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  1. It's fine, I guess.
    Gilbert the Gat
    I believe if a game is going to want me to hand over money, it should convince me that it deserves it. At this point, the only motivation I have to continue attempting these levels is the frustration that comes from silly mechanics. The guide-lines in-games are often inaccurate and difficult to follow correctly. I'm not even interested that much in unlocking new avatars or trails, which I typically am. The music is decent, and the backgrounds and shapes are okay. I'm running out of room apparently.
  2. Great but still needs work
    Laranya Rajashekar
    I loved by it had a resemblance to geometry dash and when you want to watch your replay it cuts all the music out, which think is the best part of the game. I also think that the guidelines are hard to follow and are just trying to make it harder when play the game. I love the level midnight sun because of the music but it's not the easiest. I also like how in different levels there is different ways to move your ball and I like how at the start of the game there is a simple tutorial image of how to play.
  3. Great game!
    Michael Bramel
    This is an amazing game. I love Yvette fact that each lvl has different controls... it adds a bit of toughness to the game... 5 stars... haven't found anything wrong with it... just a great way to spend your unaccompanied time.☺
  4. Awesome game
    Christopher Hernandez
    Sounds the game great and different levels and cool customise ur character
  5. Needs work
    Aidan O'C
    I think too many features from this game are similar to Geometry Dash and also it has serious lag. But at least I like your choice of music. Waterflame rules.
  6. I hate this app
    Buddybuns14 Momsrule
    This app sucks!! I thought there were rabbits under my bed for a week but it was only my my pet squrril too bad for him cuz i set my bed on fire and he burned atleast i got to try squrril it was ok anyways the life lesson here is to never talk to dead fish around people
  7. Can you make this fantastic ?
    Nicki Tah
    I really wish this game is when you go through story mode and you do battles with enemies like Mario and Luigi dream team
  8. Loved this game
    Andrew Caddick
    This game is a little bit hard on bit burner but I completed it which is just Amazing.
  9. Cool
    Star City
    The game is not what it looks like in the pictures , but , this is a brilliant game and has not caused any trouble on my phone! Definitely worth downloading!
  10. Not that bad
    Lee Yang
    LOL i almost got level but its like the cool game ever.Must buy or ....i hate people who hate this soo... Ok
  11. OMG
    Jaiden Willis
    This game is so fun I play it ALL the time I was never really a gamer until I played Dash till Puff! And the music is AMAZING, and what really challenges me is that the controls are different on each world, and I love just LOVE the avatars. This is a great game even my GRANDPA likes it
  12. Good game to play
    Taylor Shedrick
    The music is great and the levels are fun to play. But once you get to level 2 it gets harder. Overall it's good
  13. Great game! I love it.
    Touta Matsuda 松田桃太
    Challenging and a fun time killer with colorful graphics and beautiful music.
  14. Admire the effort
    vincent strecke
    Terribly hard and doesnt justify the name.Aside from being a Geometry Dash rip off the soundtrack is one thing that can be appreciated.The REST : Doesnt make much sense when so many better games surround me
  15. It's OK
    Kyle Noble
    It just needs a bit more icons so it can be as awesome as geometry dash
  16. AMAZING!
    Me: *Finished almost all levels* WHY IS GLORIOUS MORNING SO DIFFICULT?!
  17. Amazing
    Philip Taylor
    This game is so simplistic and so addicting. I throw my heaphones on and can play this game for hours chillin at home
  18. So fun!
    Aaron Tumbaga
    Really glad I got this game. It's similar to geometry dash
  19. I likemthis game
    Riley Walker
    I like the music the levels and the avatars. I would have given this game five stars if they were to add more levels. Other than that this game is really fun. Love the music.
  20. Get it
    My Phone
    I love this game its I give props to who ever made it


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