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  1. but not too much
    You'll brobably get loads of reviews on the graphics, and rd hair is crazy, also it automatically assumes your gender.
  2. I love it but
    I like it but it needs pets like thisPLS!!
  3. Suggestions and problems
    Instead of my avatar wearing the same dress over and over again how about if rarity can make different dresses for my avatar to wear. Also, can you fix the glitches where my avatar goes upstairs to grab her dress please. How about putting sunset shimmer and my avatar in the band so it can be fun. In motor cross and roller skating my avatar still looks like pinkie pie. Can fix it so my avatar doesn't look like pinkie pie in both those games please. Lastly, how about putting legend of everfree in this game so it can be even more fun.
  4. Love it but too short
    I love it but it's too short and you should have your own house and have a day/night thing like at 10:30 it'll ask you go to pinkies for a sleep over or stay at your house like that one person said.also not a lot of Costum stuff you can do with your caricter like skin tone and hair. Thanks for reading!
  5. Keeps crashing
    Can’t continue, game crashes and doesn’t let us continue
  6. My review
    Please put these stuff to the game 1 everyone wants a animal race with fluttershy 2 I want to have more mini games there's only 1 that is the sleepover party with pinkie pie 3 make more things free! PLEASE put those things in the game and I also saw way better games than this This game is the first one I got l got bored with it so I played my other games don't worry it is still a great game and I also get bored with my other games so your game is not the only game that I get bored with l still play this game sometimes only when I feel like I want to go back to things you should know I learned that it can be good to try things and fix things to make life better but when you go back to things you can make games happen to be a expert like when you go back to something you may want to always like a lot of games or become a expert with games so if you want to do that then go back and it's not just with games it is everything that's what l do and that's why I now say I love the game and I also just reviewed a lesson.THE END
  7. Review
    Keeps on crashing when I’m meant to unlock the kitchen for the first time gonna delete it I have iOS 11 and it’s keeps on doing some weird stuff Keeps on being mad annoying Please fix glitches
  8. So cool and awesome,But more parts
    I love the game and all but there are 5 Equestria girls movies that came out and you guys only have the clothes for the legend of the everfree forest but not the camping site and I believe you guys made a 5th My little Pony Equestria girls movie I think,So if you did Please make it on the game and the same thing for the everfree forest also I’m on level 9 and It’s taking forever for me to pass it because i don’t want to be on the same level every time,If you read this thank you so much
  9. It keeps on crashing
    The game crashes whenever I play the Motorcross game. Please fix this.
  10. Glitches
    I love the game and so do my daughter she sad cause she stuck in a level please fix ur site thanks
  11. It could have been better
    I LOVE MLP. Especially the Equestria Girls specials, but this game doesn’t seem like they put too much effort making it. The graphics are a little crazy, and I kept falling out of the world when I got near the front doors of the school and ended up in a “locked” room. I didn’t really like it, so I ended up deleting it. I wouldn’t recommend it.
  12. Would love more quest
    Would love more quests and unlock more room and to know how to unlock the book in my locker? Please more play!
  13. Disappointing
    This game is really fun the graphics are good the adventures are pretty cool but the only problem is that I was able to finish the game in like 2 days and then it made me start all over again! and I don't even get to go anywhere but the boring school.So this is why this game was such a DISAPPOINTMENT!
  14. daughter got scanable equestria girl and app just blows up on scanning
    pretty much useless since it just blows up on scanning of equestria girl
  15. The message
    The glitches when I play the game at the motorcross event please try and fix it!
  16. Fun!but I have a reguest
    I think you should be able to go to the pony realm.and with my little pony the movie I think you can acsees anything you could.
  17. LOVE IT! However,.....
    I had no glitches, crashes, or whatever else bad. I only hate one thing.....IT WAS TO SHORT FOR ME!!! I love MLP but this game was a bit short. I agree with the one review that said to add story mode and MISSON mode. This game had not bad graphics also and I was gonna give it five stars until I remembered. Also, can you make a pony version of this? Like: If you go threw the portal outside, you can go into a pony world yourself! Edit: Also, never mind the graphics are a bit weird and add the other movies and Equestria Girl Shorts! Like, Movie Magic,Mirror magic and all the rest. Also, keep in mind that Starlight Glimmer is in Mirror Magic since she begs Sunset to bring her with her.... AND MORE CUTIE MARKS!! For example, a microphone? And maybe a cutie mark for shadow-y names! Thanks for wasting your time reading this
  18. What I'd like to see in upcoming updates:
    -A lot more quests -New clothes -New hairstyles -New eye color and shape options -New accesories -Make the game characters look like the actual characters from the movies
  19. Hate it
    It keeps covering the screen! Can someone please fix this!?(also, it only does it in a long time but I still need this fixed!)
  20. Its ok..
    I love this game but I found a little problem. When I tried playing this game it just lagged me out. I don't know if this is normal but please fix this little problem. I tried to power off my iPad and turning it back on but that didn't work. I tried installing it again and that didn't work. Please fix this little problem.


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