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  1. Beyond expectation
    Maliiq Jackson
    This game is a beautiful piece of art combining rpg fighting magic gem super power and an assortment of bad guys who aren't all that bad as you my figure out . Add extra fight modes to continue leveling gems after story is completed 100% and I will rate 5 stars :)
  2. I love it
    TheGamerBros 4
    This is one of my favorite apps on my phone. I just wish another update will come along...with more levels possibly..and the character designs are fixed to be the new ones. Also,I hope in the update to possibly see more fusions,lapis,jasper,peridot,and many more. And one last thing,I kinda want a homeworld mode where instead of Garnet,pearl,and amethyst,it's jasper,peridot,and lapis. Instead of fusing into a 3-way fusion,lapis and jasper can fuse into malachite. Thank you for reading this (if you did)
  3. Absolutely Amazing!
    Cody Dukes
    The game itself is incredibly fun. Any Steven universe fan will love this game with It's RPG element while still sticking true to the Show. A must have for any Steven Universe fan!
  4. Great RPG
    Alex Barragan
    Thus is a great RPG but when I was on the final boss fight and won it signed me out and said "Attack the Light" has stoped working. And I would give this 5 stars if that thing never incounterd me.
  5. Top notch old school gaming
    Robert Norman
    The battle system is very much like old paper mario games and is very interactive. Note there is a gard level cap meaning that depending on what you chose to invest in stat wise will be permanent and this leads to different play styles for everyone. I have watched many people fight the last boss having to use items and everyone but with the right badges and stat growth pearl can solo the final boss using all 5 attacks. Had a blast I recommend this game.
  6. This is a great game But...
    Anthony Guastella
    This is a really awesome game but every time I play this game it cuts off or freezes. I was almost finish with it till it just started over when it freezes or crash. I hope that someone needs to fix a bug or its just my tablet.
  7. Can I have a refund?
    Sean Christensen
    When Attack the light updated I lost all my progress and I don't won't to rebuild my progress. Would give 5 stars for refund
  8. Beautiful
    Eireni Moutoussi
    Genuinely well made, enjoyed every minute. Good character progression options. The menu music is so relaxing, too!
  9. Super Cute Super Fun
    Akilah Groce
    Kinda easy finish the whole game kinda fast. But I enjoyed it! I like that you didn't have to buy stuff with real money or add a Facebook friends to advance. I hope they create more levels because this RPG was AWESOME!
  10. Great game
    Caesar Lau
    Well worth the bucks. Good system and story. There is a little bug where i took the white star, restart the battle, took the 6+ star and from that point onwards i have infinite starts. Please take a look
  11. SO SUPER AWESOME!!!!!!!!!
    Nate Deathman
    I love this game and how cartoony their designs are, well pearls is kind of strange looking at times but is still my favorite never mind pearl will always be my favorite :)
  12. It restarts randomly
    Magenta Autumn
    The game is fun and love the show but every so often I lose all my data and have to start over is this just me
  13. A few suggestions
    Jack Vollero
    This game is great I just have a few suggestions 1. Make pearl look better 2. Add Stevens shield. 3. Less farming needed to progress besides these I think the game is perfect beyond belief. instead of making a sequil that'll cost more money instead add content and make updates that go with the show like costume changes why not add a second story following the events of the show following peridot fighting jasper breaking out of space jail getting to have ruby&saphire
  14. I wish there was a hard mode
    Dennis Reardon
    Love SU and this game was well worth the money. I only wish there was a way to make it tougher Because I never felt in danger due to all the items I had and the weak monsters ( minus the bosses)
  15. Truly great
    Kurt Smith
    I love this game and this show. All around a win. Witholding last star because I still can't get 100% because one level won't recognize I've found everything. Minor glitch but I'm stuck at 98%
  16. Don't get me wrong....
    Marquez Ware
    I liked the game. I enjoyed playing as all the gems and the storyline was great but it was kinda short lived. Well new stuff be added soon?
  17. I have no words better for describing this game
    Pinkie Pie
    I love this game... It brings me back to the days of playing paper Mario mixed with Steven Universe. Wish it was longer and more difficult to but hey thats what a sequel is for right
  18. Juliana Demarque
    Great game. Fun all the way, not boring and difficult enough for all ages. Of course it should be longer, though... the fun should never end!
  19. Very good game
    Fiedely Halim
    Never watched steven universe, but decided to try the game after reading many reviews. Very good turn based rpg indeed and without in app purchase. Only downside is my battery going down so quickly. Using galaxy tab s 8.4.
  20. The Phone Game We Needed
    Levi Johnson
    I am a big fan of the show so I love that this game is SU themed. Aside from that, this game stands alone as an amazing game. In a market flooded with ad filled games with pay to win in-app purchases, this game has none of those annoying things! It even has a lock so if little kids play it they can't accidentally download another game in the "Other Games" section. While the game could've been a little more difficult, the game was a blast to play. It is worth more than what they charge for it. Buy it.


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