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  1. Wonderful.
    Stephnie Trahan
    I underestimated the hell out of this game! After trying other mobile rpgs, and them being horrible for the most part.. :/ I was convinced that this would be a waste of cash as well, but.. This Game freaking rocks! 11/10 would buy again!
    Sean Phoenix
    Im not done with the game. I was playing it, walked into a pub and this anime girl with bunny ears asked if i wanted to give a review of the game. It was only 3 bucks, so even if it sucks after this point it would still be worth it. No glitches, no technical problems at all. HILARIOUS dialogue, not that pansy proofed third grade crap that makes you cringe, picturing Rosie O'Donnell and Al Sharpton giving it two thumbs up for bland lack of offensiveness. Its fun, quality made, and very entertaining.
  3. What's not to love?
    Julian Martin
    I'm incredibly picky with RPG's especially mobile ones, but this game has exceeded my expectations. A friend recommended this game and I said for 3 bucks why not. If I hate it no major loss like the $15 RPG's you can find on the Play Store and if I love it then awesome. And so far I'm in love with it. Simplistic game play with interesting mechanics such as the powers coupled with satire and references and comedic dialogue has left me astounded. And I don't need to have wifi. So try the free or just buy it.
  4. Great game. One of a kind!
    Leslie Lim
    The game wanted me to visit the rating machine so here I am.
  5. Love It!
    sean keckler
    Game is really fun and has an amazing amount of content for the price. cant go wrong with this one if you love rpg-ing on the go.
  6. Perfect
    Nicki Boling
    Got 20 minutes into the free version and couldn't stop laughing... DARK EIDOUS!^3
  7. A must for old RPG fans
    Jason Kimpel
    This game is well worth the 3 dollar price tag.
  8. Superb!
    Tyler Temby
    I loved it, its kinda simple, but that's not a bad thing, its a great game, a lot of cool things you can do..
  9. Real life, but better
    Jazz Sutto
    The random encounter started with "take that you assh0le"
  10. AaronJulia Buttons
    So far the game is fun. Reminds me of final fantasy. Was worth the 3 dollars
  11. Great game
    Matthew Palmer
    Final fantasy / Zelda mash up. Old school RPG with funny dialogue and plenty of game play. If like me you have been waiting for a great RPG on android look no further you have found it!
  12. Amazing.
    Renee Reott
    If you like final fantasy and zelda... you're going to love this. Well worth the money. Its like having my old game boy on my phone.
  13. So awesome
    Ryan Dinelle
    Dialogue is hilarious! Great game, totally worth the money!
  14. We'll see how it goes
    Ben Mullins
    I've been informed by developers that this game is like final fantasy, so we'll see how well they tell the truth.
  15. Great Game
    Will Carey
    If you're a fan of old school RPG'S you need to play this.
  16. Lou Fourquet
    Fix the save game issues! Learn how to use google's cloud... The game locks up trying to save to or load saves from Onedrive on Shield TV. My savegame on my Fire TV is stuck there, because cloud save doesn't work there either - not to mention the app has not been updated since intial release on Fire TV. Great game, crappy programmers...
  17. Different gamepad
    ongnan siang
    I cannot use turbo and map because i use samsung gamepad and it just have 2 button not like other can you change button place or setting for gamepad button please
  18. Christopher Staniski
    Love it so far. Great time sink. Fun story. Worth the money. :)
  19. Old school rpg
    Damien Bishop
    Great fun for fans of the old rpg games
  20. Wtf lol
    Eric Lee
    Stop reading reviews and buy it awesome game