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Elizabeth Yang | Production Assistant

Jodi Holt | Senior Project Manager

Kieron Mirchandani | Guest Planning

Judy Moy | Line Producer

Reviews 303,229

  1. Love the game
    Cody Carto
    I love the game and was really far into it, but my phone died while I was playing and I list all my progress. It'd be five starts otherwise. But I probably won't continue to play after this devastating bug.. depressing.
  2. Alaycia Stalvey
    This game is very fun, it keeps my attention!!! But when I first started playing this, I was kind- of confused, so you should explain things more better .... Or at least give directions how to do stuff. Other than that, I would rate this 5 stars.
  3. Amazing
    Wolf Master
    Every aspect of this game is amazing! Its obvious time and effort went into this and its a great game.
  4. Kaitlyn Kepner
    Everything is perfect with this game other then my tears slowly decrease when I'm not using them. I'm trying to save them up but they just go down and I don't know why. I went to bed with just over 4,000 and I woke up with just over 3,000 and its really annoying. Please fix this.
  5. Dislike recent changes!
    Zombie Contorno
    Great game. Have always enjoyed it. But now with this new "fly" when at top speed thing, I say is terrible. Completely changed the game play at that point. Maybe after getting familiar with it, it wouldn't be so bad. No option to turn it off either. I have a hard time getting anywhere near as far as I used to prior to this "fly while at top speed" thing.
  6. Cool but...
    Aimee Armstrong
    I'm a HUGE fan of the robot unicorn attack games so this one thing just bugs me a little. It's that there called 'wishes'. This bugs me because it's supposed to be 'nightmares'. Now I'm not sure if this was on purpose or not but I might as well point that out. Love the game anyway.
  7. Fun quick paced game! We need more rainbowions! Please help us Sebastian!!!
    Trinity Murray
    Drive your unicorn carefully to drag out your certain and most painful death (nevermind that you are a cold heartless robotic unicorn)! Enjoy crashing into star crystals, giants and more! Sometimes you may crash for no reason, other times you shall not perish when you probably should have. But play on you shall because this game is pretty addicting!
  8. Good game
    Larry Ray
    This game and major mayhem I like to play most. I can't wait for more games like these. They are really good to play. I worked hard to try to get everything on these 2 games and try to beat my high score. Also like the option to change the characters appearance in both games. Keep up the good work
  9. Love this game!! But....
    Jo M
    There really shouldn't be ads popping up whilst IN GAME. Maybe keep them in the home screen. I got annoyed so I bought a song "you got the touch" to hopefully stop the ads. *EDIT* I bought something in hopes that ads would stop and they didn't! Usually if you buy something ads stop! Ugh so annoying!!!
  10. Huh
    Elizabeth Collins
    Didn't know there was a mobil version to this game. I am pretty impressed by the quality. Just really upset THE SONG I love isn't avaivable for the free version. That's clever and understandable but I'm butthurt at the same time.
  11. Rhyzak Hoellenth
    Very fun, good for both casual and long-lasting games █ There is a problem where, when tapping "watch video" to revive, the player closes and the app stops responding to touch, only solution is to close the app, and lose the progress █ There also is a problem with the Background Music stopping and not playing again when getting a notification, and, in-game, sometimes it also stops when dashing through a giant golem
  12. Wont work, AT ALL.
    Kari Fox
    UPDATE: I uninstalled it and re-downloaded it and now it keeps glitching out. It wont work at all, great. -----------------------------------------------------------------I downloaded this yesterday and I went to open it today and it said it was downloading? Now when I go to open the app it says starting.. but it never opens. I will give 5 stars when I can play this again.
  13. Amazing
    Joshua Yarbrough
    Not a single problem...look people, if you don't want to watch the video (which can help save fire crystals) then just look in the lower left, which says no thanks...and to those who lost money, just use it on something useful...not a video game... You guys at [adult swim] games are doing great! Keep up the good work!
  14. Very fun
    Orro Gryphon
    This game is as fun as it is beautiful. The in app purchases are just... really quite expencive for what they are
  15. Jacob Dymond
    I love this game but I have 2 complaints 1 I think to be able to fly you should have a distance of 1,000 not 15,000 cause that is HARD to get. to my last complaint is the shop in the shop are expensive an those tears are also hard to get.
  16. Money grabbin
    Ian Whalen
    In original game it played the song always but in this game of has some dumb soundtrack and makes you buy the song always. What the hell?
  17. Robot Unicorns are Awesome
    Rexzy Roi Ong
    I like this game pretty much with cool unicorn parts, three worlds, some other awesome background, and flying
  18. K Follmer
    It shows that you can customize but it has a lock over it and I signed in and all the worlds except one are locked if i can access these features I will give it 5 stars
  19. Love the graphics and music.....that's about it
    Bekka Babcock
    The game randomly pauses and the fact that you have to start from the beginning every wish is soooooo boring. During Your 3 wishes, when you parish you should start where you died not from the beginning. I mean this game gets boring real fast
  20. Good but....
    Runningshadow do
    The game is so addicting and takes up hours in my day, graphics are cool, and the game is fair. I wouldve given 5 stars but it froze on me at times and also when I first started it, it was confusing and I didnt know the objective of the game so I was about to delete it when I discovered the worlds got harder like you could fly, giants, platforms, etc, and that you could customize and there were goals. Also I watched a vid to continue playing but then it just took me back to the finished page and didnt let me continue.


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