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okie dokie


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  1. Dr who
    Joseph Harris
    I like this game the only thing is there's no restore purchases button so it jacked up deleted and reinstalled but now I've lost all my progress. No reply from developers. Deleted
  2. Food critic does not call for waiter
    Blank Black
    I am stuck on day 105 because the food critic doesn't call for the waiter and I haven't upgraded my sushi restaurant waiter to be automatic yet because I don't have enough gold. Please fix this and make the food critic call for waiters.
  3. Food critic won't call for server
    Brittany W
    The food critic won't call for the server. I'm on day 145 and I completely adore this game! If someone could fix this problem that would be wonderful! I don't wanna have to delete the game.
  4. Ok
    Robert Grellman
    The only thing I don't like is that I have not been able to go to another restaurant and I'm not spending real money on it but other then that good game
  5. Love the game
    Marianna Beytia
    I absolutely love this game. I'm having the same issue as some of the other people. I'm stuck on level 23 with a food critic who won't order. So I can't play I don't want to delete it and start over please fix soon. I will give 5 stars if this issue gets resolved
  6. It's great but....
    Kalena Sagage
    It didn't give me an of time to get to the costomers at all. It only gave me a few seconds and that's it. That's only problem with it.
  7. Awesome Game!
    Shannon Deal
    Already finished. Hope they make more floors so I can keep playing and unlock news items. Got stuck a few times but learned that if you freeze up wait for the flying SUPERMAN Looking Dude, tap him and game unfreezes... He could fly across a floor your not on, so scroll up and down and reload if needed, but he will come across sooner than later.
  8. Travis Swiger
    Its fun but gona take a ling time earninv coins to update waiter n buy things needed without spending the money myself
  9. Love the game hate the bugs
    Natasha Herald
    This game was awesome at first but then I get to day 56 and my last customer will not show up. Its been like that for weeks and I tried every thing the customer won't come in and I hate that I did all that work for nothing.
  10. Pooja Chawla
    Good n attractive game. But nw i m stuck on 39th day as i need one more customer to complete the day but from yesterday neither any one is coming nor there is any other option to call customer or restart the specific day. Pls tell me solution n fix it else i ll hv to uninstall it. I reinstall it. Nw i m agqin stuck on 95th day as food critic is not ordering. I have to uninstall again. Pls fix the problem else remove ur game from play store..
  11. Moto G
    Tomisha Flaniken
    What the hell is wrong with this game? I really love this game but I'm stuck on level 30 and my last customer want appear, I uninstalled this game twice and re downloaded it but I keep having the same problem, so with that being said, I'm unistalling this game for good.
  12. Superb
    shamim sayed
    Just love this game only one problem my game stopped on second flr stuck with one last coustomer out of 43 plz if you can solve it i just love to play this game
  13. Cherry Ann Joaquin
    I like the game but stuck at day 58, waiting for last customer but no one appears. Pls. fix..
  14. Stuck...
    Ruth Wong
    Nice game, just wish there is more places or way to earn diamonds. Stuck at Level 30 for a customer that never shows up. Tried clicking superman when he flies past but the game still freezes. Need to fix the glitch.
  15. Stuck
    Krystsl Cobbins
    Can't go no father then level 41 i want to go on i love this game i play all the time n now can't go no where uhh help
  16. Stuck
    Renny Daniel
    After got stuck on level 35 now stuck o level 38 , the food critics doesnt call the waiter...please,i like the game and i enjoy to play so please make it better
  17. Stuck on 165
    Kerry Clark
    Have really enjoyed this game, a few times last person hasnt come in but usually close the game and restart and that usually sorts it but on 165 now and food critic hasnt called waiter have tried everything to get it sorted clicking superhero/restarting game/shutting phone down but nothing has worked so unable to progress please fix problem
  18. Stuck!!!!
    Adele Earl Valenzuela
    I love this game but I got I stucked up in level 29 day 100 because the critic won't order anything and I had no choice but to start all over again but I got pissed off and just uninstalled the game please fix this kind of problem...
  19. need to fix
    Crystal Pilkinton
    Stuck...old guy wont place order...not happy If i unstall..wont add it back.
  20. It's good but....
    Carol Burger
    Like the others I am stuck on level 20 and my food critic won't call for the waiter. Was really enjoying it up til this point.... Please fix!


What`s new

v1.0.8: Fixed some crash bugs of the game. Thanks.