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Mr Nijjer | Head Fund Manager

London, United Kingdom |

Tamas Balog | Head of Studio at Zen Studios

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Bobby Loertscher | Community Manager at ZEN Studios

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Steven Hopper | Director of Communications at ZEN Studios

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  1. Zen Pinball does it again...
    Ryan Dozier
    After playing the original Zen tables on the PS3, I finally had a little bit of extra scratch to purchase a few of the tables they have available for my Galaxy Note 3. These are incredible ports from the console to the mobile market. The Rebels table has got to be one of my favorites. I'm a huge fan of the show and was stoked when I saw that the developers had created a table, based on the franchise. Physics work great on my phone. Still getting used to not tilting the table, but that will come with time.
  2. Updated, won't start.
    Jacques Jacobs
    After identity update program will not start.
  3. Great game, but needs Google Play Games Services support.
    Gregory Opera
    This is a great game that looks fantastic, however like most smartphone/phablet/tablet games, it is let down by "the nature of the beast", the touch-screen... This is why the Sony PlayStation Vita version of this game is MUCH better. Further to this, the game does not yet support the Google Play Games Services, which offers gamers achievements/trophies, social and "cloud" functionality.
  4. There's no equal
    Chris Custer
    Visually stunning, realistic play, well thought out and just plain fun to play. My only drawback is the cost of each table, would sell more at 99 cents per table. Other than that, you won't be disappointed.
  5. Excellent
    Aron Alliston
    This is an excellent pinball game, easily the best on Google Play; Zen Pinball (Pinball FX 2) tables are always extremely well produced. Although I have noticed an issue when playing offline: the game starts fine, but at game over it tries to post scores online and then locks up; you have to force close the app and open it again to play.
  6. Game License
    David Brandenburg
    When i go to play it says that it can't verify game license and won't let me play. If this gets fixed, i will give it 5 stars.
  7. Txmud
    Deryl Clark
    It does not give enough lvl advancement to get better tables. You have to buy new ones to play other tables. It will not load at all I have sent in many reports after three weeks. Don't buy this game until they fix why it won't work.
  8. Own all tables
    Vincent Sartoris
    Where are the achievements now?? All of mine are wiped out.
  9. Total Realism Pinball
    Kerry Reynolds
    Real Pinball arcade style with several game tables to choose from your favorite Star Wars episode. Choose different camera angles while in play or paused. Truly awesome pinball experience!
  10. Love it
    Darren Pye
    Really well done. Awesome graphics, great machine designs and fun mini games on several machines. Joystick support as well. Thumbs up!
  11. Fantastic Game
    FamilyTime Brown
    Great selection of tables, theme is wonderful. Each table has it's own mini games. Very worth the lost cost.
  12. Best pinball app!
    Elliott Serrano
    Just wish there was a way to add credits to games played. Once you go through three balls you're done. UPDATE: Ever since downloading update to play the new REBELS table the app will not open on my LG tablet.
  13. Very...creative
    Stephon Crews
    Before Zen Pinball I NEVER played pinball games and now I've gone and purchased every table they released for Android, from Marvel to South Park & The Walking Dead was a welcome addition to my collection. Keep 'Em Comin!
  14. Great pinball simulation!
    Christopher Timm
    I've really been enjoying these games! My only complaint is that some tables are much better than others. My favorites are the Darth Vader table and the Droid table. Please make more like those two! I'd buy them for sure!
  15. Michael T. Fredriksen
    I don't know, it just seems to be the best pinball game I have ever played and I have played a few.
  16. Darhar M.
    I ended up buying all of the tables as they are half off and the only annoyance is being told over and over that some scoring features are only available online. There needs to be an option to disable these messages as anyone playing these pinball tables knows after the first time what is or is not available well offline. Could be 5 stars if not for the constant messages. Update* 20150605 After updating Android OS to the latest version over half of the pinball games are unable to be played if setting the video to options to "Enhanced Video." Games need updated to work with the latest version of the android OS for tablets IMO.
  17. Ripoff
    alden paulsen
    First they make you buy the app.then you have to buy the first pinball game.i played it I can't log back on.good going for taking my money.
  18. Good Game
    Jane Warman
    Overall it's a good game...but the tables are so busy, it's sometimes difficult to see the ball.
  19. Richard Grimes
    I would have given you a 5.but I bought and paid full price for ALL 10 tables, and now I had to install a table i already have just so I could get Rebels. What's up with that? Am I not a valued customer. Now i have a the new patch but I would have 2repurchase the remaining 9 tables in order to utilize the new features! So not fair! And now they're on sale for 99cents. I could have saved ten dollars had i known this new method would arise. It seemed like Rebels was gonna be on the old patch due to ads there!
  20. Won't start on Android 5.1.1 (Nexus 5)
    Matthew Kuraja
    This used to work but now immediately crashes on every attempt to start. No error screen or message. Just immediate return to desktop view of smartphone.


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