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  1. Kg7Vf7Cs6E, please use this invite!
    Andrea Rawson
    Like the other stories, the wait times and quests get tiring but the story and art are worth the trouble. These otome games are my new obsession Big thanks to all who used my invite. Got many presents! Awesome!
  2. WQbRV1SU4
    Evelyne Lee
    So far so good. The graphic is cute and the storyline looks promising. But the story is loosely based on Arthurian so it's kindda dissapointing that King Arthur is not a romance option. Use my invitation code: WQbRV1SU4 and enjoy!
    Diana Bermudez
    The content for this game hasnt been updated in at least 4 months! The email at the bottom of the page is fake and doesn't work! My game has not been able to loaded properly IN DAYS. There are blue question marks where there use to be links and my avatar wont load the body but the clothes will load just fine! Do not download this game! I want my money back from the items I purchased with real money!!!! If I could give a negative 5 stars I would!
  4. Arthur route pls
    Shayla D-U
    I'd drop kick Ray and Ethan and smack Estel on his elf face for the chance to romance Arthur right in front of Merlin.
  5. Fun but could be better
    Miranda Cramer
    Don't get me wrong I really enjoy the game but it really needs some new characters even if you have to add them in like in ninja assassin, that would be amazing, and I feel you could make a really good story for King Arthur.
  6. Love the story line
    Julie Hahn
    I love the story on this one. I'm stuck at a check point, and need 3 swords. If you use my code I may get some? Referral Code = TXJ3P6CVZG Thanks!
  7. Its good but...
    Kitty Clifford
    The problem is that on the menu buttons down below if anyone hasn't noticed yet but the home button is ment to be in the middle but in its place is the word shop with a house obove it and to the left is the word home with a tag above it. If they fix this THEN its a but right now its a . Oy people who made this make a new version with the same stuff but put the man who took the sword in for a twist so you romance him and you both will have the sword happy ending
  8. Keeps Crashing
    Vivian N.
    The game's been fine til now. I'm in the middle of chapter 5 but the game crashes as soon as I open it to try to pass the magic check point. I don't think its my device either, as all the other Shall We Date games work perfectly on it
  9. So far so good
    Martha Naranjo
    The game is interesting and the storyline is good so far. It is nice to see a female lead who isn't completely dependent on a guy. Use my code to get extra holy water which helps recover power! PMyAcgzWkE
  10. Love it
    Ashley Harper
    The story is really good but I think ethan is really cheasey but I love him as well I love the game completely
  11. More characters route please
    Hazel Yan
    Please have more character . I had long completed both 3 character main story. Had long uninstall this game recently install back for the new spin off . it is quite unbalance why games like ninja assassin had so many new characters while this only have 3.
  12. End checkpoints not easily passed
    L. Reece
    Story is okay, but as I suspected it would, this game has the same exact issue as Ninja Assassin: there is one primary type of item to pass checkpoints, and it asks for too many too quickly, so you must waste your time acquiring them before you can continue. It's too expensive to buy with relative ease with in game money, and slots didn't help with that, either. I won't play past this first story. What a shame, as I would've liked it otherwise, in both cases.
  13. JVZKCFk6Dc
    AniMei Tenshi
    I love this game. I can't believe how moved I've been by Ray's story. I literally can't wait to finish it. I'm going to have to buy tickets. I love a good plot twist and this is one of the best. Use my invite code above to get special gifts to help you in the game
  14. Awesomeness
    Saeta Balangue
    J5hVGJw4Qn The game is totally awesome. This may be the first time that the heroine has a sword (although she's not that good at it). The characters are cute plys Ethan looks like Ichigo Kurosaki (from Bleach) with Naruto's eyes and Tatsumi's Sword (akame ga kill). I really love this game!!
  15. Sexist characters *spoilers* - LxD3yuP4mc
    Alysia Liao
    What is up with Ethan? He is incredibly sexist telling the protagonist that she can't fight because she doesn't have a penis between her legs. She also doesn't say anything to refute Ethan when he says that. In the beginning of the story it was quite clear that she was capable of defending herself even when she was fighting Arthur. It was also hinted that the protagonist was training in sword fighting. I hate it when the female character is useless - give her something USEFUL to do please instead of standing around and doing NOTHING. NTT's newer games aren't this sexist, but this just takes the cake.
  16. First Off...
    CrAzY gAmEr
    1. What are all the guys triplets? Why do they all look the same?!? 2.Why is Ray so cold, Estel so hard to work with, and Ethan so sexist? Hmm... 3. Ok so I love how the MC (main character) fights that's nice 4. Ahem... I kinda want a King Arthur route that would've been nice! 5. Ok so first I picked Ethan. Big mistake. The MC and Ethan just keep fighting and fighting about who's gonna do the fighting! It's annoying! 6. Come on. Women shouldn't let guys boss them around. We have already went through that!
  17. One major problem
    Arriah Hopkins
    There are a few minor problems, but I would still rate it four or five stars if this were changed. The checkpoints are horrible. They spit in the faces of all of their users. I understand trying to make money from a game, but this is a horrible way to do it, especially since even if you spend money in order to buy passes and get through the game more quickly, it will stop you and try to force you to spend more money or a ton of time at these checkpoints. If I spend money, I expect to be able to play.
  18. Sky Dragonslayer
    It is one of my favorite game, the story and the character are just... Soo handsome ❤ I do love the Excalibur theme, first I chooses Estel cuz he's an elf... But I changed the story because I falled in love with Ethan. The only thing that disappoint me it is the power and the checkpoints, ahh I do hate the checkpoints. xDD. And yeah here's my invitation code: K0zjUbDafG ^-^
  19. Perfect
    Priscilla Bramvila
    I'm just in love with this game! I have no words to name this game. I cover my mouth whenever and sequel and I'm very happy and excited I always end up jumping in joy sometimes I end up throwing my phone on my bed. That's how good this game is sure you got to wait 4 hours but I don't care! I got school and stay there for 8 hours or you just play when you wake up then when you go to sleep. Easy then if you still don't like to wait just don't play these types of games instead of complaining!
  20. Fun and interesting
    Alexis Hartwell
    It takes time to earn items but I like the story and the game is fun.


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