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  1. Game crashes, wants way too much info from my g+ account.
    Diane Lyons
    While trying to connect the game to a g+ account, I kept getting a pop up telling me the game had stopped running. Also, I do not trust any simple game that wants access to all my g+ information, including my private circles. They are PRIVATE for a reason. I consider this to be a huge security risk.
  2. It's great
    Joss Davis
    It has all the extra 2048 stuff and the 4x4 grid aswell!
  3. Andrew G
    An interesting idea ruined by the ads and the excessive amount of permissions.
  4. Addicted
    Georgina Bradley
    Is going to take me months to get to that big Tile at this rate.... Bit I don't care. I just wish it wouldn't keep crashing every time an advert is closed?
  5. AWSOME but...
    Pat Vickers
    The cpu issue; hangs up on s4 and s6 when closing ads; Haven't noticed the battery drain, but that stands to reason. Aside from that.... It rocks! Who knew binary values would be so fun!
  6. Heather Swanke
    Fun game but it's annoying that it crashes every time you close an ad
  7. Battery suck
    Lou Burgess
    This thing uses more battery than the GPS and 4G combined. Fix it for a higher rating, but uninstalling until then.
  8. Totally addictive but...
    Nathalie Bellot
    So consuming in terms of cpu and battery... Same as other reviews: it is hard to put it down once you have started. Sad I can run out of battery before end of play. And when this happens, the on-going play is lost and yyou need to start over from scratch. This is frustrating.
  9. Cool with auto modes!
    Masta Mak
    But there is a bug with undo: not always works, and then swithching app and back kills the board..
  10. Shez Kotze
    Can't put it down once started a game!!
  11. Crashed
    Vinit Sheth
    I had been playing on 3*3 hex board since months... I had reached the 1,31,072 tile... But it stopped and I have to start my game all over again... Its just frustrating...It's the second time it has happened with me and I am never ever gonna place this game again!
  12. Auto update ruined my game
    Nikki Gomez
    I have been playing for weeks on the 7x7 during my free time. I had been working on getting the high tiles. I turned on my Wi-Fi and the game auto updated and deleted everything I had done. Why bother starting again
    Ann Creek
    It's a great game, but their ads interrupt my music AND many of them you can't turn them off till they deem it paemissible. PPHHHHTTÞ
  14. SO ANGRY
    Quentin Wildhagen
    I have been playing this game for MONTHS, on the 5x5 hex board. I had a 524288 tile and a 262144 tile. I was actually getting to the fun part, and the flipping app CRASHED AND LOST MY PROGRESS. I loved this game, but I won't play it again until it has a save button. This sucks.
  15. Good game but...
    Donald Harris
    Can't turn off notifications. That makes the app automatically get 1 star. Response...I don't mind the ads. It's the beeping and messages during meetings that are embarrassing. I want to turn those off. Thanks.
  16. Runs hot
    Aaron Schiffer
    This makes my phone run hot, and drains the battery quickly. Really wish it didn't do that. APART FROM THAT, great!
  17. Good game bad app.
    James Schoemaker
    The game is addicting as crap. Although no other app drains my battery fast than this app. My phone will niether charge or drain when the app is open in the background while my phone is plugged in. It stays a constant charge. Will chamge my review if this is fixed.
  18. Would pay for an ad-free version!
    Phoenicia Schwidkay
    This game is addictive! I don't mind waiting on more undo's. The ads after a game over are annoying. I would pay for an ad-free version if i could find that option. I only see an "Unlimited Undos" version for 2.99?
  19. Automatically restarted twice
    Muneeb Ahsan
    Ruined my one month of effort twice , gae automatically restarts from begining . Otherwise i would have loved to give it 5 stars
  20. Gutted
    Steve Archer
    I'd been really enjoying this, but recently it's started resetting my games... Especially annoying when I'd got up to over 500,000...! Dev please fix... UPDATE - yet again progress lost for no reason. UNINSTALLED!


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