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  1. Scientist is training
    M M
    For all those who want to become scientists, you will love this app! When I first got the app, I was so suprised when I made my first element. My eyes widened with awe and I gaped with amazement. Experimenting is fun and I found all of the elements. Unless you want to restart, you can select the option in the settings. Thank you Toca Boca!
  2. So fun and outstanding quality but disappointing without names
    Annette Daniels
    I can understand to certain degree why it does not have the individual name. It's a great game my toddler loves I just wish there was an option to have the name said. She could actually learn all elements please add this option.
  3. Few things
    Yui U
    First off its fun, cute, symbols and atomic weights are correct so far. Wished it said the names of the equipment and elements full name not just the symbols. The kids love it but insists that sodium is na. They're not at that point where they'll wait for me to look it up.
    Louise Annetts
    Personally, I wanna be a scientist when Im older. So this is a great app for me! Thankyou so much for creating this amasing app! Sory if my english is bad ;-;
  5. Lacking info
    Rich Smit
    It's lovely, nearly so great, but it misses the opportunity to describe the elements, even choosing not to use their names. I tried a dozen times to pull up the clipboard to find common facts like date of discovery, practical applications and where it might be found. As it is, it's not educational in the slightest, since the one piece of equipment which can change one element into another is conspicuous by its absence!
  6. Excellent kids game
    Megan Reeves
    Another excellent creation from Toca Boca! My 4 year old son loves it very much. Beautifully designed, educatiinal and fun, this app will introduce the fun of science to your child.
  7. Amazing
    Daniella Lane
    I think if you love this app you love toca Boca its aimed at kids and easy for them to understand
  8. Awesome!
    Susan Joyce
    This was super fun and cute. Even if your not a kid it's a great mind teaser! I just finished and I'm in love! Great job. Maybe in a later version we will be able to mix the elements?
  9. Cool
    Alicia Pera
    Amazing I like this. I got through it twice. One thing that needs to be improved is that sometimes the game would force kick me out. Other than that I love it.
  10. Interesting
    Myra Mundaray
    Cute little unique game for kids. Pretty entertaining.
  11. Please explain...
    Richard Whitmarsh
    What's the purpose of the items in the box... Calculator, magnifying glass, light bulb, tea cup, etc.? None of them are functional as far as I can tell... The magnet I get, but what are all the others for?... A soccer ball sticks to thallium? Confused and losing interest... What's the point of those items if they can't be used to discover anything... Might make sense if Hg took the shape of the vessel it's in, or if Au was more difficult to raise up than Al in a side by side comparison... This site poses the question: "Is Gold heavy or light?" - How can one assess this? Too many unknowns for a good rating :-( But that could change with clarification and development...
  12. My daughter loves it!
    Ashley Kelahlyah
    She's four years old and not easily amused. I've had to set a time limit for this game. She loves it.
  13. Idiocy.
    Michelle Ann Ongkingco
    Such a waste. I'd like a refund for this ridiculousness. I would've given more stars if you simply NAMED THE ELEMENTS. Such a massive flaw! This is just a mindless tool to keep toddlers anti-bored.
  14. Really cute
    Kara Bezpalko
    This is a lot of fun to mess with, and absolutely adorable. However, I find it annoying how the full names of the elements aren't given. It gets a little confusing. This is still fun to play with, though.
  15. We love it.....
    Jacquie Harakis
    But the elements' names and lab equipment names and the chemical reactions would not be amiss.
  16. All black
    Mark Evans
    As others have commented all black screen after logo. Unable to play at all. Real shame as all the other apps my daughter loves.
  17. Fun app!
    Christan Basconcillo
    Another really fun game for kids. Interactive and and teaches the basics of chemistry. I disagree with the reviewers that gave it poor reviews as far as "functionality". This is a child's game, and it's supposed to be fun, entertaining and educational WITH THE GUIDANCE OF A PARENT. Don't just toss this to your kid, walk away, and expect to him/her to be the next Bill Nye. Spend time with your child, explain what things do, etc. Geez people. You can't expect technology to be the sole source of education. Although I do admit that it would be nice if the elements were written out so that you knew which element was what on the periodic table, but for me as an adult, that makes it fun. Looks like I'll need to study up a bit.
  18. OMG! More Please More!!!!
    Erwin Soria
    I really like the different characters. For the potions, why do we have to make different combinations? OK. I get the point. It is fun messing around with it. Just for other games, can you make it free please? Hope you read this TOCA BOCA.By the way, I cannot get some characters.
  19. My children and I love this game
    Elisa Montrose-Roback
    I have a 2, 5, and 9 year old and we have all enjoyed playing with this game. I find they each enjoy experimenting with the cause and effect of what happens rather than using it as a learning tool to memorize or comprehend the actual periodic table. I support the idea of the developers in this as being a great way to introduce young minds to science via experimentation. We just find all of the Toca Boca games to be top notch, and this one has definitely been a hit in our home!
  20. Needs work. Great idea.
    rachel morris
    I tested this app on my 5 and 7 year old and while it was entertaining to change the blob into a different colored blob, I was hoping for some real chemistry to be seeping in: like the actual names of the elements, or solid, liquid, gas, or how elements interact for real, or anything a bit more educational. This game could be so much better. I think people underestimate kids and just want to entertain them. Chemistry is fun! Kids love to learn about real things in creative and engaging ways. Good start.


What`s new

Toca Lab is now a series of playful science apps. That’s why we’re renaming this app to Toca Lab: Elements! Another lab in the series is coming soon. We also added symbols to the most recent elements and did some general polishing. Enjoy!