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tla 3
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  1. Its fine
    Miss Carolyne M
    So far its okay...but dream house day is definitely better. This one lacks of story line but still its a good effort from the dev since its free.
  2. Don't stick with the time.
    Kimberly Roselim
    What great with your games is that time is fast but the truck selling part is a bit of a hassle , but still it's a great amazing game as expected from kairosoft games!
  3. Help!
    Lissy Olds
    Is there a way to restore my bonbon cakery game? I had to reset my phone and it's all gone :( Been playing 30 days and had around 200 tickets and lots of medals plus very highly trained staff and almost all ingredients. I have spent a lot of time and even some money on this game and hate to lose it all!
  4. Addicting and FREE
    Sarah H
    FINALLY another free game. This company group whatever makes great games but charges too much and I refuse to buy anything. This game is probably one of my favorite free ones by them. It's fun and addicting and can't be beat in a day or two. I would recommend to anyone who likes baking and bakeries and whatnot.
  5. I'm Addicted!
    Sitoresmi Muti Bethari
    This game is lack of storyline but I find it very attractive and addictive. I'm addicted to find more recipes to win each contests. Four stars rock
  6. Too slow
    Kari Perho
    The game is cute and fun but it feels like I cannot advance at a decent pace; new staff, receipes, the sweet truck and contests take so much time to unlock that the game is wearing me out
  7. Good game
    Aida Shifa
    But why your other games are paid? I love your game so much but i hate it when i download the 'lite' version, it's only available for i don't know? Maybe 2 years ? It's suck. Sorry for my bad english. I hope you make more free game
  8. Cannot online
    A Matroyshka
    When I first played it, it can online. And suddenly on the 8th day, it cannot online anymore. My mobile data is always on and the signal is excellent. Please fix this. :'(
  9. Very sad to see
    Scott Spencer
    Sad to see ksoft using in app purchases and and that garbage that makes other mobile games bad. Please dont go down this route you will lose all your fans. You also have to wait for refills etc . Poor sell outs at ksoft :(
  10. It's Aight...But Pocket Academy
    Zeinab Kone
    I kinda like the game but this is about Pocket Academy Full Version. Can you guys make that free please? Because either don't understand how come the Chinese/Japanese full version is free but NOT the English FULL version
  11. Great game
    SABRINA Azhar
    I have always loved cooking games that you can create your own recepies! But I say, Kairosoft did a really great job at great games!
  12. Nice and Fun game ^-^
    Ashley Galvante
    I really like it ! It's fun and so addictive pls do more free games !
  13. Annoying Advertisement
    Erlangga Tjitrawasita
    Love this game, but please get rid of the advertisement bar at the bottom part of the screen.
  14. Zzangmi Lim
    Lots of fun, the HOF challenges can be a real rip off though. I often find myself rage quitting because I lose from lack of ingredients given to choose from.
  15. So much fun.
    Nadia Campbell
    Enjoy trying to come up with new recipes and having friends to share them with.
  16. jhona de mesa
    very fun game..but on what level can i put another tables and shelf??
  17. Absolutely Amazing
    Figgy Lee
    Amazing concept, easy gameplay. Cute, simple, and fun.
  18. Love it
    Cassia Toma
    I really love you developers of this game for making it free and addictive! I really love you guys! I hope u can make more free games (*^ω^*)
  19. So addictive and kawaii♥♥
    Eileen Legna
    I loooooooooooove this game!! Its really fun and addictive! ♪
  20. Steven Whiting
    No release notes for updates is a chronic Kairosoft problem. This game deeeeeesperately needs a fast mode for the month to month waiting. It's like a grind, but you aren't even very involved in it. Only just enough for at least twice a year pop-ups, which drives me insane.


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