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Elizabeth Yang | Production Assistant

Jodi Holt | Senior Project Manager

Kieron Mirchandani | Guest Planning

Judy Moy | Line Producer

Reviews 73,848

  1. Seriously??
    Brandon Rankin
    I bought the pay version because I wanted to remove the ads. BUT THERE'S STILL ADS! Why? But that's a complaint for the other version. My complaint here is that, after downloading the paid version I uninstalled the free version.... But then all my game days was gone! I had to start all over! WHY ON EARTH DO THE TWO VERSIONS NOT SHARE GAME DATA???
  2. fantastic with a side of legendary greatness
    Aaron Conrad
    this game is one of the best tower defense games I've ever played.. give me more levels to crown =) need so many more levels addiction is an understatement
  3. Good but slow
    Alexander Zavala
    This game is fun but the mob movement and time you have to play to buy/upgrade is eternal.
  4. Jimmy D
    Loved this game. Fun twist on TD with smooth awesome gameplay. Money comes quickly for good constant upgrades and new traps. If your not playing this, you should be
  5. Very fun game but....
    Ted Mosbey
    I love this game funny and fun to play but I cleared all levels of the game and now playing the endless hero level. Here is the thing after night 12 and past level 50 no more heroes come out , it say final wave then nothing not even coins to add to your collection. So did I break the game? Or does it need to be up dated ? What to do?
  6. Super good!But...
    Kyle Sey
    I would give it 10 stars if I could epic you must download it.But I have too uninstall it because its took up too much storage but it say try again later fix for 5 stars.thanks anyway
  7. Glitch
    alex martinez
    there's a game breaking glitch where enemies climb an invisible ladder or drop from an invisible ladder; sometimes straight to the princess making it impossible to get an un-seized bonus. Other than that it is probably one of the best mobile games I have played
    fistpump cat
    I can't stop playing it's really interactive and great designs I love it
  9. Best game ever
    Aushyne Bell
    The graphics are great but some time the dogs change color and lags but it a great game
  10. Best game on google play
    Piotr Jastrzębski
    Well balanced, very fun, big updates, no need for cash.
  11. Steal
    Marcus S
    Spent 1500 coins but didn't do the trick on the LASER SHARK, it just took my money didn't give me SHARK.
  12. Your mammas house
    Enoch Joseph Williams
    During watchtowers at archdiocesan implicated in the future of our customers and business development manager with a few days ago and I will be in the morning at your mammas housekdn n sufficiently jurisdictional codicil scrimp Dublin and I will be in the morning and I will be in the morning and I will be in the past some good sleep mode given shrink afternoon game seeing out did interim washroom outnumbers exterminations truthful and I are both doing what lkf judgment distributorship unfortunate focusing hydrocortisone
  13. Stewie Williamson
    Makes you think, i do not travel outside of fighting games as much,but thanks to a.s. games i finally expanded my wings.
  14. New levels will be surely appreciated
    Walt White
    One of a kind game...I'm so hooked on this Phoenix... New levels please
  15. Asom
    Paul Thomas
    It was realy fun I enjoied it a lot.
  16. Fun... For a while
    drew Daniels
    For a long time I enjoyed it. But after a while it begins to feel too repetitive. At first it was my favorite mobile game. Now I find it lacking new mechanics.
  17. Great game
    Muqtadirat Yussuff
    Great game but please add more traps and level.
  18. Like the game but
    anthony scott
    I enjoy playing this game alot until the update with the last part were it is endless after stage 7 it will stop working it would just add floors and then say level clear but no heros will come and it will just do that in a endless loop please fix
  19. Love it
    Cameron Leckliter
    Great fun, and has a twist. Would really like to see more updates with crazyer and wild maps
  20. This is still a fun game
    Xavier Guina
    It's still really fun, and I love the new space map and new traps and minions, keep up the good work.


What`s new

** HUGE 2.0 Version Update! **

• Brand-New Chapter! "Space Madness" - 15 levels set in Lord Evilstein's fully operational moon base
• FOUR new traps to thwart heroes with!
• Daily Bonuses are now available in the Challenge-O-Rama. Each day complete a new, fiendishly difficult challenge set out for you. Reap Doom Shekel and Evilness rewards and stake your place on the new Challenge-O-Rama leaderboard.
• New icon to reflect additional awesomeness

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