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  1. SO hard, but strangely addictive
    The turns are randomly generated, that’s why it’s so hard. You have no standard to practice off of. You need very good judgement of the situation, And how much spring tension you need to get you through the jump. It is a GREAT game, but the only criticism I have is that the rate at which you earn a metal should be shorter, so maybe you get a bronze at 8pts, not 10. It’s SO addictive though, I strongly recommend it.
  2. Good
    It's pretty good but i can't control who long he jumps?!?
  3. Great addicting
    It is just hard enough to challenge you and keep you wanting more
  4. Sick joke
    This game is so hard it's like a sick joke. Do people think games like this are fun? I enjoy games that don't make me want to throw my phone across the room.
  5. Don't waste your time!
    I felt this game is to challenging! Tried several times to give it a chance and it doesn't get any easier. Deleting it now off my phone.
  6. Glitch
    It is super hard but fun. It kicked me off the game after like 4 times trying to play.
  7. Not fun
    It's not fun. Nothing more to say.
  8. Its not a game is an app to show you ads
    Is really annoying the amount of ads you see in this app, 4 different types, banners, pop up, hidden. It is not a game is an app to show you ads.
  9. Hard as F
    This game needs an intro of how hard to jump. It's really hard to figure it out. It's super addicting, but I can't get passed 2. "Swing" is a much better game from ketchapp
  10. Stupid difficulty, entirely luck based
    If the same style of game that had a way to jump that wasn't phone-smashingly annoying, then it would be good, but it's not
  11. Great
    Bought the ad free upgrade. Please add a feature where the ninja just auto starts the next level after falling in the water. Don't make me keep having to press the "start again" button! Also, with the upgraded version, give the ability to replay the same board over and over if desired.
  12. Wasted potential; add-riddled
    I would love playing this. It's fun, cute, attractive. But having to play with constant flashing banner ads, and full screen ads that pop up every few minutes? It's like playing flash games on the Internet in the late '90s. I thought we all went along with Apple's crusade against flash to get AWAY from this dredge.
  13. Hard and Random
    Like many of their other games, this is a challenging platformer-styled game with a single movement that you use to different effect to traverse the level until you fail. Unlike some of the other Ketchapp games, there's not really a pattern or level to learn and so you can't really get into a rhythm that helps with the difficulty. It makes for something that's very fun when you have more short distance platforms that you can try to skip for extra points, but very frustrating when you have just a few high, very spread platforms.
  14. Spring Ninja
    I like spring ninja a little and its a little hard
  15. Fun~
    Tried to be a ninja, but ninja fall down. Now ninja dead X.X.
  16. Challenge, but needs intro levels
    While most talk about muscle memory with this game, it's not quite right. Sure, you need to know how long to hold and release, but you do not develop "muscle memory" when there is nothing to remember. The randomness of the gaps even from the start prevent the memory. If the game did not reset the targets each round then the start would be easier to develop some memory.
  17. No flaw just hard
    The tension of the spring is altered by how long the player touches the screen, it's the entire premise of the game. Touching the screen for a longer period of time results in more tension in the spring, causing a longer jump. Its not rocket science guys. Please don't leave negative reviews if you lack understanding. This game is a true old school game, meaning it is based on a very simple premise, but yet it is extremely difficult, it doesn't coddle the player like a baby, and it requires supreme skill, muscle memory, split second timing, and intuition. If you judge it for what it is, it's awesome. Its too bad so many players think this game is purely luck and chance, which shows just how unimaginative and unskilled some modern gamers are. This is the one game i wont delete because its so challenging (and thus rewarding). All it takes is a little practice.
  18. Mad
    Every time I tap the app to get in it it goes on and then it goes back to the home screen
  19. Sort of muscle memory sort of luck
    It's a little too impossible to really nail the muscle memory but I suppose if you got really really good you could figure it out. It's just too steep a learning curve to make it worth while.
  20. :/
    Games frustrating. No meter. No time for dat


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