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Adam Berg | Writer/Actor - Studio C

Provo, Utah |

Stephen Meek | Writer/Actor at BYU Broadcasting

Provo, Utah |

Trevor Reed | Senior Software Engineer at BYU Broadcasting

Provo, Utah Area |

Stevi (Poulsen) Ginolfi | Marketing Manager at BYU Broadcasting

Provo, Utah Area |

Reviews 2,239

  1. Watch BYUTV evetywhere
    Bill Eastman
    Not just religious programming. 1000 To 1 was on last night and repeats Aug 5. Follow Me Boys was on last Christmas. Family friendly movies. They have another show that shoes various places in the US.
  2. Great
    Kaj Jacobs
    I liked it being able to watch full episodes but didn't really search great
  3. Yay, Chromecast!
    Loren Chandler
    Finally, Live TV works on Lollipop and there is Chromecast support! Can't wait for basketball season to get here!
  4. Pretty much perfect now!
    Nathan Hatch
    Chromecast support seals the deal. Being able to cast BYU football makes it all the more fantastic.
  5. 5 Stars!
    Clark Harrop
    I once said that if this had Chromecast then I would give it 5 Stars. I'm a man of my word. Thanks, BYUtv!
  6. Todd Brewer
    Chromecast support finally! I've been waiting a long time for this.
  7. Needs Chromecast support
    Alex Cook
    Good app, especially since hook is now gone. But really needs the ability to play on Chromecast, then I will give 5 stars
  8. Chromecast!!
    Pete Serra
    Thank you for adding Chromecast functionality!! I will use this app 10 times more now!
  9. Fantastically Awesome
    Marco Yao
    I love anything about BYU and this app is fantastically awesome
  10. Chromecast support!
    Skyler Christensen
    Now that it's gotten rid of Hook and supports Chromecast, definitely a five star app.
  11. Steven Gibbs
    Now we need support for Android TV!
  12. Mark Larsen
    Great but please update to material design
  13. Great app.
    michael waldron
    Great to have it. Needs latest os update to run it.
  14. Fantastic! Question on permissions.
    Donny Silver
    I love the app and use it quite a bit. +Ryan Holmes Why do the new permissions ask for access to my phone id and call list. I trust BYU and is why I still updated, but am concerned in the new permissions
  15. Fix this please
    jonathan jones
    I was gonna watch granite flats and studio c but this app was solo slow and then the noise would go weird I will remove and change to 0 stars soon
  16. So good!
    Dallin Christensen
    Works great! Thank you for finally removing the dependency on Hook. Now let's get Chromecast support!!! That would make this app amazing!
  17. Improved performance...Chromecast?
    Bill Housley
    The performance seems better without Hook. Nice that I can reduce the number of apps on my device. You upgraded a week before LDS General Conference...I hope that works out ok for you. As for Chromecast, my family ends up watching Conference, Studio C, Granite Flats and other shows on BYUTV on separate individual devices instead of as a family on the main TV...unless I Chromecast a Chrome tab from my laptop PC, but that has performance problems. We Cast YouTube videos from our Android devices all the time.
  18. Chromecast is coming soon.
    Ryan Holmes
    Everyone - Chromecast is definitely on our todo list. If it were completely up to us, we'd already have it. But we need to re-encode our entire VOD library to make it Chromecast compatible. So be patient, it's coming. :)
  19. Good shows
    Wyatt Beckstead
    It wont save my spot and the ads are too frequent.
  20. Katie Talbot
    I love this app, except that as soon as season 3 of Granite Flats was released, I can no longer find season 1 or season 2 anywhere on the app, except for places where it is very inconvenient to get to. For example, when I want to watch the next episode, I have to go all the way out of the app, and search it, and file through dozens of other shows before I finally get to the right one. Also, where did the ads start showing up? They often come in the middle of a word someone is saying.


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