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  1. Tanya Kruger
    Keep on saying the app is not licensed and I need to buy it, but I paid R35.76 for it already? It worked for 2 games and now giving the error report.
  2. Love the developer comments.
    Josh Leach
    I hadn't even played this game yet and I just had to buy it because of the developer comments on BS reviews. It's great to see a developer that's straight forward with customers and not so apologetic. You've earned my money. Good on ya!
  3. Awesome
    jeff anderson
    To hell with Yahtzee, this is where it's at. Bought just because I love it and want to support the dev. ads or not, good job dev, no one else can seem to make a good Yahtzee game. Wish online worked better, but still awesome. Runs great on nexus 6 5.1.1
  4. Wont open.
    Charles Hairston
    Cant play at all due to license issue. Please refund my money.
  5. Alice Wonderlady
    What gives I paid for this app and all of a sudden I am getting advertisements at the end of the game please fix or give me my money back.
  6. Thank You!
    Christine Hardwick
    I'm so happy you guys finally got it together and made it possible to compete on google+ I've had the paid version of this game for quite a while now and I'm glad I stuck with it and kept it around on my devices. Nice graphic additions too!
  7. shazz hotchick
    Keeps saying game is not licenced and requests to buy the game when ive already purchased the game. Plz fix so i can play.
  8. Daph Orpin
    I would give this game 5 stars except sometimes won't open... Thanks for fixing that. Now could you please ix another error. When I open the game it tells me I am not authorised to play...Buy the game. I have purchased the game!!!
  9. Yachty Deluxe Premium
    Mike Mike
    I would rate 5 stars if you could include some statistical data. Ex- top 10 scores, games won/lost vs cpu with %. Just a suggestion.
  10. Update text tiny
    Vicki onplay
    The latest update makes all the text so small it is actually hard to read, in my Galaxy S4 mini
  11. Bs
    Brent Robinson
    This was a free app for so long! !! Now the money grubs want to profit! It's a great game and the best one available. They updated it to a point where the computer always won knowing people would delete it in search of another game only to come back and pay for it....sucked me in
  12. Almost there...
    Steve O
    It's nice to see you undid the recent butchering, putting it closer to what it was. The original layout was 5 stars, but as it is now, I can't give it higher than 3. The current graphics look cobbled together, like a quick fix. The border on the top of the score card is missing, and the dice on the side ruin the symmetry. If you give me back what i paid for, you can have your 5 stars. At least it's playable again, so I guess that's something.
  13. Great! Love the new online multilayer...
    Stuart Murray
    ... except we are robbed of multiple yachtys for some reason! And being able to see what the other person has played before their turn is over ruins some of the fun /surprise. Good fun though, highly recommended
  14. For old version
    Ian Scanlon
    I like to see the scoreboard all the time. How can I downgrade to the previous version? - Thanks for the latest up date... 5 stars :-)
  15. Great news!
    Chantil Sinclair
    Thanks for listening :-) Love having the all in one format back! Please contact me if you want to play an online game
  16. Ruth Stenzel
    So glad you have now given the option to toggle off the big screen - I much prefer to see the scorecard all the time. Thanks for listening! Now there's just the matter of the undo button and you're back to five stars!!
  17. Tye P
    Best I've Seen So Far. Don't like recently added DRM, though.
    Bud Prentice
    Thank You! Nice to see a developer that listens. Love the old style layout:-) Please put dice back under the rolling area like it was before. Thank You!
  19. Thanks for the option to choose
    Maple Thomas
    But I don't like the funky blue, not good for the eyes. I liked the blue dice not the funky business!!!!!
  20. Old layout is back...
    Cameron Miller
    Nice comeback, devs! You delivered exactly what I wanted by bringing back the old layout. Thank you for actually listening to your customers and working to solve their issues.


What`s new

Fixed crash bug when tapping active games screen.
Fixed lockup on return from leaderboards.

Fixed bug which lead to occasional corrupt multiplayer game.
Fixed crash on exit
Fixed incorrect message on opponent resignation.

Fixed multiplayer auto-pick game.

Fixed broken texture in one of the graphical themes.