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Monthly active users estimation: 300000

Reviews 57,991

  1. Twenty & others
    Sandy Farley
    Actually these games are the most fun of any of the multi-packs I've tried! However, there is a similar problem in this game & 3 others which is that appropriate cards will not adhere to the cards upon which they are played. And this, of course, ruins the games. Please repair so I can continue to play them.
  2. I have an LG Android,This app ROCKS!
    Naomi Perreira
    Tried in the past various other solitaire variety packages apps, but this one is the very best to come along in years. ALL great: graphics, options on how you want to play, speed in moving cards is fantastic, good selection for customization your playing each game the way you want to. Plus, I love the fireworks when I win,
  3. Love it!
    Gini David
    I love this solataire app! Has many games my grandmother taught me & brings back wonderful memories! Plus with being an insomniac, great way to pass a sleepless night!
  4. Fantastic
    Ann Lawrence
    This is by far my favorite solitaire app. I put it on every new phone I get. Instructions for new games are descriptive and easy to follow. I have not experienced any glitches with the games themselves. The ads are a little annoying but worth the free app and aren't intrusive to play. I like the upgrade to hide the menu so I'm not accidentally hitting it while playing. Doesn't eat battery like other solitaire apps I've tried. Great app.
  5. Samsung Galaxy S5, Tab4
    Kathi Reynolds
    Great way to learn new games. One of the best apps I've tried. You do, however, need to get rid of the false advertising of having rare and unusual games, such as Accordion and King's Corner, that you say can't be found anywhere else. They can. It makes me wonder what else an app developer is not being honest about when they are untruthful, particularly when they're good enough to stand on their own merits. Losing 1 star due to this.
  6. Great game
    Gary Edwards
    Will give it 5* when the score system actually works, keep getting a score of 52 every time. U said u were going to update the scoring, nothing has changed for 8 months. Down another star
  7. Yt? Solitair free pack
    Connie Schmitt
    These games are very fun! There is still one game that no one seems to have yet that I played when I was younger
  8. Should be 5 stars
    paula sanders
    I've really enjoyed this game until this morning. In the middle of playing Spider the cards froze while moving and then my screen went black. Now it will not come back and I can only get out by hitting the home screen button multiple times. There was nothing running in the background at the time.
  9. Use it everyday
    Lisa Kaminski
    This is my stress relief. Love it! Helps if I have anxiety on planes or just trying to get to sleep. Great app.
  10. One of the best!
    Dorothy Garnett
    Free, fun and never boring.This one has all of the old favs and lots of new games to learn.
  11. jean odonnell
    This has the best variety of solitaire card games. I love this. You never get bored. Cool!
  12. Great
    Brandon Jones
    Great collection of card games. I have noticed though, that since the update before last I'm Pyramid the king no longer gets removed when another card is on top of it. The latest update has the same behavior. Not sure if this is a bug or how it should have been all along as I do not know the rules. Thanks for the great app.
  13. Best One Around
    bryce gardner
    Have been enjoying this app for a couple of years, now. Others I've tried don't compare. The only thing that would make it complete is the addition of Grandfather's Clock
  14. Great look
    Zoe Eckblad
    The graphics are vibrant and the selection is huge. My only suggestion is for Klondike Solitaire. Could we please have the deck on the bottom of the screen as in Canfield Damon. Its very awkward now for a right handed person.
  15. Love this game
    Heather Whitley
    The only complaint I have is that when I close it out in the middle of a game... It counts as a loss in my stats even though when I get back on, it picks up where I left off.
  16. Dana Schwartz
    The best solitaire pack ever so far. Tons of games, very fun and addicting. I love all the ways I can choose a game, often late at night I choose easy or short. It is great that I can see every detail of each game I play and can be challenged to beat my highest score, time, and moves. I am now going to find out if I can have it on my laptop:-)
  17. Continues to close in the middle of the games.
    Brenda Romero
    Continues to close in the middle of the games. What is the cause of this and can it be fixed or is it not compatible with my LG Volt?
  18. Solitaire Free Pack
    Anna Smith
    Great app. However Picture Gallery and Mod 3 keep freezing up. I have uninstalled and reinstalled several times.
  19. It's great
    Kelly Zona
    Love the assortment of card games, play all the time! I don't even mind the ads because of being able to place them at the top so I'm not constantly hitting the ad by mistake but as soon as I can I plan on buying the ads free pack so I can have even more card games to play!
  20. Great app
    Stuart Young
    Only thing that would be nice is a "Least Played" or "Not Played" game list (to compliment the Most Played list).


What`s new

Less ads means more play time! We've reduced the number of ads to keep you in the action!
Implemented several fixes for rare bugs and crashes.
Improved mirror mode and landscape orientation for several games.
Find your Favorite games more quickly with our new streamlined game list!
Thank you for your continuous support in making Solitaire Free Pack the best Solitaire experience ever!

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