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  1. Confused
    Louise Mary
    I've just purchased this app and started to play to collect the money from the tips. Yet, whilst I was buying boosts (eg Spongebob can carry more stuff) with the tips I earnt I noticed at the bottom it says boosts are paid for with real money and will be added to my account...!! What??!! The whole point in me buying the app was so I could actually play the full game - not so I had to more buy things to get through the levels!!
  2. Fun!
    April Morgan
    I love all of the PlayFirst games. I don't normally pay for games since there are so many free ones, but I have the deluxe version of almost all of their games. Hours of fun!!
  3. Doesn't work!
    Nicholas Cortez
    Paid money for this app and it doesn't work. I E-mailed the company and still no response. DO NOT BUY THIS APP, you will regret it.
  4. No way to alter seating order
    Selina Farrell
    On the original Diner Dash with the character Flo, as you are seating the customers you are able to adjust the order of the colours in that group before seating. This isn't possible in the Spongebob version it's automatic. Because of this it is impossible to complete the game because there are levels where you have to turn all the seats the same colour at a table or the bar to complete the challenge. Apparently this wasn't a problem until an update where the ability to do this was lost according to others.
  5. Wtf
    tina fleisch
    Paid for a game i cannot play. While installing it reaches 80% then stops. Wont let me refund my money :/ ill give a higher rating when im able to play
  6. Not sure!
    Nicollette Moss
    I bought this for 2 bucks for 6 levels but I noticed u have to buy the rest of the 4 levels a buck a piece now and then I seen a bundle deal on the game for 2.99. I'm not sure if its for the whole game or not but I'm pretty sure it is, I think I just got cheated! For that I will never buy from this brand of game ever again cause its to confusing and they obviously don't mind cheating you.
  7. So fun
    MaLiNda V
    Love it, paid for it, but it froze twice! Other than that its fun PS when patrick and Sandy make the customers happy its distracting
  8. Didn't save my tips
    Stephanie Hall
    Paid $ for an app and I went through a lot of levels, purchased things and now its all gone.
  9. Fun
    BadChocalateBone Williams
    It's really the same game as Diner Dash Dekuxe, just Zin a SpongeBob version. A good time waster.
  10. BS!
    Somika Brooks
    Downloaded this crap 3x and it won't open keep saying error. I am frustrated and I wasted my money and I'm hoping to get it back.
  11. Samsung galaxy s3
    Manuel Villarreal
    What it did not let me open the game rip off do not buy game just get free version
  12. No refund avaliable!!!!
    Jhonny Gonzalez
    Don't even get this game if you buy it and do not like it it does not give refund
  13. Refund me please
    Star Sou
    Bought the game and it doesn't even work! Don't buy!
  14. Awesome Game!
    Jenny Ayson
    I love this game it's easy and changelling at the same time. I recommend it for adults and kids too.
  15. Awesome
    Nico Kirsten
    Really fun but some level s are impossible then I try again and can't stop
  16. This game doesn't deserve a 1 star.
    Dee Mcgill
    This game doesn't deserve a 1 star. Google play cheated me out my money. Do not download this game. This game doesn't work. I want my REFUND!
  17. Rip off
    Jerilyn Kingsley
    I bought the dulux dinner dash and it wouldn't even kept on saying unlicensed version
  18. hate it!
    Jhoan Chiong
    i really can't open it! i just waste my money for purchasing this game that won' open
  19. Won't open
    Vashara Johnson
    Not opening keeps saying unlicenced but the free version works jus fine. :/
  20. I need my money back
    cadez benz
    Just downloaded it and it doesn't work at all. That's really sad.


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3.25.3 - New localization support, Spongebob is now multi-lingual!

3.24.45 - Lots of performance enhancements to keep Spongebob on his toes!

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