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Gareth Jennings | Key Account Manager at SG Interactive

London, Greater London, United Kingdom |

Louise Burt | Senior Account Manager at SG Interactive

Leeds, United Kingdom |

Jim Thompson | VP of Business Operations & Strategy

Cedar Falls, Iowa |

Gerard Shryane | Senior Product Analyst at SG Interactive

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Reviews 961

  1. Nice Slot.
    Shelia Milsap
    I really like to slide. Sometimes the application fails to display. so far the big for this has been the be my phone back in forth. However this can be somewhat frustrating. however in terms of graphics and sound game is nice.
  2. Ok game
    Duane Linn
    My wife does better at this game than i do. She has hit the 50 free spins 10 times in the two weeks we've had it. I have hit it 5.
  3. Junk
    Joshua Chiasson
    Doesn't always work, doesn't always remember my balance. The WMS games on here suck generally. Waste of money for a junk product made by a company designing casino games, you can bet those aren't as faulty!
  4. Zues and Rome & Egypt
    John Greenwood
    So far I have downloaded these two games and neither of them works.I spent good money on the games.And I can't even open or play them.Somebody has to fix this problem.For now I wouldn't recommend these games to anyone.Thanks for nothing.
  5. Craptastic
    Erin Wood
    Love the games, but since I cannot even open them on my phone they crash immediately upon opening and now I can't be refunded for this 1 I am pretty peeved.
  6. If the app won't open...
    Michael Mitts
    ... Turn on screen rotation, and the game should play, instead of closing itself. I had the same problem as other reviewers before doing this. The game itself is really fun, if you like slots of course.
  7. Michael Roberts
    Game doesn't initialize properly have to get this problem fixed. When you market a product stuff like this shouldn't be happening. Poor . Amateur hour design let a professional co. Develop the app. This is unacceptable when people are paying for your app.
  8. unusable
    brooke lane
    can't play this game as it won't open. which is a shame as I enjoyed playing it now have to play on iPad which is annoying.
  9. Nice, semi-realistic, casual experience
    Erikson Pine
    Good slot games and I enjoy it. Everyone is complaining about the pay outs being to low can't bet high. They are just used to their minds being rewarded right away, they love their dopamine and that's what makes people spend ludicrous amounts of money on freemium games but hey that's capitalism and free market from you :) but fun slot games feels more realistic with out having to buy fake currency with real world money. Saves me a trip to casino and wasting my money and having regrets later :)
  10. Rome and Eygpt slot game
    Marta Thumas
    Really enjoy playing, just like the casino but disappointed that it doesn't save your hard earned points.
    Joyce Lewis
    I love the game, but something weird happen. I had won over $52, 000, and went to play the following day and discovered that l was down to $10, 000. Why! What happen! I even got over 60 free spins. Excited! but now so sad!! Are you suppose to lose all your winnings??
  12. It's okay, but there's two things...
    Bryan Allen
    First, if you buy this game, there's a glitch in the start up. You NEED to have your device turned to LANDSCAPE BEFORE STARTING THE APP, OR IT WILL FAIL TO LOAD. Second, which is by far extremely irritating and need to be fixed, there are cheaters in the tournaments. Don't know how, but they're able to get hundreds of millions in just 25 spins. Other than that the games are just like the real ones and are really enjoyable.
  13. Rome and egypt
    Dorothy Hughes
    Just ordered and after install have not been able to open. Would not recommend.
  14. Fix the tournament cheating
    bad bob
    I paid for over 6 of your games and I can't play the tournaments. I called weeks ago and you said you would fix it. I am STILL WAITING. RIPOFF. REFUND....
  15. Debra Mizrahi
    I downloaded and installed this and Zeus and neither one of them open. When I get free ones they work. Why not these? Extremely dissapointed.
  16. Stopped working
    Alex Fridman
    About 3 weeks ago the game stopped working all of a sudden. Had no issues before.
  17. What happened
    Cyd Morrow
    I got all of thr ges and they worked fine for about a week. Now they wont open at all none of them. I wish I read the reviews first that was $30 waisted. Dont buy this.
  18. won't work
    Ray Goss
    I have three different games I bought from your company and none of them will work worked for a day now none of them will load would like to know how to get a refund shouldn't have to pay for something I can't use
  19. Just like at a casino.
    Joyce Estrajch
    I play this slot machine when I go to a casino. Now I can play all the time and not lose any money. Love it!!!!
  20. Needs to be fix asap
    Jen Valencia
    If you can't fix this problem, then I should be reimbursed for all 5 games I purchased!