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Ryan Holowaty | COO at Noodlecake Studios Inc

Saskatchewan, Canada |

Jordan Schidlowsky | CEO at Noodlecake Studios Inc

Saskatchewan, Canada |

Ben Schmidt | Developer at Noodlecake Studios

Saskatchewan, Canada |

Jason Knight | Developer at Noodlecake Studios

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  1. ---~~~* A Mataeus Review *~~~---
    Mat Cooper
    Don't get me wrong, the game is good, BUT... Remember how in the original you could upgrade your weaponry by grinding enemies for coins, and it took a reasonable amount of time? Well now, you need skulls as well as coins. These can only be collected once per level, after which you purchase them for 500 coins each. The upgrade grind is horrific. Also, there's an achievement for buying a coin pack!? What??
  2. Please update!
    Mike Visby
    Just bought the game since I loved the first one so much. It will not open on my ASUS Zenfone 2 with lollipop 5.0. Sometimes I click on the icon and it does nothing, other times it will switch my view to landscape for a split second but never open. Seems to crash instantly, not even a black screen.
  3. It sucks
    Zach B
    All you do is run back and forth and its impossible to kill the enemy's
  4. Best platformer game
    Michael Sato
    Lots of fun and doesn't charge too much money. Just right
  5. takes to long to collect coins
    Jordan Thereptile
    great game with amazing mechanics but for a paid game the game shouldnt focus more on the in app purchases, it causes players to quit as the goal seems impossible without spending money. and for a paid game, this shouldnt be the problem. my advice: make coins more abundant or prices for guns somewhat cheaper. this will bring more players that are willing to play this game day in and day out.
  6. Need refund
    joshua estes
    Only shows on half of my screen, I have a samsung galaxy tab pro. Refund or fix for 5 stars
  7. FIFAxLM ps3
    I bought 10k coins and didn't get them I got an email saying that I had purchased them but never got them not happy at all fix it and then I will give a high rating
  8. Does not fill screen
    Kendrick Shepherd
    Using galaxy s4 mini and will only fill about a quarter of the screen. I can not even press start. Loved the first please fix.
  9. Fun game
    Travis Stammer
    Can't figure out out to switch phones and keep my purchased items. Is their a way to recover old save to New phone?
  10. Awesome!!
    Abdiel Atherley
    At first it was laggy but that's been fixed so it's very awesome great fun!!
  11. Wont play on note 3
    Jayson Langlois
    For some reason the bottom left corner of the games screen is centered in the top right of my device...I can only see 25% of the game...ive uninstalled it and re-installed it and no difference...I will give 5 stars when I can actually play it!
  12. Awesome
    Brandon Triangle
    Awesome game, the graphics and gameplay are nice, it's way better than the first.
  13. OMG
    Spencer Ford
    I was in stage 2 and then I stopped playing for a week and I lost all my progress don't buy the game
  14. Epic Game
    JazzThe Man
    I enjoyed the game alot, please make a Random Heroes 3.
  15. Random Heroes 2
    Chris L.
    The King is the Best Hero. He turns all Enemy Coins gold.
  16. Nathan Campbell
    Its not as good as devious dungeons, but i like the 2d side scrolling.
  17. Screen issue fixed and a so far good game
    Samuel Drain
    Next to home button there is a recent apps button that looks like to rectangles tap this twice to temporality exit the game and the again to resume it the screen size and format should be fixed and. ==============================except for the layout of the levels looking vaguely familiar and shorter story line this is a nice game, worth paying for
  18. Good game
    Alex Ream
    It's a really good game, but takes to long to get enough coins for the good guns and characters. I would recommend none the less. Over all 4/5
  19. Mooore!
    Oscar Gonzalez
    Awesome game! Only complaint is, need more levels. Can't wait to see more :)
  20. Should add multiplayer
    Nick Weiss
    Plz add multiplayer it would be so much fun


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