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  1. Bluetooth connections restart game.
    Eric Palinski
    Samsung Galaxy S 10 inch tablet, Logitech Bluetooth keyboard. If my tablet loses connection with my keyboard while I'm playing, it automatically restarts the game from the title menu. I can hit continue from there and only lose a few minutes of gameplay. Haven't tested to see if its all bluetooth devices. Since I can hit continue to resume where I was I have still rated the game 5 stars. It looks fantastic. The oldschool FF gameplay and story are awesome. Now they just need to release 7-9 on the play store.
  2. Wonderful game...
    Giuliano Ferrari
    ... Great remake. Most bugs fixed. Still crashes sometimes.
  3. Like it!
    Arc War
    Never played the original so I can't comment on the quality of the port, but the product I have received holds true to the FF series. My only issue has been the grind fest that the first dungeon has turned out to be but I'm working on it! Great game!
  4. So ridiculously terrible
    Joe Nixon
    I never played this back in the day, but I don't think I'd have enjoyed this bore fest back then either. Truly a terrible, over rated game. And the save options on this are an absolute joke. Not worth a dollar let alone what they're actually charging. SAVE YOUR MONEY!
  5. The best game on android.
    Joey Marks
    everything from the graphics, the audio, environments, is top notch. And on a platform that completely saturated with mediocre bullcrap. high price point really separates true gamers from casuals. my only gripe would have to be the movement controls. but I guess that goes with the territory. no horrible in app purchases. I felt like I was playing on a legitimate gaming system like vita or 3ds. The rise of true gaming finally comes to Android. Suck a big one candy crush!
  6. Great game
    Rachel Rehm
    The only thing I can complain about thus far is that it seems that one of the treasures is missing from the Dwarves Treasury which makes it hard to get 100% completion for those who like to get a perfect game
  7. Great game but hard
    So great! Be careful because the final dungeon of the game has NO save points! And its a pretty long tough dungeon. I highly recommend your party be at least LVL 60 before coming there. But great game. Just not a strong enough story
  8. Takes me back
    Zack Badila
    This takes me back to my high school days playing FF3 on my DS. I'm a 23 year old adult now, but I still love this game. Sure FF3 was not the most popular of the series, but give it a chance guys! 5 stars! Only one minor problem, the controls are hard. Lucky for me my MOGA will be delivered soon, so we'll see how that works out.
  9. Just fyi for those who have beaten cloud of darkness-final boss ;)
    Raven Rush
    There is oooooone more challenge for you to undergo and see if you really are the ff fan you claim to be,look up IRON GIANT for this game and have fun :D
  10. Worried note 4 users
    Kevin cuello
    This review is from the galaxy note 4 I'll answer a few questions if your having problems downloading the game like I did at 99% restart your phone you'll see that it will say downloading then installs now the supposed online always is not true I turn off my wifi at work and do not have data so yeah I've also played this with wifi off at the house for more than an hour yeah wifi or data I's not needed for this game hopefully this answers some of your problems so far I have had 0 problems playing the game
  11. Works great!
    Ron Rayner
    Love the graphics and works great with a controller. The touch controls are top notch too!
  12. Amazing. But jobs a little unbalanced.
    Chris Sanchez
    Addicted, love this game. My only qualm is that Red Mages are def overpowered. Put them in the back row with great armor and a bow & arrow and they destroy more than swords do and are protected by the back. PLUS they get both white & black spells. Monks are strangely underpowered, seem to have no attack output.
  13. FF3 is great and more port ideas. This is tested on my Nexus 5 from Android 4.4.2-5.0.1
    Arthur Cornwell
    Great game with good graphics. All around great port to android, Square-Enix. I hope to see other games on android like Kingdom Hearts, the Bouncer, and maybe even Dissidia. Dissidia won't need to many buttons due to touch screens. You can tap on the enemy to target and maybe tap hold to dash. Have the directional controls in the corner like most games and bravery, and HP attacks other corner with maybe the partner assist there to. Just ideas, thanks for all your hard work toward Android!
  14. Do not buy!!
    Corey McDaniel
    This game is not worth $16!! Just trust me.. I'm so mad I spent that money I can't even express in words right now what's wrong with this game.. Let's just say that I had to play the opening scene three times cuz u can't save til later and the things u fight are way stronger then u.. If u do make sure u save all the time.. It's garbage and I love ff
  15. Amazing
    Thomas Edmonson
    I grew up playing the final fantasy games, and the remakes of the older ones is more than I could have ever hoped for. Well worth the price of admission.
  16. Horrid company
    Tony Laskin
    I'm sick of Squenix's constant whoring of old games, and horrible DRM requiring a network connection. Not to mention how slow they are at updating their Android games. AND we still don't have War of the Lions in English on Android.
  17. Needs Autosave, Not Auto Quicksave
    Louis Loveland
    Ya know the part after the water crystal where you automatically die at Goldor's swamp or the disappearing statues? Yeah, screw that. Screw Square Enix and your cookie cut out, mass produced RPG games. I dont even know why I ever bought this excrement stain of a game, such a waste of money. Do yourself a favor and buy GTA Chinatown Wars, it's cheaper and isnt made by your grandad's favorite manufacturer of single player BS. And to Square Enix, make an android/iOS remake or reboot of The World Ends With You, or even a sequel.. No, no, dont make a sequel, you as a video game company would just screw it up, but hey, at least my $15 donation to your garbage video game production fund will keep Square Enix afloat for years and years to come so that they can keep shoveling garbage into our app stores. Hooraaay... Yeah thanks for reading my rant!
  18. Keeps Crashing and freezing
    Shawn Smeltzer
    I want a refund please. Its too laggy, crashes, and freezes. I am reposting this because I still haven't heard anything about this issue and refund. I want my $ back.
  19. Pretty good
    Benjamin Ang
    Classic game, love it. Would have wanted cloud saving integrated without going to main menus to do it
  20. Online sign in is crap
    Chungii Vee
    I play this at work during lunch, without internet it only opens 3 times before wanting internet which is crap because I am not near internet all the time keep this in mind before purchase. Game is great but required sign in is crap considering just paid $15 for the game, but can't play when I want to..... Squaresoft USED to be cool.


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