the 2nd gift (shooting for the final which offers more prizes), they reset everything so you have to start all over instead of just adding more time to the challenge! Please fix!
  12. Frustrated!
    If you have been charged for something you didn't authorize, just call your bank and let them know about it, they will reimburse you for the amount that was charged. I agree that a legitimate company should always a phone number, where you can actually speak with a real person, without jumping through a lot of hoops to do it. I also agree about not ever getting many lives! I have sent hundreds of lives, but do good if I get 4 a month back. I really like playing King games, but won't be spending any money just to get ahead in the games, especially since they don't seem to want to correct the problems.
  13. There are a lot of glitches!!!!
    Whenever I play the level with the Animal rewards, the path shows I received three stars; however, it does not show in the rewards or remaining levels.
    ANY GAMES BY KING ARE A JOKE! Good luck with customer service too, because there is none! This game USED to be fun, but once they know you're hooked (which they track via the time you spend playing), you don't get the rewards you're supposed to after passing the three levels required. I NEVER received many of the awards I was supposed to! Then, the beans to use for boosters are a joke. They set it up to use all of your boosters and beans, even on the easiest of levels. They want you to waste all of your boosters on the bonus games that sometimes are impossible to win, even with boosters because you don't have enough moves to possibly win! If they know you have boosters/beans, it's set up to lose until you've used them all in hopes you BUY more. It's a click bait. Still never got my rewards. I recorded the shady things they do from another phone. They don't award the actual points that are shown. Half the time they don't award anything when you win the levels! It's a joke. Don't waste your time! Don't believe me, watch and wait. Then come back with your review. The game is VERY deceptive! Rigged as well. Uninstalling this one. I'll get back to playing Two Dots.
  15. Slow and internet connection loss
    Ever since the last update my game no longer connects to the internet and the game seems much slower. I followed all the things the help site suggested and nothing works. PLEASE update the game again!!!
  16. Really awesome
    This is a really fun and cool game, you should try it out!
  17. Awesome Game
    I love this game and rated it five stars before but now there is some room for improvement in this latest version as it seems slower and "sticky." The play is not as quick and smooth and it's hard to read the numbers. Some of the levels are overly difficult. I'm not a fan of the fireflies or frogs. The frogs slow things down as well. Slow is not fun. Also the challenges are way too difficult to win. I used to be able to do it once in a while but can never win now. Otherwise it is a pretty fun game!
  18. Used to be fun. Too hard/impossible now
    Various updates have made this game much less entertaining. Items like chase the sun where you now have to complete the level now for the collected suns to count (basically chase the sun is impossible to achieve now) Climb the tower is also too hard to ever complete. Even the weblee mini games are impossible to complete anymore. Trying to crack eggs with the boost bonuses covering up hatched and unhatched eggs literally makes the levels impossible with boosters enabled. Hard is challenging = fun. Impossible = frustrating and boring.
  19. Money Grabber
    WARNING: Blatantly skews play where multiple purchases must be made to win! On level 681 just now, bought extra play on what should have required only one more move to win. However, after obtaining the purchase the move CHANGED so that a win could not be obtained! . . . Which, of course, meant more purchases would have to be made! These King games are all consistent money grabbers. Better odds of winning in Las Vegas where there are some controls to keep games at least somewhat fair.
  20. Awesome game
    I love to play it to pass the time!


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