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  1. Dice World
    Sue Kemp
    Lots of great fun to play. Unfortunately, it has not been working for several days! Wish they would heed the reports and FIX IT!!!
  2. Awesome
    Tyrone Whiston
    Still working well, no complaints. Its a great game and very addicting. Would like more chances to earn more free gold.
  3. Addictive
    Rhonda Kinney
    Wish more of my Facebook friends would play. Really like the different games at one place.
  4. Fun
    Andrea Weisbard
    I love this app. Ther were a few games like baluat I never heard of but have fun. I like the practice games to get a handle on the actual games
  5. Great game!
    Sarah Cieslinski
    I like that there are so many dice games to choose from, and so many people from all over the world playing! I also appreciate the opportunity to earn golds by watching videos. Thanks, devs!
  6. Won't update wins
    Melissa Cagle
    Love this app, but it won't update my wins, but it updates my losses.
  7. Hey app guys
    Joseph Toner
    Why in the hell do you need so many permissions for dice games? Go fornicate with a train you leaky cumbags
  8. Dice world
    Angie Block
    I love playing the game there has been no problems with it I love all the different games that come with it. It let's me pass the time in between other things that I have to do and it is is just fun to challenge yourself.
  9. stephanie love
    I love it but it won't let me upgrade
  10. I love it!
    Natalie Mailloux
    Just a suggestion, because people keep declining the games, is for it to wait until we choose a game to match us with someone:)
  11. Glad to be black I'm so happy I farkled in my pants and wore them for a hat and played dice while I was on the toilet for two hours, Koneichiwaa bautui
    malo viento
    Chicken nuggets r good but since the last update I'm having all kinds of new glitches and can't start any non bonus games. Its like watching a monkey hump a dead chicken , still entertaining but dissapointing at times
  12. Nathan LaPeer
    Very good. I very rarely see a glitch anymore. It seems your companies techs are doing their job well.
  13. Alwsome
    Scott Marlow
    Love it app play it everyday it would be nice if you could make more gold tho
  14. John Newman
    Doesn't let you get gold. Still saying that you need to update. Really need to fix this
  15. janice gordon
    Love this game I never have a problem with it
  16. Awesome Game
    KJJ DL
    No complaints at all. Highly recommend to download.
  17. Love it
    Levi Ayres
    So glad I can finally play this game!!!
  18. Awesome
    Moira Clay
    THE VIDEOS STILL DON'T WORK, CLICK ON TO WATCH AND NOTHING HAPPENS. The new update today... can't play the new games it crashes. Great game, wish more of my friends would play. Wish there was a way to turn off the notification sound, it is annoying when you get it in the middle of the night.
  19. Love it!
    Liz Brown
    Love all the different games to pick from. Our family is addicted.
  20. Excellent
    Jason Hill
    It's a great and addicting game but sometimes I don't get my gold when I watch the ads. It's kind of annoying.


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Upgrades for Android 10
Notification & Chat Fix
Audio Chat Fixes
Facebook Fix
Other awesome fixes.

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