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Jonathan Weiss | CFO at Toca Boca

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Caroline Ingeborn | COO at Toca Boca

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Björn Jeffery | CEO & Co-Founder, Toca Boca

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  1. My daughters love this
    David Huttleston Jr
    They love helping the little critters, and feeding them afterward. My youngest is tickled pink every time she helps the snake out of its shell.
  2. Excellent but...
    Is good, only problem I have is that my kid always mistakenly hits the soft keys at bottom of screen and sends the tablet to home screen. Would be a 5 star if that could be fixed (same problem with all the toca games)
  3. Worst game ever!
    Rachael And Hannah
    I think this is the worst game ever I wouldn't recommend this app to anyone, most of the pets are not even properly injured and once you cure them there is nothing else to do. I think this game should be free so people don't waste their money.
  4. Eh
    water lilly
    It's sweet to see all the pets feel better at the end ' I'm an animal lover' but other than that this game is soo boring, lame and stupid. Toca boca creators please make this free so people don't have to waste there money
  5. 3 year old LOVES this game.
    Ramona Klitzke
    This is a great game for preschoolers. I am nanny to a 3 year old and she requests it constantly. She says, "can I help the pets now?" It is a great way for her to become interested in first aid, veterinary science, and the simple rewards that come from helping others. After she helps each pet, she then gets to feed it, and that is her favorite part. We talk about how the animals must feel when they are injured, what each animal eats and why, and how she could become a real vet. Worth the price!!!
  6. Toca Pet Doctor
    Marianne Roberts
    Very sweet app, teach young kids to care for the different animals in a fun and entertaining way. Cute animations,funny and engaging. More animals would be great also. Charming
  7. Another amazing app by Toca!!!
    Pamela Holmes
    My granddaughter and I, love to play this app! The 15 animated pets in the doctor's waiting room have been designed to bring out their unique characteristics and to make their quirks cute and humorous to boot. The diversity of the pets helps keep the game amusing. It's genius to have a follow-up feeding segment for each pet after they've been patched up. When they are returned to the waiting room they can now sleep. Their pain stopped and their tummies are full. Thank-you Toca for yet another amazing app!!!
  8. Nice
    Piotr WYSOCKI
    There is only dozen of mini games but my kid likes it. It is getting bored after few days but other games from Tocca have great replay value.
  9. Loved it!
    lulus momma
    This is adorable! My 3 year old loves it. She tends to get easily frustrated with some games, but this is perfect. I love that it teaches them how to care for different animals. More Toca Boca on Google Apps, please!
  10. Lovely, family-friendly app
    Kate Wise
    My kids love it - as do I! - it's very sweet. Lost one star as it's crashed a couple of times which meant re-installing each time.
  11. love it
    adam pattison
    my 10 year old loves this no problems so far keep making more apps and one more thing MORE ANIMALS :(])
  12. Doesn't always work on tablet but fine on mobile phone.
    Howard Jones
    The app will start to open and the music plays but I then get a red and blue screen on my Motorola Xoom and you can't see anything, rendering the game unplayable. Sometimes however after loads of attempts, it loads tidily. All the other Toca Boca games work on it properly except for this one. I wish they would add a free version so you can check if it works with your device or add a device compatibility list. It works fine on my S3 though.
  13. Omg
    Victoria Reynolds
    I love this app so does my mom we play it together all the time totally get this app worth the three bucks
  14. Cant install but paid
    Leonore Engelbrecht
    Hi. My kid loves this game on granmas ipad but it wont install on my samsung s4. Can u fixit please?
  15. Great game for young children!
    Amber Knipp
    My 3 year old loves it. It's essentially a bunch of "mini games" with easy goals and she gets to feed the animals which she has a lot of fun with! We love Toca Boca games!
  16. Great as always
    Stephane Dorion
    Toca boca apps in general are great and this one is well made too. it is enjoyable, humorous but more importantly, easy to use for kids. doesn't require reading and no ads or in-app purchases annoyances.
    Aissatou Sokhna
    This game keeps me entertained for so long. I love the fact that you have many different animals. This game is amazing and so are the other toca boca games
  18. Doesn't work on a restricted profile
    Paul Busby
    I have a 'safe' profile set up using the built in android functionality, but this game will not load up on it. Unfortunately that means its a 0 star, none-starter for me!
  19. Great for youngsters getting used to tablets
    Rachel Taylor
    My 3 year old daughter absolutely adores this. As soon as she's cured a pet she excitedly chants 'again again'. Perhaps not the most educational of apps, but it's easy for her to use by herself and seems to be developing her empathy for animals. I was happy to pay to avoid ads and in app purchases.
  20. Super cute for my 3 year old
    Daniel Nordhoff
    Ty for having a good game with perfect gameplay for a 3 to probably 5 year old that I don't have to worry about what ad might pop up or what my little girl might click on.


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