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Reviews 72,838

  1. Kept pestering me for review so here it is Suck, got better odds at a real casino
    Kyle Oneill
    Getting sick of all these stupid slot machine games thinking they're real casinos if I wanted to lose real money I'd go to a real slot machine
  2. Great game
    Tami Sund
    Only problem I have is I had a big win and was up to over 20 million and then nothing, it took all back in less than 20 minutes......
  3. Slots!
    Chad Sommars
    Of all the slot machine games I've played with all the frustration of suddenly losing all your money, this one is by far the best with the best payouts. Thanks to this games' producers and creators for making a slots game that is truly entertaining!!!
  4. Awesome
    Denise Kuzniar
    This game pays really well which is great because you can keep playing without having to buy anything. To bad this is not real money, my prayers would be answered. :)
  5. Game is fixed
    Jason Pintar
    I hit the bonus on wizard of Oz 6 time each time picking lowest amount, lowest free spin amount, and lowest multipler. Sooo fixed, and not even fun. Uninstall.
  6. WTF
    Orville McCroskey
    This game was good but when you require me to purchase something to get to daily bonus it just shows how money grubbing this company is and I don't believe this to be an ethical company with this being done in this manner. So I will be deleting you program off my digital devices. I cant believe companies have to resort to this. All I can say is what a ripoff con artist company you must be.
  7. Raja'Harem is a great game with fantastic wins...unfortunately the app crashes every time I start playing. I do not want to have to delete so please HELP!!
    Nita Harris
    Help me it is a constant crasher
  8. Tricky , they start you up with a lot of credits. Saw one kind of bonus, the flimsy carp is a rip off. If you get 3 bonuses 1 time, you have to get it the next time to get paid, you want get what they stingyly give you. I am uninstalling. Don't care how much you bet, they want pay you much.
    gloria thayer
    Bonuses suck, 3 bonuses trigger a set up for the next time you get it and pay is lousy. Don't fall for a trap of 975000.00 points, they wanted a 5 star rating, I couldn't give it. I am uninstalling this one of a kind funky bonus gave now.
  9. Fast cash
    Kathy Lindsey
    Puts out big bonuses complaints from me.ilove playing with fake money it dose for me cut the wanna play the real thing. Luv these games. Awesome .
  10. Payouts are not good.
    Amanda Glanville
    I.E. my bet was 125k per spin. I receive a bonus of 8 free spins. I win 150k. So in 8 spins I win 25k over what ONE spin costs? That's a rip off. After about 20 mins I lost all my chips and they ask me to buy more. No thank you, uninstalling.
  11. Darryl Weekley
    These slots take you from plenty of money to none instantly and I have played many slot games. I have like others found the slots to be rigged. Especially the Oz! Again no matter what you choose you still end up with the lowest amount in the bonus round. TERRIBLE!
  12. Happy with customer service!!
    Ruby Givens
    I had a problem with a purchase and the issue was resolved greatly to my satisfaction. Love SLS games and would recommend their site to casino gamers who enjoy variety, great graphics and good payoffs. Thanks for the fun!!
  13. I tried to enjoy it, I really did. But...
    Nicolas Mailhot
    The game's mechanic just doesn't work. I was hoping I could kill time playing slots, try to see the biggest amount I can win. I usually last 5-10 minutes before going broke and having to wait another 24 hours. It's a vicious cycle. There's no way I'm wasting money on it either, why waste it on this only to lose it eventually. You either end up like me or you might be lucky and win big. Even if you do, you will get bored very quickly since you lack an objective. That's enough ranting, uninstall awaits.
  14. Slots super lucky casino
    Sheryl Duff
    I love love this game. Has alot of different games on a wheel. Win alot of credits!!!
  15. 10 spins?
    Jim Hatch
    Tried one more time. Same result. You developers claim this is not the norm? But the exact same result playing the minimum bet amount, which you set, with the same outcome three times. Well, apparently this is the norm. And you expect me to buy coins? Why would I waste my money when I already know the outcome? This is bush league at its finest. People want to have fun. Your subpar attempt robs them of the opportunity. Sorry. People need to hear the reality.
  16. Great game
    Jay Martn
    Good payouts,helps kill time and makes you wish it was easier in life haha
  17. Very fun but problems with 3 of the games
    Starting from Independence to duck shows no symbols. Other than that it is good. Edit uninstalled and reinstalled it fixed itself.
  18. Good game, it's worth the download
    Vance Moore
    It refreshes your bonus every 4hours, the main bad thing is though you always get the smallest reward possible. Then you could go 10 spins without winning anything, a little to much like real life
  19. Good game
    Becky Dunn
    Good game, however when I foolishly paid for chips I did not receive the chips. Paid $9.99 during a promotion period for 32,500,000. Please either refund my money or credit the chips to my game. It's been 2 days since I first requested my purchased coins be credited to my account and even though I have provided all the information that has been asked of me I still do not have my coins. Very disappointing.
  20. Love it
    Amanda Bosque
    I am addicted. I love it only thing is when I spin the wheel every four hours sometimes I don't get my chips. But other the n that good game!!!!


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