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Adrian Lawton | Brand Manager at Team 17 Digital Ltd

Nottingham, United Kingdom |

Aaleyah Symons | Marketing at Team17 Digital Ltd

Nottingham, United Kingdom |

Pawel Goleniewski | QA Manager at Team17 Digital Ltd

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Lélia Peuchamiel | Producer at Team 17

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  1. Thanks Team17
    Aussious Cabangana
    After response from team 17 got past the Gree screen, enjoying the game!
  2. Gree fail
    David Caunt
    I just wanted to play Alien Breed but can't get past the Gree screen. Pressing Play Now doesn't seem to work. Can't you just remove Gree and let us play?
  3. Gree(d)
    Jaroslaw Solak
    I feel screwed. Hey, where's my Google Play integration and achievements and cloud save, and why do I need to pay in game after purchasing the game.
  4. Thanks..awesome
    stephen brazier
    22 years on and this must be the most purchased franchise in all my gaming years. I have owned every version from a500 to a1200 to cd32 to ps3 reboots to now mobile. Never gets old, its perfect.... superfrog next please.
  5. No no no
    Ron Li
    Firstly, what's this Gree rubbish that you're trying to get me to sign up for? No thanks. Secondly, I buy your app and then you want to charge me more for in app purchases of ammo and keys? Really? Not impressed.
  6. Good old school game
    Martin lace
    I have no problem with this game on my nexus 4. Controls are a tiny bit fiddly but other then that the same game I loved to play when I was you younger.
  7. Shocking
    Wulf Mayers
    I was greatly looking forward to this, however the game constantly informs me I dont have a genuine copy, even logged into their game system. One star for decent gameplay in the demo levels...
  8. 'This copy is not genuine'
    Marc Floyd
    I saw this on sale for $0.99 and though to myself, "Why not?!". After installing the game I find that I only have access to the first four levels, clicking any of the other chapters tells me, "This is not a genuine copy of the game" and directs me to a Play store page that does not exist. I'm not sure if it's broken or the rest of the game is intended as IAP, if so nowhere was it listed on the store page. Not happy! Functionally the game is fun though.
  9. Fixed!
    Nathan Armitage
    Last update fixed my loading issues on droid RAZR HD. Pretty cool game, lots of areas to explore. Micro transactions in a paid game is sorta meh... -1 star.
  10. Old School classic with a ne lease of life
    Andrew Sharp
    This is a revamped version of a classic pc game, also playable in its original form. Expansion packs have been included which is a nice extra. Classic mode can be very difficult to aim but the revised controls in enhanced mode make up for it. Great for such a low price
  11. Improved since release
    Kevin Lowe
    With the authentication issues fixed, this is now a pretty decent game. Controls are a bit twitchy, but manageable on a tablet.
  12. Nice homage to the original
    Toby Teel
    Only wish: 2 player! Fighting over who gets the first aid, arguing over where to go next, and the shame of wasting a key on a door to nowhere. If only I could relive those great memories!
  13. Almost perfect
    Rob Bourne
    Love the game but have a couple of suggestions: Allow the back button to close the game (or go to menu when in-game). Maybe even have a quit confirmation. Also, get rid of the login service - there are too many of these floating around, I refuse to sign into yet another! Glad to see the game released though, takes me back :-)
  14. Gree marrs the experience
    Paul Peacock
    The game itself is fantastic, however being prompted to log in to Gree every time the game is launched is tiresome. Tapping 'play now' results in me having a blank Gree window stay on my screen (due to blocking ads?). To play the game I have to press the home button of my phone and then relaunch alien breed. It's a little irritating to put up with marketing when you've paid for an app or a game.
  15. I bought the game dont want a Gree account
    Marc Russell
    Why the heck do I have to have a Gree account to play a game. Should be optional. Buy this game if want to be added to another social network as you don't have any choice when you buy the game. Pretty lame
  16. Hangs at GREE login
    Sten Turpin
    I'm not using GREE, not interested, but the game loads a GREE login on startup and it won't go away.
  17. Better be a fan of mazes for this one
    Mike Tsenter
    Levels that are real mazes, new levels, updated graphics and controls l, including originals, good. Not being able to mix and match new graphics with old controls, no difficult settings, only p3 enemy types, bosses that do not differ in any way beyond appearance, no weaknesses, attack patterns, varying attacks, bad. I welcome the huge assortment of weapons but they all cost the same with some clearly preferable to others and most serving no purpose.
  18. Samsung Galaxy S3
    jerry drake
    I PAID for this old favorite and it will not run. I get a Welcome "My name" screen and it stays black. I hear game music playing in the background but screen stays black. Uninstalled and reinstalled...reset phone, nothing helps. I emailed the developers about 2 weeks response or anything. You fail
  19. Freeze
    Valentine Strand
    Plays music on start with grey screen continuously. Restarted and got"welcome player g932.....ect. and freeze again on grey screen.tmobile s3
  20. Why do I need 'Gree'...
    Andrew Smith
    And how can I skip it? Loading shows me the popup but 'play now' does anything but that, it just gives me a white screen.