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  1. Fun
    Not too bad for a game like this
  2. Just got it today
    I just started playing it today it seems good
  3. Andrew
    It's a very addicting game but a copy of case clicker
  4. Just ok
    I like these type of games but this one seems to be off to a slower start than most. Watch ads for achievements not a plus.
  5. Like it
    I think this game is very fun and I like it.
  6. Time consumer
    Good way to pass the time. I like it except when an advertisement comes up and messes up my multiplier, which takes some time to get.
  7. Great game
    Great game but takes a while to earn money
  8. It's ok
    I think it's a bit slow, but somehow I'm still drawn to the game.
  9. Ehh
    ______ ______ |_(•)_| |_(•)_| |\_______/| |________ |
  10. Copy
    Every time a good/decent game comes out. Some other devs come and make a shameless copy of the game and the copy isn't good at all (most of the time) this is one of those games who are shameless copies of other better games.
  11. Crap
    It has 'achievements' around watching ads. Seriously? Ridiculous.
  12. Good game
    It's a good game for pasting time
  13. Cool, unique
    Lot to like here. The mechanic where you open boxes to collect items is awesome. Gaining money slowly is not an issue for me. I would like it to have an idle component so I can "play without playing", rather than having to have the app open. The prices could be scaled to account for it. Adding more around the item collection would be good too. Build around what's there, the collecting sets for bonuses things. For example having a "sticker book" or "pokedex" of items, with bonuses for completing sets, collecting certain amounts of things, would be fun to come back after a few hours and have packages to open, new things to buy, as there would be with an idle component.
  14. Copy
    This game is a total copy of another game called CS:GO Case Clicker. The way you earn money, get items, most of the shop items and the general idea of this game are obvious copies. The creators did not put any real effort into making cool features or some new type of clicker game. They just found a popular game and made a clone to earn some free money.


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- Bugs fixed;