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  1. A moderate improvement
    Trevor Beecroft
    ..from their first Castle TD. Decent enough, but loaded with ads. They did a good job of cutting down the number of fields to upgrade, but 3 star rating due to the difficulty one has progressing meaningfully without spending $$.
  2. Starting over again
    Michael Albert Cipriano
    Can you fix the part where my game will start on yhe beginning once again because its an awesome game you know
  3. Love
    hyekyung yoo
    I can t instal kingdom rush, so im glad theres a copy like this one
  4. Jomarie Villareal
    So Great!!! This game was so very astonishing but can I suggest from this game: HAVE A HERO AT LEAST 3 OR MORE in stage 3-1 hard mode can't even hold unless you build up at least 4 or more barracks so please make some heroes too and thumbs up for this game
  5. Kool
    Anthony Perez
    It's k. Takes long. Will hopefully pay off
  6. David Carl Victor Parker
    Would be nice there was an extra tower or two but really good to play to make time pass
  7. Restart
    I have the exact same game but now I have to download this and restart
  8. No
    Judahhadassah Ward
    This game is so much like kingdom rush I beat it with its guide
  9. Dan Pamula
    1 of the best 1ns I found
  10. really good game!
    Mutasem Zhran
    You can kill hours on this game.. draw back it looks like cheap version of kindom rush!!! :)
  11. Loved it until a couple of days ago.
    Schivroy George
    What the hell? Some games are great. I've had this game for a couple of months now. Didn't need to spend money but it was a great game. Spent maybe 50 dollars to support these developers. Figured whatever not a whole lot of money. Two days ago some bullshit comes up "found backup save" wouldn't let me continue without hitting a button and now all my progress and money spent is gone. I'm infuriated and wish I never supported your game. It must be a bullshit bug on your end. Thanks for nothing.I want my money
  12. So, so good!
    Shane Semple
    This is a very good tower defense game. Super fun an involved, while remaining challenging at times. All aspects of the game are intuitive to classic TD, I thoroughly enjoy this game. Few things need changing, one I would personally love to see is tower stats. New towers, "if upgraded", and some kind of range representation for each tower. So close to 5 stars from me.
  13. Great
    Jezus Fontalvo G.
    Muy bueno, es un gran juego que cada vez es un reto mayor
  14. Nathan Much
    Good game with a ton of advertisements and a lot of grinding. Can be played with out paying anything.
  15. Horde Defense
    Richard Miller
    Keeps stopping near the end of a level. Especially after I spent money in that level !!!
  16. Horde defense
    Silver Taffy D
    Very similar to kingdom rush and very addictive. This game rocks
  17. Everyone
    Lurzaf Liamsi Aslam
    Should download this. It's so addictive. I play it every other day.
  18. Fun!
    Alanithai Martin
    I've been playing this game for a couple of months now and I have NO complaints!!!!
  19. Great one
    Ivica Hrg
    A lot of levels and challenging gameplay
  20. Sangeeth Sagar
    Crashes before I can even play the first level.