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  1. Great
    Corey Gilley
    Very impressive, especially for mobile. A lot of more recent games won't run full speed (yet) but if you're looking for the golden age classics like Pac-Man/Donkey Kong/Galaga or even many of the 90s games, you won't have any trouble. It does take a certain amount of basic computer know-how to set it up, however. If you can't get it to work it's because you downloaded the wrong romset or you have files in the wrong place.
  2. Latest update is questionable.
    DJ Jackson
    Had to reset my phone and therefore had to download the latest version. Now I can't access the cheat menu even though I chose the option in the menu. I press coin and start and every option is there except cheats. What gives? Should I uninstall then reinstall? Give me a solution I give you 4. If you can make more games playable I'll give you a five. Also, there should be a comprehensive list of games that are playable. Although I have about 100 games, it took much trial and error to accomplish...
  3. To be quite honest, this is a great app.
    Ethan Peraza
    However, there's a few difficulties with the app itself. The first problem is the controls. They work well for most games, but for the most part, the controls themselves are wacky. Another problem is that almost every rom works. Not all work 100% accurate which upsets me, and most games don't even start up (an example would be Galaga). If those two problems are fixed, I'll make sure I'll give it five stars.
  4. Dave Oldridge
    It seems to play a lot of my tested titles (as long as they weren't 3D heavy) at full speed with cheats when tested on my Galaxy S4, and worked with my wireless game pads as well. Only reason it hasn't earned 5 stars (yet?) is that the shoulder buttons weren't recognized on either game pad, even though all the other controls were. Aside from that, it's MAME.
  5. Strange
    Henry Reavis
    I can play CPS2 games with no frameskipping and image filtering and the sound is perfect but Neo Geo games give me audio glitches/lag. I have a hard time believing that Art of Fighting 1 is more demanding on my phone than Marvel vs Capcom. If there's any way to fix this I'll gladly change my rating to 5 stars.
  6. 2 players
    Weapon Base
    Has anyone worked out how to get two players working on a mojo? I've tried a ps pad via the sixis app but mapping player 2 buttons wipes out player 1's.
  7. Complicated
    Oto Joelonish
    When i download game rom and put them in the mame rom folder and i open my MAME,it cant its is better to uninstall this.
  8. Problems with latest update...
    Todd Sleezer
    Installed latest update. Afterwards the app wouldn't even open. Gave it a 5 originally. Dropped it to a 1 after the update issue. Then I uninstalled it, then reinstalled it. It works fine again. 5 stars all the way. I CAN FINALLY PLAY MK II ARCADE ON MY PHONE! HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY!
  9. Cannot find MAME4droid folder
    bob pipinpapansapalopocobolas
    I've searched up and down and the MAME4droid folder does not appear anywhere in the SD card, even after I moved the app to the SD card. Do I need to be rooted? What are my options?
  10. Help Samsptk
    Matthew Brachoo
    Help me to play Samurai Spirits Tenkaichi Kenkakuden (Samurai Shodown 6) on this Mame emulator. I always failed when loading this rom and atomiswave bios. Or maybe this emulator is not compatible with that rom. Thank you
  11. Press 4 buttons at the same time
    Kyle Simon
    on the next update can you make a feature to press 4 buttons at the same time if you do I'll rate it 5 stars
  12. I have only one folder
    none of your business
    I didn't get a ROMs folder... what to do now?
  13. External controller issue
    MachineGun 831
    Im having a hardtime connecting two bluetooth controllers for p1 and p2 on one device. They connsct but act as 1 controller. Help
  14. A little problem
    Mharc Hiryu
    I cant play my roms because it has missing file it said and my other roms I can play it and what should I do to the other roms that are missing files?
  15. Bazzerker Joe
    It's good for playing Arcade games on my cellphone But unfortunately it won't go full screen if i flip my cellphone sideways to get a bigger screen
  16. Not user friendly
    Ragna TheBloodedge
    I can't get past the menu, I select the game then it asks to favorite, delete, or return to menu with no game anywhere in sight!
  17. Tab3 8.0 latency issues on touch controls
    peter dradrach
    Is there a way to boost responsiveness of touch controls. Games run well, just controls are laggy.
  18. Plz add multiple sixaxis support
    Amos Ramnath
    App would be 5 starts for this addition good work though.
  19. Horrible app. Won't. Play any games
    Orlando Camacho
    It just won't I put the zip files in but it won't play
  20. Great
    Sean Aitken
    Works very well. Odd issue with Golden Axe: B button, which seems to be jump, brings up the master volume slider. I can't find anything online, or a setting to control the control mapping. Any tips?


What`s new

1.13 Android 8.0 & 64 bits support.
1.12 Fix Nougat & NVIDIA Shield 2017
1.11 Added general multi controller support.
1.10 Marshmallow support
1.9.4 Added Android TV support
1.9.0 Added mouse support(+trackballs like X-Arcade Tankstick) for Nvidia Shield devices (You have to enable on settings). New video sync and refresh speed options. Improved touch DPad.New touch Buttons.