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Benjamin Anderson | Co-Founder and CEO at Amino Apps

New York, New York |

Yin Wang | Co-Founder

New York, New York |

Tyler Pennell | Head of Marketing at Amino Apps

Greater New York City Area |

Lucie Karaskova | Senior UI/UX Designer at Amino Apps

Hlavní město Praha, Česká republika |

Reviews 51,338

  1. Amazing *.*
    Oyshaxon Valijonova
    I love this app sooo much >\\\\< filled eith amazing details and shows really good animes *.~ very stunning!! You can even chat and thats awesome
  2. If you love anime and manga and talking about it download this app
    naruto uzumaki
    I really like this app I've met and talked to a lot of cool people about anime and manga I've been wanting to talk to people about anime so this was the perfect app for me. I just wish u can be a community member faster
  3. Awesome
    Miloni Akshikar
    The country i live dosent have many ppl who love anime like me...this is a gr8 app bcoz i can now make frnds!! Lots of awesome frnds with the same intersest as meeee!!!LOVE IT SOOOOO MUCHHH!!!
  4. Easy and Effective
    Jakob Lougheed
    So good. Simple to use and rarely crashes now. The community is great too!
  5. It's really fun but it need some features
    Daniel Han
    Love the app and it's community, but one thing that annoys me is that you can't find the posts that you've watched or liked previously. Please make a feature or history for the posts that you've liked or watched!!!
  6. Editing
    Ian Mendoza
    It would be nice to have an option, when you edit a post, it doesn't get bumped right back to the top of your blogs as if its a new post.
  7. One request...
    David Gallagher
    I am a regular user of this app and I believe it is fantastic but I have one request. Could you create an Amino for the homestuck fanbase? Thank you☺.
  8. Why?
    Charlie Ho
    I just downloaded the app and tried it out and it was great! But then it for no reason my account was disabled please fix this
  9. Good App
    Gabriella Bow
    I love this app its all anime related an a nice way to meet new people who love anime.!
  10. Please see this im begging you
    Aileen Ray
    My account has been disabled and I'm freaking out can I at all get it back *panic attack state* please can I do anything im begging idk please help AA!! Please Please please im begging help me AA ill do anything to get my account back please please notice this please please please AA im crying I know why I was taken of because I was messing around today but I love this app and the people so please forgive me this time and let me back im my account
  11. Great
    Spencer Crane
    Easy to use, entertaining, and a really excellent community
  12. Needs more
    Garrett Nguyen
    There needs to be a fix on polls. Either get rid of the total or add it to the vote. Another need is to select which notifications to erase. One last one is to recover what activities you participated in so you can find information instead of searching for hours. Ok now I can not even flag rude comments. It asks me to update when I am with the newest. Please fix now.
  13. Love the community
    Juan Sanchez
    I great app for any and all anime lovers. The community is great very nice and helpful. It doesn't matter if you're a full Otaku or a Otaku in training I highly recommend you download this app!!
  14. Thank you for this app.
    Julian 13th
    Any 1 tht loves anime/manga if you do not have this app your doing yourself a disservice...
  15. GREAT!!!
    Ruth Villalon
    This app is so cool!!! I really, really like it! Didn't even regret downloading it! Its just too awesome! Hehe,there's also an amino for kpop and I also like it! ^_^
  16. Need help
    Grimmac HAWK
    So i downloaded this app and I liked it, i already activated my acc aswell but when i want to start a discussion it says "please activate your account" can you please help me with that?? I would appreciate that :)
  17. Love
    Christopher Dergham
    You should start making a game for chatting about anime a bit like imvu but only anime
  18. I love it
    Michael Rhones
    It is the perfect app for me to express my love for anime and not just me I can talk to other people that also love anime as much as I do
  19. History
    Ichiro Kane
    About a few days ago I was gonna show a friend a poll i entered and ask his opinion about it, but when I tried to find it it was no where. I would really like to see a History tab where all the polls/blogs/comments you have entered posted on or commented. I know when a poll is finished it turns up in your notification tab but since I want my notifications clear and not see a number on it unless it's something new. Other than the fact the app has no History it's great! 5 stars if you guys add this
  20. Love it
    Luke Hadland
    Keeps me up to date with the latest anime news and has some fun polls and votes to participate in. Also you can connect with other otakus from around the world which is an interesting experience :)