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  1. It is good.
    Cissatrix Blackest
    I personally like the paid for games, you don't have to wait. Also the title is "can't say no" in romance what would you think? The endings for each character are very different so just because you don't like one doesn't mean you won't love another. Some are certainly kinky! You can always look for a walkthrough to avoid the normal endings, but I personally have gotten the happy ending on each. Its a great steamy game if your into it. I hope the other characters come out!
  2. Gemma Dennis
    Pay for the stories :-( lack of characters with that more characters lead to more plot twists so more scope
  3. Can't say no
    Abaigeal Nolan
    Why do we have to pay for the stores why can't it be like the others games
  4. It started out good..
    Meagan McCabe
    Then I had to pay for the story, unlike the others that take power, which I don't mind. That annoys me a bit lol. I was really excited for this one.
  5. ~steamy~
    Nicci Jones
    I hope they come out with the other characters ^^
  6. Love it
    Andrea Sandoval
    Are there going to be other characters? ?
  7. Promising start
    Amanda Swarner
    Lack of characters, and you have to pay for the story. ..
  8. Fuckayou
    Jasmine Fields
    Why would they make it a book?÷?
  9. Ketaki Joshi
    Why do we get only the prologue for free??
  10. Awful
    Simon Zorrilla
    Can't believe we have to buy it
  11. Pathetic main character
    Jordyn Fonsworth
    This is a totally awesome game. However the main character/you, is portrayed as a pathetic little whiny girl who just really can't do sh1t. It gets irritating after a while.
  12. Abuse, stalking, sexual assult...
    Sarah Forde
    I like romance games. They amuse me. However I was not expecting or anticipating stalking sexual assault, harassment, RAPE or kidnapping (by the main romance lead!) in Subaru's path. Not only is it absolutely wrong and unromantic it's also bloody traumatizing for someone like me who's actually experienced and been with an abusive man who behaved exactly like him. Here I was hoping for the sweet protective type... instead I got the number one abusive man type! Please refund what I paid for his story. I refuse to financially support this. If I could give 0 stars for your choice of 'romance' then I would. It makes me sad because I've been with your company since your first game (and I'm sad you took it off google play) but this is unacceptable and unprofessional.
  13. No.
    Wendy B
    This started out as mildly amusing, with some of the typical 50 Shades of Gray questionable tropes, but with the third choice, Subaru, things took a turn for the very inappropriate, leading to a path of non-consensual sex and Stockholm Syndrome with no warning. Many of these games seem to offer at least one "creepy" type of guy, but there's a huge difference between creepy danger and full on rape, coercion, kidnapping, drugging.... all with no warning.
  14. Whoa, it's not free.
    Jean Zolman
    Did I miss something? This did say free, right? The intro was good enough, but you can't progress the story without paying. Not that it matters I guess, none of the males leads are attractive anyway; and good art is a factor for me. Such a shame, though. I really enjoyed "Ninja Love", and "Scarlett Fate".
  15. HOTT!!!
    Pretty hot and steamy, especially Akira's story!!! No it's not free so get a job you lazy bums. It's Sooo worth it!!!
  16. Happy it was over
    Jaiden Casanova
    I fast forwarded the story because the story was boring and the characters kinda freaked me out
  17. HOT....!!
    Nova Melyana
    Make Leo's route more sexy and hot then Akira's route...
  18. Best of games
    Antonia Bowen
    I love this game like I love this game
  19. B+...
    Faye L
    I do not like the spineless MC who is abused (mostly emotional abuse). Security Guard is some weird Stockholm Syndrome. The businessman, Akira, brought my rating from a C- to B+. For me, his story is the best. SPOILER!!!! I finally read the cheating fiancee. His "excuse" for cheating was that he loved her and felt so bad for not being able to spend more time with you. He is jerk in beginning. If he missed her so much, he should go to her house. Others at cafe need to made into choices.
  20. Loading
    Reannah Brant
    This whole game series takes quite a while to load and I don't have time to deal with it. By the time it stops loading I have to get off the iPad! I need that fixed.


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