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  1. Favorite game!
    This is my favorites of the KingdomRush games. Overall the KingdomRush games are my favorites! The characters are precious and deadly and the levels are difficult enough to keep me intrigued. I love that your hero stays leveled up!
  2. Pricey but good
    Great unique tower defense game! I have bought every game in this series. And they are each fun to play (sometimes I even go back and play thru it a second time). I'm glad they finally did an update (even though it's minor). I wish they would add new levels (or let users create / share their own). Also, they should offer bundle packs for the heroes ($5+ for one way too much for one).
  3. Phenomenal Tower Defense Game
    I have been a Tower Defense enthusiast for over 10 years, Kingdom Rush is a very well put together game. Having to incorporate quite a few user interactive powers, its not as laid back as some others. However, if you enjoy this style of animation, I would highly recommend it to any casual tower defense aficionado
  4. Great Game
    Highly addicting. If you're looking for a satisfying tower defense game, look no further. Filled with cool concepts and impressive monster and tower design, it's really dazzling. Only thing I'm not a fan of is the micro-transactions (I got frontiers on Steam so the heroes were free) but I've probably just been spoiled by their steam version.
  5. Wow!
    An update? I thought you ladies were dead!
  6. First review ever written. The game is legit. You'll never get bored, and the levels surprise you every time. Well thought out and exciting. Please play this. You won't regret it.
  7. Great game
    This game is one of the best I've ever played if it's genre
  8. Pretty dope
    I play frontiers, and I love both of these games. If you want to buy a hero Phoenix is well worth it :)
  9. It is fun.
    To the other reviewer... there is an endless level now.
  10. A ton of play!
    Sindri Freyr Ingvarsson
    I got this when I was too sick to do anything else, and it got me through! I recommend you save your crystals until you get the monster in a box, then buy the 999 crystal lightning.
  11. Great game as always
    The kingdom rush franchise never dissapoints me. Tons of fun for a reasonable price
  12. Perfect game
    Just enough of everything and so inexpensive. Love playing.
  13. Good!
    If you enjoy the rest of the Kingdom series, you'll enjoy this one too.
  14. Another great game
    Ironhide has made another great game. Just as good as the first. Can't get any better for tower defense
  15. Frustrating and annoying enemies.
    Almost every level features enemies that disable your towers. It's a frustrating and annoying game mechanic that ruins the game through its overuse. Not fun.
    This game is so Good that you guys should make another game for once
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    Please do adhere to AppStore guidelines and do not use Push Notifications for advertising, promotions, or direct marketing purposes.
  18. Awesome Tower Defense game
    Once again they have created a game that rocks! I'm hooked in this game!!
  19. My favorite game series
    Another great addition to the KR series. If you like tower defense this is a must have. As with all of Ironhide's games the game play is polished to perfection, good humor and pop culture references. The base game is a great value and you can purchase additional heroes if you want to experience different approaches to the stages and throw a little extra support to the developers.
  20. Just as good as the rest!!
    This game plays identically as the last. With heroes you can buy and unlock. Upgrading towers with stars that you get from winning battles. It's a good solid tower defense game. I love these games, but if I could give some suggestions that would give it more replay value. I would love to see a endless level or for all levels. With it every couple of levels you fight a boss. Also with this mode you get perks to add to your towers that give them bonuses, like the barracks has extra troops. They would also only work with this mode and you get higher and higher levels of perks to give attack speed, range, damage, and other perks like earlier that boost specific towers. You also get three perks to start and unlock more as you go higher. With heroes they could get unlimited levels but they are like the original where they level from one up in game and they could get boosts as well out of games.


What`s new

Fix a bug with the final boss fight.
Small bug fixes and improvements.