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Monthly active users estimation: 2,000,000

Reviews 237,413

  1. Srock
    Suresh Sapkota
    Once you drive till 1500 meter or above There should have retry at least 3time or life to continue from the same distance. It's bit boring to start from the beginning again again..
  2. Perfect, Kerja bagus
    Aliviano Arya Wisesa
    This game is perfect, the best hill climb like racing game I've ever played on android, hands down. One thing is could you guys please fix the location of the ads, so I can't mis tap it for opening the ads instead of the throttle, thanks.
  3. Good show lads
    Aditia Mardhika
    Finally, bit buggy though, still cannot share just like the previous version .. But overall it's ok
  4. Shocked How Addicting This Game Is
    Dallas Gainey
    It totally caught me off guard n now I just can't put it down. Easy simple with challenging physics and skill. Congrats to the developers that mixed all the right ingredients into what a mobile game is about. Kudos
  5. funny, good, but
    Vanja Lovretić
    really annoying attempt to sign in google plus account and google games. if i ONCE cancel signing in, that doesnt mean that i'll change my opinion. sometime laggy and slow control reaction. and REALLY frustrating way to slow collecting coins. when i unlock second, third course for 10000 coins, there are still 1 coins, same as on first course. must say that i more like "climb" than this.
  6. Best Hill Climb
    Dave Endacott
    In my opinion, the best Hill Climb game around. I too would like to see a continue point once a certain distance is reached. One other thing which is only small. I would rather a restart button after you have crashed instead of going through a couple of screens to start again. Some of the buttons in the menu though I do have to press a lot before is recognises I have pressed it. I have a Xperia Z3. This by no means hasn't stopped me playing since I downloaded it. Well done guys, great game.
  7. Fun Multiplayer
    Eric Salvatore
    This game is almost perfect..The only thing that its missing is customization for the vehicles..Other then that its simple fast and fun,me and my gf play quite often when where board...keep up the good work move those adds to the bottom center of the screen and ad some customization and this game will be flawless..and one more thing, can you guys add the abilty to have a rematch butten at the end of a race instead of having to search or create a room name everytime its really annoying..Sony Xperia Z
  8. Patrick Wong
    This game is awesome but there are some problems with this game.You should make the car automatic throttle and plz make it 3,2,1,go! So we will not have a disavantage
  9. After upgrade
    TJ Palvi
    This game a was gonna rate 5 stars. Very nice game. But after the upgrade you cant use the throttle without pressing on the stupid adverts. The adverts cover the throttle thus unable to play the game. That sucks. Please sort this out.
  10. Niki A
    Great all rounder...prefer to hill climb...had that nice to buy diff characters or suites...hate red n it's always bog standard racing colour
  11. Great game
    kyle morgan
    I got a few of my buddies to download it as well and we play online, I have a few suggestions And there is a slight bug, but one suggestion is name tags and my other one is to be able to save a game room name that way instead of having to keep typing the name you can just click it and boom you're playing with your buddy, also maybe add in where you can play with more than one player, and on the note of the bug problem, maybe just my phone but I'm not sure. When I play multiplayer I'm stuck with the same car
  12. Recommend to get
    Johnny Saurez
    This game is fun and awesome it is very cool you should get this game!
  13. A great game
    David Nance
    This game is cool love it the 2new cars are cool to great to pass time my little girl likes this game 2
  14. Melissa Herman
    You guys need to make more games if it were possible I would give you 10 stars.This game is like real truck challenge you see on t.v. Thanks love this game.
  15. Please please please
    Gio Giuliani
    Can we please have I way of tagging the car,so in on line play we know who we are racing, ty. Love this game
  16. Best game ive played on my mobile
    bull blacc
    I am going to tell everyone i know to get this game..thankyou full stars id add one bonus star if u guys give a 1st person cam oh and like add cool street cars
  17. One of the worst game I've ever played
    Marcelo Reyna
    1.the controls are just black squares. block the accelerate button. 3.too buggy
  18. Lot of fun!
    Raden Rafly Syamsudin
    Tapi mas itu ban paling depan minimognya kaya yang ga muter. Bug atau bukan. Kayanya kalo udah bener saya kasih lima bintang, oh iya 1 lagi. Kayanya seru kalo ada 1 track mirip buat hot wheels wah seru banget pasti
  19. seli pirates
    Nice boleh tak murah kan lagi harga untuk beli litar baru..ataupun bg boleh collect double money..tq..
  20. Super amazing game!!!!!
    fatahillah arrazak
    Minimo adalah game yang hebat dan harus dibilang-bilang "Editor s choice ★"


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Version 1.20
• New Vehicles : Hell Digger & Mini 4WD
• Minor Bug-fixes

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