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Elizabeth Yang | Production Assistant

Jodi Holt | Senior Project Manager

Kieron Mirchandani | Guest Planning

Judy Moy | Line Producer

Reviews 24,980

  1. Won't even start up
    Corey Jensen
    So I just downloaded this game and when I go open it up it, it tells me that the resources can not be found for update then just goes back to home screen.
  2. Great game!
    Adam Sa
    This game became my go-to when I had a few minutes of down time. Addicting and fun, yet still had that strategy element to keep it interesting throughout the entire play through. I wish there were more levels! I highly recommend this game
  3. I can't put it down...
    Jerry K
    Well, unless I run outta turns.. then I just wait until it charges... good fun!
  4. Can't get achievements
    Christine Germain
    Really great game but never registers any of my achievements minus the few when you beat boss levels. Kinda disappointing but other than that pretty good game.
  5. Great game but...
    Shauna H.
    I'm 50% through the game and it's impossible to beat the Volcano boss level. I've tried many different combinations with gear, purchased a boost and it's impossible to beat the enemy when I have 2000+ health to start and the last enemy on that level has 20,000. By the time I get to that enemy, I'm down to 500ish. Also, when I request boosts, no one receives the request. I emailed asking for help and no reply.
  6. Grinder
    Dustin Harmon
    Been grinding for days to try to lvl, but the levels you play generate the layouts randomly so you have to keep playing the same level hoping to win for a bit of XP. Waste of time
  7. Please sir...
    Jonathon Lucas
    Can I have some more? Finally completed all levels! If only the achievement type stuff worked, or there were even more levels!
  8. Adding more features
    Tyler Jacobi
    I love this game it's fun and it not to easy, plus it don't get boring. But I think you should add more levels , and more moves you can buy, like add a yellow, brown, black. The power ups you buy for those could be yellow is where you shoot lighting bolts from your fingers, brown you can create a rock monster that comes from the ground and strikes the enemy, black could be where you spew poison at your enemy. I mean Im just trying to give suggestions to keep the game going, I'm on the last island right now
  9. A good little time waster.
    Kyle Dykes
    A competent puzzle/RPG game. Very simple and easy to understand. I like the art and sound design, even if it's as minimal as sound gets.
  10. Typical freemium
    Krishnarjun Bhattacharya
    The game reduces your health after every round, even if you've saved it. VERY unfair. Of course, like any freemium, you can buy your way into second chances and health. Pathetic.
  11. Fun… until it cheats(?)
    Pete Fairhurst
    Played all the way through three maps and really enjoyed them, up to the point the game seems to start taking health off you between opponents. It's not clear why this is happening, but it's consistent, and pretty much guarantees you'll lose.
  12. Love it
    M Prince
    There's always a delay when you buy stamps! I just spent $10 and it hasn't added the money yet! Would be 5 stars if no delay....
  13. Achievements Issue
    Dennis Tay
    Like the game but can't seem to get any achievements despite beating all the levels at 100% and reaching the max level. Please check.
  14. Perfect(the new update is awesome)
    Cuki es
    maybe the devs can add more weapon/armor&multiplayer?(p/s:if anyone have lagging like hell after the update,u guys can try restart yr phone and let it 'rest' for about 20 minutes and it will be fine)
  15. Pay to Win holding back a great game.
    Matthew Kvamme
    AX would have easily scored a 5/5. The Puzzle Quest-gameplay is fun & the rpg mechanics are satisfying. However, the game takes every chance to suck cash from your wallet it can get. The worst is how the game Will arbitraryly suck HP from you as you progress from enemy-to-enemy. This means it actively penalizes you for performing well in order to create more challenge. The game constantly promotes its pay-to-win "stamp" system to overcome the manufactured handicap its creating. Poor gameplay design = your $
  16. great game but....
    Elena Marie Pool
    moved to a new phone and lost all progress :( lvl 17 may not be too high, but i spent lots of time playing. other than that, this game is so addicting!
  17. Great game. Frustrating issues
    Kalman Horvath
    Superb game with nice mechanism, awesome humorous art style and music. Very challenging, sometimes you really need luck as well to beat a level. The problems: there should be a confirmation for spending stamps on stuff. I've accidentally spent 300 on a new spell i didn't even want. After this, I've kind of lost the desire to grind and continue. :( otherwise 5 star
  18. Good game
    Richard Proceszyn
    It's nice they introduced a button to shut down the app once your done. The bonus loot doesn't work. At the end of a battle I was asked if I wanted to watch a video for bonus loot. I watched it. The game reset after resulting me not only NOT having bonus loot, but I had to battle the same fight again! The game also shuts down when they ask you if you want to watch a video to continue a battle!
  19. Best game
    Jairus Guzon
    One of the most amazing games I have ever played on android. The graphics are good, the gameplay is nice and you can be as casual or as fast-paced as you want. The music is also amazing. Big props to PikPok for this game. Great work. May they continue to add and update this app. 5/5
  20. Would be 5 stars if...
    raixel phaetalistic
    This game would be one of the best match 3 rpgs if it wasnt pay to win. Its designed so that its really fun at first but around lv 10 you have to start dumping $ in it to keep progressing decently. Id rather pay $5-10 at first then have the game try and force me to spend $ to keep playing. Theres annoying ads after every battle too. Too bad. Its an awesome game and id love an ad free paid version that isnt pay to win. Id happily pay $10 for a fair (10-20 stamps after every level, no ads) paid version


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