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  1. Advertising
    Stanford Vogt
    I saw an update for a new level so I reinstalled this game. Despite saving my achievements, my game progress is not saved. More frustrating, I now receive pop-up ads after every couple stages. I bought this, why do I see advertisements?
  2. Updated Thank u
    Victor Freeze
    I love this game. Gives u a chance to know how evil lairs are and to be an awesome evil villian >:)
  3. No cloud Savings game
    Rex Zex
    I give no even one star coz of that damn thing..
  4. Great take take on a tower defense
    Aaron Freson
    Game is very fun and challenging. I can play it for hours.
  5. Awsome
    damien liles
    Only thing is that the summer slay cation is to hard
  6. Compared to Free to slay
    John Purchase
    I downloaded this cause i loved the Free Version so much but i just Discover that in fact even tho i paid for this One it has less Features Like Making your Trap and minion bar bigger to be able to use more an different things at a Time :-( please fix or update and I'll improve my rate 5 stars like it deserves Other then that great Game
  7. Glitch endless
    Sean Brennan
    Level 11....remember reading in a forum in April that you were gonna fix this....It's been a year now. Are you ever fixing this glitch?
  8. Level 11
    3laderunner 1980
    There is a persistent glitch on this level, I dispose of all the heroes after they rescue the princess but no more waves come and she just lays on the ground like a dead chicken. I retrieve her and she is flown back to her prison but nothing else happens but it wont let me level up, I beat them at least 5 times but I cant proceed any further.
  9. Goofy, madness! Lots of fun!
    Chrysteena Lairamore
    This game is silly and cute but also involves a fair amount of strategy. Super addictive. I only wish there were more levels!
  10. Castle Doombad
    Amanda Lutterman
    So much fun, I love this game!!! However, no auto back up of game data and no sync across devices of game progress. Also, I dislike IAP on a paid app. Can't have it both ways, either paid or free with IAP, not both!!!
  11. Great game
    Evan Urdang
    Game is fun and easy to pick up yet challenging if you wanna master it all. Only issue is it gets a little glitchy sometimes on my droid 4. Especially when things get hectic I have a hard time placing traps/minions where I want them. Collecting drops is also unresponsive at times forcing me to tap many times to pick one drop up. Great game though and well worth the few bucks it costs just wish it was a bit smoother.
  12. Very disappointing
    I played almost all of the levels on the Free to Slay version, and enjoyed it SO much, that I decided to purchase the premium version. I acknowledge now that it was only my fault for not taking the time to read the description for this version before purchasing, as I disappointingly discovered that the only difference is that the ad had been removed. :( Developers! Please, please make new levels and add more goodies to unlock and discover! I love love love tower defence games and this is one of the best.
  13. Endless mode bug
    Sam Jackson
    Great game. But the endless knights mode needs to be fixed! For ages we have not been able to pass level 11, no enemies spawn, please fix.
  14. Restore purchases option does not work...
    Cassio Jaqueline
    Nor is our progress saved to our Google+ account. I invested a lot of money in this game - enough to buy every trap, max them all out, and still have some to spare. Got my tablet back from maintenance and it's all gone. Fix it. EDIT: Buyer BEWARE - It's been months, and not even a word from the developers. Don't waste your time, much less your money on this app.
  15. Endless night crash
    eng ong
    Great game let down by crash at endless nights -11. Same thing happened on iPad version. No heroes at all. Extremely frustrating after trying for hours trying to see how far one can get.
  16. Great game!
    Michael Lemmons
    Well balanced and lots of fun. Well worth the purchse price!
  17. I love this!
    Jai M.
    Great graphics, plenty of ways to be bad, fun, and challenging!
  18. excellent game
    Oliver Low
    for lovers of 'Tiny Heroes', 'Plants vs Zombies' and that kind of thing. Nicely done sound and graphics too. Has the "just one more go..." effect. :-)
  19. Abdullah Wright
    It's ridiculous... I'm a great artist and have great out of the box ideas....I can make better games than's boring
  20. Fun twist in a tower defense genre
    leif Anderson
    All in all, it's a great game. Good quality is to be expected from an adult swim game. IAP in a paid app is a bummer but it doesn't affect the game play that much unless you like to "cheat" your way to the end.


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** HUGE 2.0 Version Update! **

• Brand-New Chapter! "Space Madness" - 15 levels set in Lord Evilstein's fully operational moon base
• FOUR new traps to thwart heroes with!
• Daily Bonuses are now available in the Challenge-O-Rama. Each day complete a new, fiendishly difficult challenge set out for you. Reap Doom Shekel and Evilness rewards and stake your place on the new Challenge-O-Rama leaderboard.
• New icon to reflect additional awesomeness

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