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шахматы онлайн


Reviews 13,350

  1. Very good chess app
    Colin CW
    Uses Google services which I love. Can you add a setting to disable the turn time out? I play with friends and sometimes we get interrupted playing and the game will end on us!
  2. Jesse Velez
    I love it...thx to all present and future participation out on playas!
  3. Christian Zamora
    The best of all online chess I downloaded...backed up by Google...
  4. Good, but not enough players
    Kevin Koch
    Like the look and feel. Have played over 3000 games but there are periods of only 2 or 3 people in the room
  5. Love My Chess Game
    A Jenkins
    I love this chess game. I am learning how to get more checkmates.
  6. jc clark
    This the worst app I have ever been using
  7. Time allowed for thinking is too short
    George Elias
    Very good game, but there is a need to have option to set time for thinking between movess
  8. Rating
    sandipan chowdhury
    It is a good online chess play. But it also needs some improvement.
  9. Abdullah Abdur Rahman
    If a call or a text comes in the middle of an online match,the game is stopped and you get a loss in your statistics record.
  10. Joshua Lopez
    Free, and super challenging. What more can you ask for?
  11. AWESOME!
    Fermin Legaspi
    the best chess app that I've encountered so far. FIVE STARS FOR YOU ALL. HOOIEEH!
  12. Natalia Petrovna
    This game is very comfortable to play ...
  13. Well done
    Mohammed AL-Tamimi
    The best Android chess game I've tried.
  14. I'm sure it's great, but...
    Neil Day
    I get an error message saying it can't install to the SD card. Can you change it to default to the phone storage? ***update*** Shortly after I posted this, the dev contacted me \u0026amp; fixed it to install on my galaxy S5. A recommended next move feature would be nice. Other than that, a solid chess app.
  15. Settings
    Lalit Desai
    Went settings and entered promo code. Let's see if it is really ad-free. Just started to use it and like the looks. Will give 5 stars later. (depending upon how it plays out)
  16. Works Great
    David Sahagún
    Everyone who is complaining about the ads, PLEASE READ INSTRUCTIONS!! You just have to tap on "options" and enter promo code...
  17. I can finally learn to play...
    J. M. - JIMMY - No Fear!
    A game based on strategy \u0026amp; wit and now I can finally learn how to play and... 100% FREE! THANK TO THE DEVS. \u0026amp; APPGRATIS!
  18. Ads won't go away
    Pat NY
    Ad-free version supposed to be free today but ads remain. Even uninstalled and reinstalled. No difference. Is there a way to fix?
  19. First time I've played
    Bruce Bridwell
    This is the first time I've played chess in over 25 years or so. I can't recall ever playing a computer or machine before today. Honestly, I'd probably be whining I'd I'd lost, and while I won, it was only a level 2 game. Hopefully I'll stay interested enough to brush up on my skills of forever ago \u0026amp; play some people on line. Is there smack talk on internet chess? I hope its as polite (regardless of how trashed we used to get) as it was back in the day. I look forward to having some 10 year old kid beat me in a dozen moves. NOT!!! Like the app so far!
  20. The Game is awesome
    Tamzid Soat
    Thanks to appgratis for the ads free version


What`s new

√ Improved online stats visualization
√ Elo+
√ VIP version for all online playres who win 100 online games!
√ Online game autosave. Open it from online games history
√ Ability to chagne avatar in Xiaomi device
√ Online stability
√ Ability to clear all saved games
√ Fixed bug with restoring online stats
√ Add new countires: Bénin, Niger, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Panamá, Perú, Venezuela
√ Popup on game saving
√ Other improvements

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