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  1. Can't download
    Swifty Swiss
    Won't even let me open or start the download just crashed my Google app store without further notice. Can download any other app. Funny thing is I used to play this game al the time... same phone...fixed.
  2. Love it
    Pablo Reyes
    Really nice, creative storyline, and great character structural. It could be more involved with the fighting but over I give it 5 stars, for continually hit final fantasy all time high bar as one of the unforgettable experience.
  3. It's a great FF, However...
    Exvius 9999
    I don't like the fact when playing offline on occasion the message "Connection Lost Try again" will appear rendering it completely unplayable until connected to Wifi again. A MAJOR inconvenience if there's no nearby Wifi. A pity, considering that this is a great old school FF game.
  4. Galaxy s3 minor issue
    craig dobbin
    Problem during battles screen will turn black if the menu button to access auto fight is not highlighted bit of a problem for a boss battle because if your not fast enough you could be dead before you try to hit enemies like .... omega weapon ??? Over a month and still not fixed the issue .... fix it square enix !! We paid money for this Problems fixed thank you
  5. My favorite app
    Stephen McRoberts
    I haven't liked a lot of recent final fantasy games since 10 but this one is really good and I just wish they make a second one but they may never. I loved the job classes and the idea of fusion abilities. I liked how the battles went. The enemies usually wouldn't die too quickly like in other ff games so you had plenty of chances to use abilities and strategy. Really it is a very fun game and I would recommend it.
  6. So, so, so bad...
    John Boe
    So, after investing a few hours I had to look at the strategy online. Don't waste your money. You can't skip long, long cut scenes and have to redo the whole thing if you leave the screen. Let's not even talk about bosses that have attacks to: drain all party mp, poison all party, stun all party, slow all party, high DPS all party, curse single target. No weaknesses, all same boss, chapter 2. If you want to fight that monster, buy this game. It's full of bs like that. I want my $ back this game is retarded
  7. Fantastic classic
    Cheezers Cameback
    Square-Enix has made many questionable choices regarding Final Fantasy. Whether it's money hungry or departing from fantasy for emotional sci-fi. This game however is a love letter for those who enjoyed the classics. The older games did not rely on graphical power or mind numbing control schemes. Instead it relied on terrific story telling and a deep customization of equipment/magic. Which this game does equally well with a few new twists. This game is worth the money but only if your a fan of old school
  8. Can't complain.
    Stephen Gilbert
    Playing on Note Edge without any issues what so ever. It's a great game with a generic story, unique characters, decent graphics and superb sound. The game itself you can easily put in 30 - 60 hours +. The difficulty is a little more challenging than your typical FF Game (which is good). Tons of weapon types, job customizations, enemies, and areas to explore. - I would highly recommend this game.
  9. Really fun game
    Joe Caravello
    I got to enjoy this game sparacticly throu out 6 months on and off on my nexus 7 tablet. The game play was great, I enjoyed the storyline and the flexibility of the characters. Most of the game wasn't too challenging. The end game hit interesting and everything came together finally.. Last boss was a nice challenge to end the game. Well enjoyed game, would recommend to anyone who wants a nice engaging game they can pick up and put down anytime, anywhere!
  10. Classic
    Tyler Blank
    Brings back memories; great classic gameplay. Just wish I could backup my save file without rooting my phone.
  11. Horrible company.
    Tony Laskin
    I'm sick of Squenix's constant whoring of old games, and horrible DRM requiring a network connection. Not to mention how slow they are at updating their Android games. AND we still don't have War of the Lions in English on Android.
  12. Old school
    Tommy Jerdee Jr
    Nice old school feel. End game challenges were fun too. Well worth the money.
  13. Wizkid
    Joe Morris
    I love this game the graphics rock and the background music is just magical worth every penny I spent !!! A must for any Final Fantasy Fan Player ! I really like to be able to get Final Fantasy Tactics on Android had it on my old iPhone I don't have anymore...
  14. Awesome
    Lee Yik Wei
    Game play is decent. Graphics is cool. Thanks square Enix for bringing this game to Android platform. Love it so far. Although the Dpad is quite bulky, it's not a big deal anyway. Please make final Fantasy 6 on Android platform too. Final Fantasy 6 is the best game on snes days. Really hope it can be port to the Android platform.
  15. Absolutely phenomenal
    Morgan Fics
    This is a classic FF. The writing is quirky and the story is great. Gameplay is what you'd expect from an old school style rpg. Head left or right... One way leads to a treasure chest, the other to the next portion of the dungeon. Auto battling is excellent for grinding. Job system is well balanced and makes for some nice replay value. Has all your classic summons and weapons, Ramuh, Ultima sword, you name it, it's here! Well done square-enix, well worth your money and time. What are you waiting for?!?
  16. An attempt at a classic that falls short.
    Matthew Wilson
    Overall, this is a fun game for anyone who enjoys a classic turn-based RPG, but it also feels hollow the further I get in the game, where the story starts to take a back seat to generic mechanics like dungeon exploration, level-grinding, and obtaining new summons. The characters get very little development and multiple of them are cliched beyond tolerance. But I loves me a new turn-based RPG, so it still gets 4 stars (5 if the story was better).
  17. Drake Amendola
    Very much a throwback to old school Final Fantasy. No where near as good as the stories in those classics, but the combat is fun and challenging, though it takes a while to adjust to the quick pace. Sometimes the text boxes are poorly formatted, so a word will start at the end of the box and continue at the beginning a row down, with not even a hyphen. Took me out of the story a bit, but it's not a total deal breaker.
  18. Awesome!!!
    Chris Kline
    Love this game!!! I have had so much fun with FF Dimensions. Well worth the price! If you loved the old school adventures, take the time to enjoy FF with some awesome modern mechanics! You will not regret it!
  19. Great game
    Carmine Cammarata
    This game could have easily been released in a standard console or PC setting. It's that full and engaging (took me over 50 hours with extras to finish). My only complaint is I wish it had the option to upload to cloud save like the other FF games. I lost my completed data during a device switch, not realizing the data was not on my SD card.
  20. Great game but overpriced.
    Joseph Dinnis
    These are late 80's graphics but a very fun game. Not really worth 21 dollars as there are just as good of games for 3 to 5 dollars.


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