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Gareth Jennings | Key Account Manager at SG Interactive

London, Greater London, United Kingdom |

Louise Burt | Senior Account Manager at SG Interactive

Leeds, United Kingdom |

Jim Thompson | VP of Business Operations & Strategy

Cedar Falls, Iowa |

Gerard Shryane | Senior Product Analyst at SG Interactive

London, Greater London, United Kingdom |

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  1. Don Lough
    Every one of the wms games I have downloaded worked for a couple days. Then won't load. Personally I want my money back. These apps have no support and do not work. STAY AWAY!Every one of the wms games I have downloaded worked for a couple days. Then won't load. Personally I want my money back. These apps have no support and do not work. STAY AWAY!
    Jim Chapeskie
    What is the devil's favorite word which he never deletes from his infernal vocabulary or devil lore?? It is the word "horn". After all he has a pair of them on his head. He is partial to dancing to the hornpipe, a lively folk dance of the British Isles. The insect of his choice is the hornet. Its sting is more than sufficient , and like the cloven hooved, it too is a social demon...FROM JAMES MICHAEL CHAPESKIE
  3. Disappointed
    Jen Wiley
    Very disappointed that when you attempt to play tournaments and there are players with billions of points which seems unreal when I can barely hit 20000. I don't feel as though WMS makes the tournaments fair after people pay for these games. I'd rather play the Phantom slots which are more realistic
  4. Not bad
    Frank Kalisz
    Wish I could win as much when I play this in Vegas. I'd be Frigging rich. Some complain that the payouts are weak, but I win every single session (no, not every spin, every session). No fun for me when I win ALL the time. Also, would like to be able to change the denomination from 1 cent.
  5. Kelly Rundle
    Its stupid max bet is 125 when you exit the game and then return to it it starts your points back at 10000 and when you push the collect button it gives you some random number but doesnt do anything with it. I would like my money back the app is nothing of what i expected.
  6. Good slots from a real slot machine company
    Joseph Bancroft
    Great slot machines, just like at casino with bonuses and all. I wish odd were more accurate. Currently you win all the time, very unrealistic. But still very fun.
  7. Ok slot
    Scottie Scott
    Ok on my first spin I won big and everything went fine. The only thing that concerns me is the brief green screen I get before the game loads...hope this one will not mess up as the I love Lucy runs great.
  8. Robin Lovan
    This is a casino game from about 8 years ago. Wish for two things. 1) WMS and /or Phantom EFX would bring on current casino hits for same price or exchange and 2) that someone would actively monitor the hacks to the tournaments of not only Reel Rich Devil but all WMS pay games. It is disheartening to enter the tournament with the winner scoring 10's or even 100's of millions of points. That is impossible to do without hacking the RNG subroutine. Fix it please!
  9. Jungle Wild
    Jerry Berry
    Guys I love this game. I enjoy playing it. The pay outs are nice. I also live the bonus features. But what gets to me. Is that every time. I get into the bonus round. It cuts off! Even in the tournament it cuts off. I feel you should fix that kink. Other than that I love this game!!
  10. Bad Business
    Krystal D
    I don't typically rate games, but as I have purchased all of these slot games and spent my hard earned money doing so. I figured I put my input out here. I loved playing the tournaments at one time but since people have found a way of cheating and enhancing their scores, I just quit playing. So money hard earned down the drain. I would hope that a company that makes a profit and stays in business from us "the game players" would care. And put a stop to this. I just hope so!
  11. Green screens
    Linda C
    After paying for all of the games offered, this is the 3rd time I have been locked out with unloading games, just green screens. Rip off! Fix it please
  12. Galaxy S 3
    Deven McNeal
    I love this game its just like the casinos, only wish the max bet was a lil higher.
  13. Cheaters have ruined it
    Alex Rambau
    Unfortunately, the cheating is so bad that it has ruined the interactive game play. Additionally, this game is nothing like the real slot machine and has worse odds.
  14. Waste of money
    Jeremy Christensen
    Makes you wonder why you spend money on games people can cheat and score 200 million in your tournaments. Fix your crap games
  15. Reel rich devil hd
    Michael Kinard
    This is a srrange game at times, but when u start to win it gets better.
  16. Galaxy S3
    Danny Aldrich
    Hangs up alot on green screen. Good overall. Not sure worth the cost but enjoyable.
  17. Google user
    kevin-jenny harkrider
    Wish it had progressive wins like real game but not complaining. This game saves me from the casino.
  18. Fun but not realistic
    Chris Janashousky
    I play this game in the casino and this game pays out 20x more than the real thing. Set the same odds as the game in the casino so it is realistic. People hack the tournaments and win with over $1m when it is not possible to even win $50k.. Fix tournament at least
  19. Dont work
    Robert Pattinson
    Got 2 days working then kaput. Want refund on 3 games I bought
  20. Love to play these games are a blast.
    Rodney Purk
    Buy the game then never spend a penny again.


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