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  1. Fun
    This game is fun to play. Lots of options. I wish there were new items added frequently to play and I wish the game was more interactive and you could play with others.
  2. Straight to the Point
    Here are my concerns: it takes way too long for home value* to be replenished, there aren’t enough ways to earn money, and building new sections costs way too much considering how hard it is to earn money. *Every 3 hours, you get like $1,500 which trust me, isn’t that much. There are only 3 ways to earn money. 1.) you wait every 3 hours and get about $1,500 2.) you complete tasks (you are forced to buy furniture which really isn’t earning anything since furniture is expensive) 3.) you use actual real life money to buy virtual money (which of you ask me, is very foolish) As for my third concern, when you start the game, the only spaces available in your house are the living room and the kitchen. If you want a dining room, office, bedroom, bathroom, master bedroom, and master bathroom, you have to pay $20,000! (For EACH, so in total: $120,000) That is really not easy since it is so hard to earn money. I can see the potential in this game, but right now it’s not very fun. If the developers were to make a few changes to the game, I would give it a higher rating.
  3. Fun
    It's fun but items take to long to be delivered.
  4. Great fun!
    I love this game! The only complaint I have is that you have to pay for the coins, I don't like that. But otherwise a really fun and a VERY addicting game!
  5. Super cool
    I like it it's really fun and at times distracting its a really really cool game/app
  6. Great Game
    I think that you should totally get this game it takes a while to get the whole house but when you do it turns out fabulous!
  7. Awesome game
    This game not only teaches you about how to spend your money wisely. It also lets you have a lot of fun working on making your house better
  8. Why
    I played this game it takes forever to get coins and i bought something that was 100,000 dollers and didnt get anything
  9. Pretty Good
    There r a few glitches but overall it's pretty good
  10. Cool app
    Love the app. But I keep buying rooms and it doesn’t alert me when the room is ready. I also have alll my notifications on for this app and even decided to put my own timer from my phone to tell me when the room is available.. my money goes to waist.
  11. Great
    Nice app works great and you get to design your own house
  12. They took my house money
    I spent twenty thousand dollars on the baby bedroom and the next day it said I spent twenty thousand dollars on nothing and I have no house money. App minis please fix and read!!!
  13. Awesome Game
    I love this creative home decorating game!
  14. Boring
    Stupid. You have to wait hours for things to be delivered so if you have no money there’s nothing to do in the mean time.. so I play it for about 2 minutes then have to wait 14 hours. Also one of my “tasks” said to buy a new tv and place in the living room. I bought it and accidentally placed it in my kitchen and it didn’t complete the task even if I moved it..I didn’t have enough $ to but another one. So I tried to sell it thinking I might get like half my money back. Nope got 1000 for a 9000 tv. They could tell you how much you’re getting before u sell it... Deleting off my phone waste of time and not fun.
  15. Really Good Game!
    I love this game. It’s super easy to play,yet you still can express yourself. (Tip:reset game in settings at an early point and sell stuff or use it again in the new game)
  16. Amazing
    I love this app I think everyone should get it it's a blast
  17. I love this game
    I love this game but I wish there were other ways to earn coins and more money
  18. Would like to design the house
    I would like to be able to design the house and have more options based on your tastes.
  19. Good game
    I like this app I am on it twice a day
  20. Good App
    I really like this game but I wish there were more chances to earn coins, like if you watch an add, or complete a task because whenever I complete a task, I just get cash but I need coins.


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