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shall we date
العاب سحريه
العاب فطر


Reviews 32,829

  1. HELP
    Ruth Gomez
    I really love this game but then suddenly whenever I try to read a story it goes black and also in the none tickets one but it goes black whenever you try to read a story the other stufe is ok but the story no pls o pls fix this but fast I really whant to get the photos
  2. Incomplete
    Samantha Arceta
    Why it's not working and some of the stories are shortcut. I super miss reading the stories.. I hope you can fix as soon possible. Have a nice day.. :)
  3. Tap joy noo
    Rebecca Almader
    I love this company and all their dating sims. But the promotion with tap joy to earn free coins is a whole mess!! I did offers worth 500-ish coins but I only have 280 coins!!! I wasted space on my phone for nothing. There's always problems with tapjoy.
  4. Great game and fast help reponse
    Yean Kunyir
    I enjoy playing this game. Good storyline. Have problem on loading the story but i try your recommendation on reinstalling the game and it works. This my game ID FqkYpNPG32. Feel free to add.
  5. HELP
    Dayana Cruz
    I really like this game but it doesn't let me read the story anymore I have the power to it it it's just every time I try to read it the screen goes black JnW085Zy7u that's my id
  6. Help please!!
    Briana Foster
    ***update*** now i can't play any episodes for any stories, ticket or not! This is my ID D30f7juTeE! The special story where you don't need tickets suddenly won't let me read any further! I earned enough points to make it through the challenge, but now the screen turns black when I click continue! I don't want to lose my rank and progress please fix this quickly! Thank you, and I love love this game!
  7. It need a lot of improvement
    why so serious gaming
    So far of the story I read its great...but having to wait 4 hours for story tickets is ridiculous, and the coin system I hate. The fact you have to use coins to by certain item to progress the story is obserd. Its like I don't feel it worth it to down load games and then undown load them later for like 25 coins when I need 400 to buy a dress I don't even like. Also answering the school questions are hard enough why should I go threw a stupid coin system for a few episodes i have to wait to read.
  8. Please fix!
    Ghostie - kun
    I have to say that I love this game but there is one problem that suddenly appeared. When I try to read with all the tickets I have and later get a new one, it just starts from the beginning as if I've never used any tickets, but I have!
  9. Please help
    Diamond Grimes
    I love this game but now my w points are not showing. I have done the plain m&m vs peanut m&m one for 121 w points to completion and I downloaded twitter and signed up and registered for 109 and I did another survey that offered 161 but none of them showed and I went to complain on the missing w points and it told me my email want real and I don't know your support page email so this is the only way to contact you guys for me. Please help I never had this problem all my other offers went through but now no?
    Xiomara Vazquez
    I love this game, actually from all the Shall we date games this is the one I have continued and havent gotten frustrated to the point of deleting. The art is great, I love the story; I honestly think this should be made in to an anime. BUT if you want to buy coins or sets its ridiculously! $50 for 5,000 coins is too much! Its not an actual game or story your buying, its just coins or data! The free coins are fishy too, they ask too much info, dont trust it!Do something about all this and youll get 5 stars!
  11. Ng1Cz1sPL8N
    AniMei Tenshi
    The setting is fun. The graphics are beautiful and the guys are hot. On the downside, the MC is frequently really dumb. That aside, the Randy March route had me on the edge of my seat wondering what would happen next. Luca has the cutest chibi EVER! When he shrugs his little shoulders, it's so adorable I can hardly stand it.
  12. It takes awhile...
    Karen Reinhout
    But the storyline with Randy March is really good. I had to reach day 8 before a twist was thrown and it really grabbed my interest. My only complaint is that the free coin section (tapjoy) won't always award coins when you complete the tasks, especially the surveys with higher amount coin awards. But there are so many tasks to choose from that I usually don't have a problem earning the amount of coins I need. Oh, and for those having problems answering the class questions, just Google them (^-^)
  13. Love it great game you'll Love it! FqntaUap9C
    Someones With The Last Name Jenkins
    Great job to the people who made this!! The customer service is as good as it gets the game is amazing so why are you wasting reading this download this app!!!! Honestly you won't regret it!!!
  14. Ilove it but......
    Lupe lulu Rivera Garcia
    I love it but can you change the love challenges can you not make us buy coins please I'm begging you i really want to play it but i cant play it without the coins pleaseeeeee thanks
  15. Prefer pay for a character story
    Moua Xiong
    Liked really, I'm sick now tired of waiting and using my time trying to fashion up my character with styles and points so I can advance to the next chapters. I am so willing to pay for a story. That would save me the time and frustration. It should be that for every of their game release, they should offer two kind of options: pay for a story n free to play. My update: I like the story. I wish a pay for a character is release soon. I'm dry from all the waiting.
  16. Love it, even if it crashes!
    Alyssa Valente
    I am in LOVE with Clause! Perfect story, and wonderful music/art. It crashes MUCH less then it ever did! Perfect! 10/10
  17. Definitely a guilty pleasure...
    Megan Oleszek
    ( friend code is: EZimCPY65q) This has been by far my favorite of the shall we date games, you get the most out of it even with it being a free game. The wait time for story tickets is not bad at all if you only play once a day or so (which is really all I have time for anyway). My only complaint is that while you can get a lot of items for your avatar even by just completing challenges and from events, it is much harder to come by dressers and they are a bit pricey to buy with lune.
  18. Loved it
    Bryony Malin
    I love this app, it's very enjoyable and keeps you hooked but why are coins so expensive. If you could get them as prizes it would be great, and could you shorten the wait time. It gets really boring waiting for energy. But this game is great. No offense intended. :-)
  19. Good Plot
    Eru Hibari
    Even though the theme inspired by HP, I love the original plot for every route! It's fictional and unrealistic, yet, the characters and MC bring you to a whole new world which seems very realistic because of the good plot. I love this. Highly recommended to play :'D
  20. Error
    Karina Bravo
    I really love the game but either ticket or non ticket stories just aren't functioning and I really don't want to lose my place or achievements in the game so please fix soon.


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