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blackjack 21
mgm grand casino game
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myvegas blackjack
هوكي الطاوله


Reviews 114,034

  1. I'm done with this. Here's why:
    J. Franco
    Over time, I actually accumulated 700,000 chips. Then in a few sessions, I lost it ALL betting only 1000 to 5000 at a time (not much when you have that many chips). Even the dealer cards became predictable. Constant dealer blackjacks and beating me constantly 21 to 20 wiped me out. I even showed my friends this and we laughed every time it happened. Can't help thinking it's rigged. I'm done. Uninstalling.
  2. Matthew Thornberry
    Gamer BEWARE these "My Vegas" apps. will take ALL you put into it and my case...years of saving and playing will just disappear. The app will ask you to update and as soon as you update the app. all your savings...leveling coins....and progress just disappear!!!! Was saving to take my family to Vegas but now.....WILL NEVER EVEN CONSIDER EVEN DRIVING THRU THE PLACE....Reno will be happy to accommodate us and will not screw us out of a VERY long time of constant playing. It happened to BOTH the poker and slot apps. Boy, that's a great way to solicit business....NOT!!!!!!!
  3. Kool game
    Jay Kinsey
    I like that it is things that u have to unlock instead of them just open to play
  4. ni8shadow
    Sometimes when the dealer's upcard is a J, K, Q or 10, it checks for an ACE as it's hole card before the player can act and ALWAYS gets blackjack?! What Vegas Casino has that rule? This messes up the house advantage a lot.
  5. Very fun
    Sarah Galindo
    People complain about everything! It's a free game folks relax. My husband and i both have lots of fun with it.
  6. Fun times
    William Muggelberg
    Since I left Vegas last week, I haven't stopped playing it.
  7. I paid for more coins and never got them.
    Lady D
    I had about 180k of coins. Bought 140k more and then every thing was gone. Sent 2 emails requesting a refund and my original coins back and i have been completely ignored. DONOT DOWN LOAD this app. It is a rip off. I want my money back or my 140k of coins i paid for. Thanks to FB sync or my loyalty would be gone too. Bad bad rip off app with the worst customer service I have ever seen. I have now emailed 3 times with no response. They just take your money.
  8. Garbage
    chase malone
    You have better odds in a real casino, I just lost 19 hands I'm a row and it's not the first time, I'm done with this crap game, it's a game, loosen up
  9. No chips for level completion
    Alyssa Modica
    Until i get my chips for level completion this game rating will remain a 2 star and thats only because i think its fun enough to pass 1 star rating even with the chip issue.
  10. Fun
    Not bad game, hope rewards are real. Only issue is notifications keep popping up even after i disable it, it come back on after a phone reboot. Videos to get free chips play half way than app restarts, no chips given
  11. Rigged rigged rigged
    Dennis Cortese
    I had 20 on 6 hands with only 12 cards at once (split 3 times) dealer showed a 3 and with 6 cards got 21.... With over a million on the table.... What's the actual chances that I get 12 cards valued and 10 in a row and the dealer gets 6 low cards to get 21..... I'd rate -1 if possible
  12. Fun game, before latest update
    With the latest update you lose a lot of free game chips. My 2 star rating is now a 1. Bring back the 4 hour bonus and daily spin bonus, each for free game chips. Doesn't really help to get an XP multiplier if you hardly have any chips. Would also be more fun if it wasn't rigged so badly.
  13. So much fun
    Jennifer Buckley
    The game has many features that helps you build up coins and chips.
  14. Needs work
    Megan Burke
    Don't get the level up bonuses. Also bad when the daily bonus is less than hourly bonus. Needs fixing
  15. Wont let me connect to internet
    Ashlee Nichole
    It say problem with connection on and off wifi, I tried resetting my phone cuz I thought it was my phone but still the same thing!! Fix now or uninstalling
  16. Pretty fun
    Chris Osinski
    You can actually earn enough chips to play for a while and not depend on real money or waiting g on your daily bonus.
  17. I won a progressive jackpot and it didn't pay
    David Burdick
    I was playing the Mgm progressive jackpot and it didn't pay the 27,006 on a 21, 7plus card payout. I had a 8 card 21. I tried to contact support but thier settings pop up (the gear icon) can't be found on any screen. This is bs.
  18. Blackjack
    Arden Magnino
    Just Starting.....give me a couple of weeks to see if I Like it or not. So good!
  19. Dealer gets far too many BJ's
    Vinnie P
    Games are good but way too many dealer BJ's
  20. 100 percent fixed
    Paul Baste
    This game is 100 percent fixed including the gift boxes. It seems like you never pick the box with the chips. At least you sometimes get chips from the bonus gift box. Always buy insurance since the dealer gets blackjack most of the time. Otherwise a good game.


What`s new

- Loyalty Points will now be rewarded along side chips for watching Rewarded Video Ads starting December 2nd, 2019!
- Norwegian Cruise Line has been added as a reward partner! Look out for these new rewards in the coming weeks!
- Be on the look out for new notifications with free chips, special offers and more!
- Improved performance, and added support for Android 9.

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