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Reviews 101,242

  1. Not working properly
    Awan Jee
    I am using samsung glaxy S111.I have installed this app. When I used to this app my phone is not working properly its switched off automatically.i don't know what is the reason.could you help me please on this matter.
  2. Credit or Bank Card Purchases
    Sunny Dipson
    Word of advice, do not purchase with your credit or Bank Card, it will come back as error and merchant will take your money, and boss revolution customer service will not help you to get your money back till u wait 5 business days for your bank to refund u. I went tru it twice because I wanted to purchase CALL ME BACK from Lagos Nigeria.
  3. No integration
    Deji Martins
    I hate having to go through the app to make a call. That's why I uninstalled it and moved to Google voice. Google voice is cheaper too. 5 cents per minute to cell phones abroad compared to 7 cents per minute. Plus with Google voice I can just dial the number from my contact list or call log without having to go through any stupid interface.
  4. No good
    Ak sankar
    Please cant download ...I first time singapore. To india call rate 2¢ 2 week after 2.5¢ ... one month after 2.9¢…………please can't good
  5. The best thing since sliced bread!
    Patricia Mckee
    I don't have to have Skype eating my battery life. I can call my loved one over seas anytime at a reasonable rate.
  6. Really good apps with its own downs.
    Azeezat Adebowale
    Really easy to use and i don't have to memorize numbers to call anymore. Am also able to recharge my loved ones phone from here. However tried sending card but was ripped off. The other end got less than I was told sent.
  7. Rip off
    It uses WiFi, mobile data or mobile minutes to make a phone call. So what I am paying for here. I can't make phone call without internet. It's like I am paying them to use my Internet which is obviously not free to make phone call. There is plenty of apps out there to make call with WiFi without paying a cent. Voice quality is crap. I wouldn't recommend it.
  8. App
    Eric Carrera
    App doesn't open everytime i am going to add funds or make a call got froze always i have to call thru the number is ridicoulus.
  9. Chief
    Nkem Ubawuchi
    Been using this when it first came out..years back..I like the new app. It gives u an awareness of time in the country that u're calling..
  10. Application not working
    deshola crown
    Am a great customer of boss revolution,have never had any issue with my application,but facing one at the moment..when ever i open my boss revolution application,pulled number out and trying to call,the answering machine will direct me back to boss revolution application to call on it..did that several times its all the same thing.. Called customer service, the guy i spoke with was unable to solve the problem...up till now,i cant call on my boss revolution application... Its suck..
  11. NO good anymore. Its a rip off
    Mavis Ofoegbu
    Boss revolution use to be a sweet and low rate company but right now the increased their rate without informing their customer. I can't recommend this company anymore to any body . calling Nigeria for 6.7ç is a rip off. Heck No
  12. The best International rate
    Joel Fernandez
    I've been using this app for the last 3 years with my complain a great customer service always ready to answer your questions with a professional assistance
  13. Mobile number in my country not supported
    Fakooz Jai
    After downloading the app,i was told that mobile numbers in my country are not supported... I am in the States.. Can you please explain why???
  14. Fraudulent!!!
    Gene Igboji
    Showing me a great rate at sign-up and increasing it by 100% after I commit funds is not cool. Now I want my money back because I don't like your new rates.
  15. Great App!
    Pablo Elonga
    Seriously guys this app makes my life easier not having to run across the street all the time to buy expensive phone cards. Plus the long distance call rates are cheaper and you have clear reception.I have no complaints whatsoever! !!!
  16. Very low standard Customer Service
    Ali Ali
    Customer representative will hang up the phone on you. Very careless very Rude. I live in north America so my expectation is to have similar customer service standards or as half good at least but I don't get it with bossRev. :-)
    The app works fine with buying credit to call my folks back home, but I wanna recharge their phone with international mobile top up and its giving me an error. PLEASE FIX IT IMMEDIATELY!!
  18. Switching to another company.
    Starbabe lomo
    I thought they are the best then but nope. Since they jack up their rate from 3.7 to 6.7cent per minute to call international then, i knew i could no longer trust their service. I'm highly dissappointed after almost 4 years of doing business with them. I intentionally gave 1star because they didn't inform me before the rate went up. Switching to another company; I hate to leave but i had to.
  19. Very reliable and accessible
    Maureen Barima
    Access to any country with the best rates. Easy to use and easy to reload credit. Would recommend to anyone who wants to stop buying calling cards.
  20. Poor customer service
    Rioba Makori
    The calling services are good and I like their new app but they have poor customer service. I once spoke to a lady who was so arrogant.She hanged me up and when I called back three times they never picked up.The phone rang for three minutes in each call and I finally gave up . Another thing, they increase rates without notifying their customers and when you ask they tell you"we have a disclosure that rates can change any time and you agreed when you signed for the services".


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