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Igor Zielinski | vice president, artist, designer at Jujubee S.A.

Katowice, woj. śląskie, Polska |

Michal Stepien | Chief Executive Officer at Jujubee S.A.

Katowice, woj. śląskie, Polska |

Arkadiusz Duch | Co-founder, Project Lead, Artist w firmie Jujubee

Katowice, woj. śląskie, Polska |

Damian Bijas | Gameplay programmer w Jujubee S.A.

Bielsko-Biała, woj. śląskie, Polska |

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  1. Great graphics, bad ship movements
    Miguel Pais
    If only the ships would move with the fluidity and naturalness of turbofly HD... Play it and you will see what people mean. Ships must tilt a bit when they turn, not direct the nose like cars do.
  2. Wipeout is here at last!
    Roger Reid
    At long last! For those of you who have been waiting eons for a decent version of Wipeout for your Android phone Flashout 3D (original name right? ) is it. Some screens can get jerky but this should be rectified by decreasing the graphic details. Great tracks, excellent ships and music to set the tempo. Download asap
  3. Nice game
    Ivan Navi
    There are still some things to improve, especially weapon system, I haven't played it much but I can say that cannon and 3 rockets is not quite enough, should be improved in upcoming updates. I'll play more and give more feedback, but anyway it seems that developers love wipeout series, so we can expect more from them
  4. Zzbing
    Fastrax Crollman
    Awesome. Difficult to control at first but hi tech full on fun. Turn off power saving if you are having problems with galaxy s3. It can crash when battery is low or charging.
  5. Mindblowing
    Stuart D
    Absolutely the best mobile app racing game I've played! Addictive gameplay and awesome graphics (and I'm only running it on medium physics, on my GS3). The controls do take a bit to get used to; I found it easier lowering the Accelerometer to about 65%. I honestly can't understand how that other 'flying racing' game has a better rating than this. Flashout trumps it IMO. And for 2 dollars, seriously it's so worth it, whether you're a Wipeout fan or not. If only it had multiplayer...
  6. Best overall wipeout clone
    Jo Mama
    Out of the four flying battle racers I have on my phone this one comes in second in about every category but number one in overall likeness to wipeout. The touch controls second to turbofly, graphics second to repulze and flashy weapons behind protoxide and repulze. I haven't played through the campaign in all of them (except turbofly which is not special) but so far this one is just as sweet as the other two. A great overall game I am very happy with and definitely worth the price.
  7. Good game
    Ricardo Gobin
    Would be better if the physics were improved and also on medium and high graphics mode a few lagging issues make it very choppy at times good game and setup though. htc one x+
  8. Disapointing
    Jeremy McVay
    While I know my tablet is on the low end of things I can't even reach the main menu to tone down the graphics to see if it will run. I have restarted my tablet a couple times as the store page recommends, but still crashes after a couple minutes and never gets to any kind of menu
  9. Major Control Issues
    Ava Rowell
    The game looks great with a good sense of speed, but the controls are very buggy. I like to play games like this with left/right touch controls, but while this is an option in this particular game, you have to press a small button at the bottom instead of simply anywhere on that side of the screen. This wouldn't be so much of a problem except the [right] and [fire] buttons are too close together; every time you try and turn right the weapon fires. Sadly, the alternative control schemes are arguably worse on some devices. On mine, using the d-pad option, it was impossible to fire a weapon at all due to the button being cropped off the screen. Other problems include an overpowered machine gun (very common and almost impossible to dodge, putting many race results down to luck) and randomly placed mines (not dropped by opponents).
  10. Cool effort
    Simon Stanisauskis
    I do like this game and I see the inspiration of wipeout in it, at this time though despite its good looks it just is not as polished or satisfying. The music is ok but I prefer the dirty and acidic tunes of wipeout, and the controls just don't seem as fun without strafing and pitch up and down. The floating stick is to twitchy, the left right controls just not responsive enough, and even though I am plenty familiar with accelerometer controls in race games I don't like them in this one. Can be better this.
  11. Great graphics, poor control
    Selwyn Leeke
    The graphics are undeniably awesome, but the accelerometer control method (which should be the most natural) is clunky and gives a sense of disconnect from the game which makes the whole experience dissatisfying. This is a real shame as I was expecting more after experiencing great control in other android games. Bring a control style like that in Turbofly HD to this game and it would be unbeatable!
  12. Flashout 3D - excellent Wipeout clone
    Darren Rayner
    Excellent Wipeout clone for all those ex PS1 gamers out there. Great graphics, tracks, features and music. Doesn't have the same level of ship control as Wipeout (e.g. no air brakes) but I guess that's down to the difference between an Android app and a dedicated games console and controller. Worth every 89 of those pennies! Enjoy.
  13. Wipeout 2013 -- frakkin' sweet!
    Carl Vancil
    The primary thing that sets the Wipeout series apart from all other A-Grav racing games is the feel of the experience that comes from a raging sense of speed. This game seems to capture that really well, but needs a quadcore device. On a Samsung G4, its screamin' fast. On a Minix Neo X7, it's every bit as fast, but the game appears to lack support for the MOGA game controller, at least as far as the official driver. I have yet to test a 3rd party driver against it, but nowadays games across the board should be delivered with proper support for a unified gamepad API, so that regardless of the manufacturer, the user will get the same level of support for their hardware (much like Direct-Input for Direct-X does for Win32/64 based systems).
  14. Bullshik!!!!!!!!!! Graphic glitch still not fixed...
    Rolando Acosta
    Only plays properly on low graphic quality on nexus 10!?!?!????? Betr fix that asap!!!! Awesome potential, at some point in the future but u already got my $! Woe is me...
  15. Sean Gregory
    Looks good, controls well but limited ship selection. Upgrades are pointless although it has good tracks they are also limited. Would be much better if you could change parts of the ships to make them more unique. Also would be nice to have an actual. Choice when it comes to your weapons and shields . Also where is this story of why you are racing? Could be a great game if more time was put into it maybe go a little mega race or f zero with it?
  16. Fun game
    Kevin L
    Just don't know why in a game I've purchased there's in game purchases but otherwise good game
  17. My new favourite racing game
    Harry Bourne
    This runs really well on the Nexus 7. I'd recommend trying all the control layouts to find one you're comfortable with as some of them make the game feel too erratic at first but once you've found the right one for you and got the hang of it, it's excellent fun.
  18. Wipeout-esque
    Matt McIver
    Not a bad little game, but steering using tilt kinda sucks
  19. Wipeout? What's that? LOL
    Jonathan Quinn
    Awesome in all ways save for the fact there's no Moga or other controller support....add that option and u get the 5th star 100%
  20. Great game
    Nick Goult
    Anyone who likes wipeout should love this game, it can be a little tricky to master the controls but when you do its great!


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