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Jiggs Thorne | Director at House on fire & MTN BUSHFIRE festival- Swaziland

Swaziland |

Linda Randazzo | Lead Developer at House on Fire Aps

Region Hovedstaden, Danmark |

David Kaye GIFireE | Fire Safety Manager at House of Parliament

London, United Kingdom |

Reviews 106,725

  1. Interesting
    Mariana Luna
    It is an amazing and entertaining game. It is very recommended for everyone who likes games with thrilling storyline. The only problem (at leats for me) is that I need to pay to complete the game and I am poor. In spite of this, thanks developers for gave me some wonderful minutes of this game. (○゚ε゚○)
  2. THE END?!
    Bryan Seare
    AWESOME! but,... What made the disease come in the first place!? Why did he go back in time if he's responsible for the disease!? Is the reason he saw a dead future because he himself went in the future that would be responsible for bringing the plague?! He doesn't become responsible for any plague. Is the time machine a transport to another possible outcome of this scenario? A parallel dimension travel?! Is he responsible for it if he didn't get into cryogenic stasis?! Wholly crappp. If he wasn't responsible for any plague then he couldn't have seen a dead future because it wasn't going to be that way. He ends up in 2012 all safe. No plague. Time travel is forever corrupt in this 4 dimensional world. Always run into dead ends. I'm sticking with the parallel dimension theory.
  3. Couldn't stop playing it
    Dan Donnan
    I completed it in one sitting couldn't put it down, the puzzles never got too obscure that I couldn't figure them out I really want more of this I kinda hoped there was more then two chapters
  4. Arguably one of the best thriller adventures games for mobile devices.
    GaggillTRON Vorgog
    This is such a great game. Story is stellar, top notch. Could be a movie. The graphics clean and very well developed. The controls work as a point and clicker. The game has you using your own wit to get your character Joseph through this crazy story he finds doing his job in his average life at the time. Thrusted into a time travel and trying to get to the person that had gave you the device. It's a game for older gamers and one that should not be missed. Nothing I can say bad about it. I need part 2 now.
  5. Please FREE!
    Kenn Bautista
    Can you make the episode 2 free? Please thanks, it will be a 5 stars and please reply
  6. Joanna Salmingo
    Awesome game! Episode two really delivered after the first. A bitter sweet ending, but overall great game. Loved the concept, gameplay and esthetic. Thanks for making this!
  7. Paul Randall Randall
    Enjoyable game. Not much to pay for the amount of work put in by these folks! thank you very much, hope there's more
  8. A Tad Linear...
    Will Alber
    ...but a good storyline. Don't expect to have a large inventory at any point - nor to be too surprised about how to use what you have. That said, well worth £2!
  9. Hard, but not too hard.
    Christine Cade
    I found myself a couple times wanting to look up a walkthrough, but I never ended up needing to because I figured it out. Love the story and the gameplay. My only quibble with it is that it is shorter than point and click adventure games I have gotten on Steam for cheaper.
  10. Great gameplay, amazing graphics.
    Ezrεal ѷochεllε
    Finish all episodes, hopefully there'll be another game like this in the future. Still wish that someone could make a movie based on this game storyline.
  11. Nice but....
    Anas Qis
    The story is really interesting and the puzzles are just nice but u need to buy the second part of the game. Still, it's a really nice game.
  12. Alex Heshmaty
    Great point and click adventure, atmospheric with a dash of humour!
  13. The second one
    Juraj Skonc
    I can't believe my eyes the second game finaly came out after 5 years of waiting.
  14. Great point and click adventure
    Tom Hodder
    This one had me stumbling around scratching my head for a while. I loved it!
  15. Heather Andrew
    I really enjoyed this game. It really makes you work things out for yourself! The only downside is that it is pretty expensive at £4.00.
  16. Josh Bunn
    Epic game. I enjoy the puzzle and humour. I would like part 2 to be free but fair enough of it ain't, anyway it's brilliant and I advise you to get it.
    Cindy F
    I love this kind of game and don't find many that aren't full of evil warlords, demons, hate and discontent.
  18. Angel Farias
    I don't want to pay to play episode two why I thought I was having fun till I figured out that you have to pay
  19. When I instilled it...
    Maddy Curtis
    It dosen open it never said open or the icon appeared but on my iPod touch I've played the first episode of it and I love it but this I don't
  20. Colm Hkard
    The second episode needs to be free


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