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  1. It's great!
    It's really fun but I wish that if you buy an item it should be there immediately I don't like waiting 2 hours
  2. Very interesting game
    I love this game, i like the decorations.
  3. Great app!
    I wish that there were an easier way to toggle and design, but overall love the game!
  4. Love it ❤️❤️
    I just started this app and I love it!! The characters look so realistic!! This is a good app for all ages!
  5. It's ok
    Kind of slow but fun to decide where things go.
  6. Finally
    I have been looking for a building game like this for a very long time! I love the freedom to build and design without having to worry about being attacked or having to attack. Thank you for finally making a game that is simply about creating and has great graphics.
  7. Pretty good
    It's not exactly a boring game, especially if you like decorating (which thankfully I do) but it takes so long to install the furniture it's less play and more wait. Also THE BABIES SHOULD BE CUTER
  8. I love it
    I love games like this where you can build and buy different things and you can have different tasks and levels to do or get
  9. Cool game
    This is a really cool game. I've enjoyed playing it
  10. Awesome game ! Love it ! It's addicting !
    Awesome game ! Love it ! It's addicting !
  11. Fun game
    But it would cost to much real money
  12. Very cute!
    This is a fun game but can sometimes drag while waiting for purchased items! Definitely worth trying but would have to spend money to get the higher quality pieces!
  13. Ok game
    I'd give it more stars if it didn't take so long to generate your purchases. And the cost of exploring is to high.
  14. Fun
    Fun game for those who love castles and decorating
  15. Fun game
    So far it's been a fun game. You don't have to pay, but if you do you'll get things faster. Play with patience and a love to design and it's great.
  16. Awesome house building game!
    Even more fun than the first game, Design This House, love the fun medieval castle theme! Keep up the great work!
  17. Good game
    There is quite a bit of creative freedom with this game! I like it a lot so far!
  18. Fun
    Pretty fun game to play to pass the time. Fun to decorate a castle. Wish you could get more coins at once though from the chest.
  19. Pretty fun
    Good way to pass time when you are stuck somewhere.
  20. 4.8 out of 5
    I love playing Design this Home . I have all but one house bought . So I'm very close to being done with it . When I saw they made a new one, I got excited . This game is almost better then DTH in some ways . I would recommend playing it if you're into these kind of games . I hope they do more versions .


What`s new

Curated Room Bundles to take your Kingdom to the next level
Easier option to earn jewels
Bug fixing